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Researching more about Intermac before closing the purchase of your Travel Insurance? Check out everything you need to know about the insurance company in this complete guide, including a discount coupon.

Many people question whether travel insurance Intermac Assistance it's good. To help you solve this issue, we put our team to discover the myths and truths of Intermac Seguros, and we gathered all the information in this super complete post.

When using the online insurance comparator, it's super easy to find good Intermac plans that seem like good options for the trip, isn't it? And, if you have doubts about the credibility of the company and the quality of the insurance, this guide will help you to get to know the products better and solve all the questions.

Here, we tell you the pros and cons of Intermac so you can accurately assess whether the insurer can meet your traveler needs. Ready to learn more about the company? So let's go!

In this post you will read:

  • About Intermac Assistance
  • Is Intermac Assistance Travel Insurance good?
  • Where to hire Intermac Assistance
  • Intermac insurance discount coupon
  • What plans are available?
  • What do Intermac's plans cover?
  • Intermac pros and cons
  • Intermac Assistance Claim Here
  • Does Intermac travel insurance cover Covid?
  • How to activate Intermac Assistance travel insurance?
  • FAQ

About Intermac Assistance

There is Intermac insurance for any part of the world – Photo: Bali, Indonesia, by Jamie Fenn via Unsplash

Intermac Assistance is a company that has been present in the Spanish insurance market since 1999. With more than two decades of operation, the company is 100% Brazilian, and one of the largest in the country's travel insurance market.

All Intermac plans are available at travel insurance websites at very attractive prices. It is also worth mentioning that the plans are guaranteed by Generalli, an Italian insurance company and one of the largest in the world, with more than 180 years of existence, which guarantees the quality of the service provided by Intermac.

To give Intermac even more credibility, an interesting fact is that the company has already issued more than one million policies and has good reviews about its operation. It has already received consecutive awards from the OAB/CIETH RJ as a highlight in the area of ​​travel insurance in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in addition to being the first company in Spain to be regularized in resolution 315 of SUSEP (Superintendence of Private Insurance).

Is Intermac Assistance Travel Insurance good?

Seguros Promo website with Intermac insurance options – click on the photo to check it out

Intermac Assistance travel insurance is good, yes. So much so that it was elected as “a good company” by users of the Reclame Aqui website.

There are numerous types of insurance plans available for purchase, all offered on the travel insurance comparator. All are also guaranteed by the insurance company Chubb, which offers greater peace of mind and transparency for the company.

Intermac's plans offer coverage in different categories so that travelers can receive care in hospitals, dental clinics, law firms, transport companies and even home doctors, wherever they are visiting in the world. To give you an idea, there are more than 80 service providers in a worldwide network of protection for the contracted insured.

Where to hire Intermac Assistance

The best way to buy travel insurance is through online insurance comparator. The site offers a series of travel insurance, from different companies, for purchase over the internet. This is a much more practical and easy way to check the plans and offers of the most reliable insurers on the market, in addition to providing a better choice for your destination.

This is because the platform allows the comparison of up to four insurances at once, presented side by side on the same screen. Thus, it is simple to analyze the details of each travel insurance, and define the best option according to your priorities. For example, if you prefer a higher amount available for expenses incurred in accidents during sports, or if you are traveling as a pregnant woman.

You can compare Intermac Assistance's own plans online, or check the offers of other insurers in relation to the alternatives offered by the company, to choose the best insurance option for your trip. Apart from that, there is also a team of highly prepared consultants to answer questions about insurance, which makes the purchase decision even easier. Super easy, right?

Intermac insurance discount coupon

Better than being covered against possible emergencies during the trip, it is better to hire insurance at the best price on the market. For this, Travel Tips readers can use the coupon FORTRAVELOVERS and guarantee 5% off the final price. Too much, huh?

Oh, and there is an additional 5% discount for those who pay with boleto, pix or transfer, and these discounts are cumulative. In other words, you can guarantee savings of up to 10% when purchasing your travel insurance. Also remembering that the purchase of insurance can be paid in up to 12 installments, making payment as easy as possible.

  • Click to redeem coupon FORTRAVELOVERS and get 5% off
  • Pay by boleto, Pix or wire transfer to earn an extra 5% and reach the 10% off!

Click to redeem your discount with the coupon FORTRAVELOVERS

What plans are available?

The insurer offers plans for all continents, all offered through online insurance comparator. Among the main ones are coverage for European countries (since the Schengen Treaty requires insurance for some countries on the continent), but there are options for any other destination.

The main travel insurance plans are:

Intermac 40 Embassy EUR – One of the most basic coverages, it provides 40 thousand euros of hospital coverage and up to 10 thousand euros for pregnant women. In addition, it ensures the cancellation of the trip, but not the delay of flights.

Intermac 60 Talk – The most cost-effective plan of the brand. It has dental and pharmaceutical coverage, covers expenses for flight delays and lost luggage.

Intermac 60 Embassy EUR – This plan is ideal for those looking for complete travel insurance. It has coverage of up to 60 thousand euros in medical expenses and hospitalizations.

Intermac 150 Gold – It is the best insurance of the group, with hospital coverage of up to 150 thousand dollars. It has greater dental and pharmaceutical coverage, in addition to being premium in other needs.

What do Intermac's plans cover?

