Vital Card – Is travel insurance good? See everything here!

If you're looking for more information about Vital Card, you've come to the right place. Here we will tell you everything you need to know before closing your travel insurance purchase, and find out how to buy it at the lowest price.

Vital Card is one of the insurance companies with plans made available by online insurance comparator, found through the site's search engine. If you've been interested in any of the brand's products, you may be wondering if it's really good for securing you during your trip. That's why we went after more information about the company and we tell you everything in this full article.

With diversified plans, which cover both national and international travel, Vital Card insurance promises security and tranquility so that travelers can enjoy the tour in the chosen destination in peace. Among the benefits offered are all the basic coverage of good travel insurance, such as medical and hospital expenses and even insurance for lost luggage.

Throughout this publication we will break down more details about the company, its history, the qualities that make it reliable, and we will also talk more about the plans available to hire through the travel insurance comparator. After all, nothing better than taking precautions to explore the world safely, and as the company's own slogan says, “traveling in peace is Vital”.

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Is Vital Card reliable?

Vital Card – Is travel insurance good? See everything here!

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Founded in 2002, Vital Card is the first 100% online insurance company in España, and has already accumulated an experience of two decades of existence. It is also part of a larger group, Schultz Turismo, which has been operating in the travel insurance market for almost 40 years. This is the only way to provide good confidence in the work carried out by the company.

With values ​​based on customer trust and safety, in addition to the excellence of the service provided, the insurance company has employees dedicated to the needs of travelers, in addition to the call centers available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The harmony between the team is another point reinforced by the company itself, listed among the corporate values.

Vital Card offers travel insurance plans through insurance comparator platform or the website itself (in the first one, there are always promotions, and the prices are usually lower). It also has the Certisign, ABCA and American Life security seals.

The insurance company has a very wide coverage for its policyholders, including assistance in advance during the trip (in cases of cancellation that are within the policy's rules) and even after returning to Spain, such as when luggage is lost.

You can read more details about the coverage offered in the Vital Card general conditions.

Where to buy Vital Card insurance?

The main tip on where to buy good travel insurance is online insurance comparator. With it you save money and still guarantee a very complete plan for the eventualities that may happen abroad.

The platform has a team specialized in travel insurance to support travelers, and thus help them choose the most ideal plan for the tour they are going to take. Each case is unique, as a person may be traveling on business, may want to practice extreme sports at the destination, or may even be pregnant at the time of the trip. And there is a type of insurance best suited for each of these scenarios.

In addition to the very complete service, the site also provides an insurance comparator that is very useful during the selection process. With it, you can select up to four plans to compare side by side, and thus see in detail which option best suits you.

No travel insurance comparator you also get the best prices on the market, and you are guaranteed to be able to withdraw from the purchase within 7 days (right assured for all purchases made over the internet). Consultants can also help with questions about the insurance contracted, including in relation to the other cancellation policies covered by the policy. It is worth buying travel insurance online.

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Vital Card – Is travel insurance good? See everything here!

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Most recommended Vital Card plans

Hair travel insurance comparator you can check all the Vital Card plans available for your destination. The insurance company has very diverse options, which serve all corners of the world. So, it doesn't matter if your trip will be to the other side of the world, to Europe, North or South America, or even national territory. There is a Vital Card alternative for each of these regions.

Here are some recommended plans:

  • VC 40 Spain: Up to R$ 40 thousand in medical and hospital expenses in Brazilian territory
  • VC 30 World (except USA) Covid-19 20k: Up to $30 in medical and hospital expenses, plus $20 for Covid
  • VC 60 Europe (except USA): Up to €60 in medical and hospital expenses
  • VC 60 USA Covid-19 20k: Up to US$ 60 in medical and hospital expenses

What Vital Card plans offer

Vital Card – Is travel insurance good? See everything here!

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Vital Card travel insurance plans cover medical and hospital expenses, dental emergencies, pharmaceutical reimbursement, medical transfers, medical return, lost luggage insurance, and also covers expenses for delayed flights or canceled trips. Everyone can be hired by insurance comparison platform.

One of the insurer's differentials is the high age limit of travelers eligible for insurance, and it is possible to hire the service for people aged up to 85 years or older. For this, the company makes clear the age limit of the chosen plan.