The basic coverage of Intermac Assistance insurance is for:

  • Medical and hospital expenses (DMH)
  • dental expenses
  • body transfer
  • sanitary return
  • medical transfer
  • Total or partial permanent disability due to travel accident

Other additional coverages are also offered, such as:

  • legal assistance
  • pharmaceutical expenses
  • Physiotherapy
  • early return
  • flight delay
  • luggage insurance
  • Refund of unused services for early return

Intermac Assistance also offers good travel insurance options for pregnant women. That's because she has medical coverage, in several plans, for pregnant women up to 45 years old. But pay attention to the policy, and be sure to ask your questions with the insurance comparator before hiring.

Intermac pros and cons

One of the positive points of the service provided is the so-called “Plus Reason Cancellation”. With it, you can cover the cancellation of your trip according to 23 pre-established reasons, all defined in the contract with the insurance company. Intermac is the only travel insurance company with this advantage.

The insurance company also offers plans that meet the most different types of travel, whether for work, vacation or exchange. However, sports coverage offers low amounts for medical and hospital expenses, which makes it less interesting for the more adventurous.

If you are looking for travel insurance that covers sports practices, we suggest taking a look at the Assist Trip ou Travel Ace, as both have this coverage included.

Intermac Assistance Claim Here

Intermac Panel on Reclame Aqui

One of the company's biggest differentials is the Reclame Aqui indicator. It is one of the insurers that has the lower number of complaints (compared to others of the same segment).

In the overall period, the insurer's reputation ensured a “good” status, with a score of 7,6. In all, 99 complaints were received, all of which were answered and with a high resolution rate of 83%.

In 2020, the company's score on the website was very high, with a “great” reputation guaranteed by the rating of 9,2, and a 100% problem resolution rate.

Recently, the low number of complaints received by the company prevented it from having a defined reputation index. However, as the publications were scarce, this is a good sign, demonstrating that few problems occurred with the Intermac involved.

Therefore, it is worth checking the offers of Intermac plans on the insurance comparator, and also solving questions with the team available on the platform.

Does Intermac travel insurance cover Covid?

Yes, Intermac Assistance also has plans that cover Covid-19 cases. There are specific options that can be contracted with this extension that applies to the coronavirus, and guarantees better coverage for the traveler concerned about possible problems related to the disease.

To have this assistance offered by Intermac, you must opt ​​for one of the plans with Covid Upgrade, such as Intermac I15 USA COVID-19 TOP5 or Intermac Euro 40 Inter (except USA) COVID-19 TOP5. With them, you have your travel insurance automatically extended in case you are registered and, due to the diagnosis, you cannot return to España on the scheduled date.

In addition, the insurance also offers coverage for the extension of the stay at the accommodation, and even reimbursement of the daily rates of a companion. To learn more about these benefits, read the policy for your chosen plan, or speak with a representative from online insurance comparator.

How to activate Intermac Assistance travel insurance?

Intermac Assistance's service is very accessible, and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can see the numbers and other forms of contact on the insurer's official website, or ask for help to contact the insurance team. online insurance comparator – that is, if you have made your purchase online.

The insurance company's common telephone numbers are (21) 2240-3293 and (11) 99150-5096, where you can request more specific assistance. The company is also available on its website, as well as on its Facebook page.

All telephone numbers and means of communication are also included in the policy that you receive after hiring. Therefore, it is super important to keep this document in an easily accessible place when hiring the service, in addition to carefully reading all the clauses.

A good tip so you don't get stuck during the trip and always have a way to communicate is to travel with an international cell phone chip. We use and recommend chips from AMERICA CHIP, so you guarantee unlimited 4G internet and you'll be able to make calls throughout the trip.

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Is Intermac travel insurance reliable?

Yes, Intermac Assistance travel insurance is great and super safe, being also guaranteed by two other insurance companies, the Italian Generalli and the company Chubb. See more about Intermac insurance.

Where to buy Intermac travel insurance?

The best way to buy travel insurance is to buy it online, through the insurance comparator. With it, you can enjoy the assistance of the site itself, and guarantee the best prices on the market. See also the full post about Intermac Assistance.

What are Intermac's travel insurance plans?

There are several Intermac Assistance plans available through the online insurance comparator, such as Intermac 40 Embassy EURthe Intermac 60 Talk or Intermac 150 Gold. You can also check other information about Intermac travel insurance.

What does Intermac insurance offer?

As with all good travel insurance, Intermac plans provide coverage for medical and hospital expenses, dental emergencies, pharmaceutical reimbursement, in addition to other advantages. Check out all about Intermac Assistance plans in the post.

How is Intermac's reputation on Reclame Aqui?

With few complaints received in recent years, Intermac does not have a defined index of recent reputation. However, in previous years, it maintained a great attitude towards publications on Reclame Aqui, which ensured an “excellent” reputation and a rating above 9. See more about Intermac Assistance.

Does Intermac insurance have coverage for Covid?

Yes, there are also Intermac plans that offer coverage for positive cases of coronavirus, which prevent the traveler from returning to España on the scheduled date. Learn more about Intermac's plans that cover Covid.

How to activate Intermac travel insurance?

It is very easy to get in touch with the Intermac team. Check the numbers available in your policy, or contact us through the channels provided on the insurer's website, such as (21) 2240-3293 and (11) 99150-5096. See other information about Intermac.

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