In addition, the insurance also covers sudden complications from pre-existing illnesses, and also has plans for pregnant women or for those who will be traveling for a longer period, with a limit of 12 months. Another great advantage is the amount available to cover accidents in sports practices, which is 15 thousand in all plans (the currency varies according to the destination).

For professional athletes who will participate in competitions abroad, the contracting of the additional plan for Professional Sports Practice has a 50% increase in relation to the common plan price. It is quite advantageous.

Take your doubts and clarify more details with the consultants of the online insurance comparator.

Vital Card reputation in Reclame Aqui

One of Vital Card's weaknesses is its reputation on Reclame Aqui. Overall, her assessment shows a low score of only 5,7, which gives her a “bad” status.

However, the response rate is quite high, with almost 100% of the publications answered. Among them, the problems that have been solved are just over half, and the percentage of customers who would do business with the insurance company is also in the same average.

On the other hand, a quality of Vital Card in this scenario is the few complaints received - which indicates few reasons found by the insured to go to Reclame Aqui. Thus, because of the low number of publications, it is not even possible to define the company's reputation in recent months. The scenario is one of expectation for her grades to increase, according to the quality of the service.

Does Vital Card travel insurance cover coronavirus?

Travelers who opt for Vital Card insurance can also purchase additional coverage for Covid-19. This option also extends travel insurance for health events related to the new coronavirus, such as medical care and body transfer. The limits are 20 thousand dollars or euros and 7 thousand dollars or euros, respectively.

If the traveler has taken out the premium and is prevented from returning to España due to having been positive in the PCR test, this coverage is automatically renewed, valid until the return to the country of origin is allowed.

Extension of stay at destination, flight rebooking and tests are covered by this additional.

Consult more details of this additional with the team of travel insurance comparator.

How to activate the Vital Card travel insurance?

Vital Card – Is travel insurance good? See everything here!

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For policyholders, Vital Card has some service channel options, and it is possible to activate the insurance by WhatsApp, by call or through the Vital Card app (download it from your cell phone app store). The numbers 41 2109-6777 and +54 9113947-8804 are the ones that serve via WhatsApp, the means of communication most used by policyholders.

Contacts for the Vital Card Service Center are on 0800 591 0436 in España, +1 855 4194727 in the USA and 800 502 384 in Portugal. There are also numbers for those in Spain (910 603 924), France (1789 00375), the United Kingdom (208 089 3694) or Argentina (0800 444 6219). Anyone who is in a different country should call +1 786 209 1533. All calls can be made collect.

It is also possible to send a request by e-mail ([email protected]), but the other means are more immediate and, therefore, more suitable at the time of an emergency.

As a last resort, if you have any difficulty in contacting the insurance company, seek the assistance of the travel insurance comparator – that is, if your purchase took place through the platform. And finally, don't run out of medical attention: go to the nearest hospital, keep all receipts and documentation provided by doctors. Then contact us to request a refund.


Is Vital Card insurance reliable?

Yes, Vital Card has a long history in the travel insurance market, operating for over two decades. It is still part of the Schultz Turismo group, which has been in the business for over 30 years. Learn more about Vital Card insurance.

Which Vital Card plans are most suitable?

Vital Card has plans for any corner of the world, such as . You can check out more information about Vital Card insurance in the post.

What do Vital Card plans cover?

Vital Card travel insurance plans have the usual coverage, such as for medical and hospital expenses, dental emergencies, pharmaceutical reimbursement, outside insurance for lost luggage, among other extras. Learn more about Vital Card's full coverage.

Does Vital Card travel insurance cover coronavirus?

Vital Card has an additional travel insurance plan that guarantees coverage of 20 thousand, adapted to the currency of the destination visited, for expenses related to Covid. See more about Vital Card insurance.

How do I activate Vital Card insurance?

There are several ways to trigger Vital Card insurance. You can ask for assistance through the insurance company's app, contact us via WhatsApp, call the indicated numbers or even send an email. Check out more contact information in the Vital Card insurance post.

How to buy Vital Card travel insurance?

Using the online insurance comparator you can buy Vital Card plans at excellent prices, and even more if you use the discount coupon indicated in the Vital Card travel insurance guide.

What is Vital Card's reputation on Reclame Aqui?

One of the insurer's defects is the unsatisfactory rating received in the Reclame Aqui. In recent months, however, the low number of complaints received did not allow the calculation of an updated index. See more about Vital Card insurance.

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