Where to eat in Geneva: guide to bars and restaurants for all tastes

Where to eat in Geneva: guide to bars and restaurants for all tastes

Oops, let's talk about good food today? If you're planning a trip to Geneva and don't know what to eat and where to eat in the city, don't worry, today your list of places to try will be complete. So, without further ado, let's see where to eat in Geneva!

Typical dishes from Geneva that you must try

Before I start to tell you the name of each restaurant and their specialties for you to try, I need to tell you at least what are the 5 typical Swiss foods that you can also look for in restaurants when looking at the menu. However, it is important to mention that these foods are present throughout the country.

  • Swiss Fondue: A typical winter dish, fondue is made with melted cheese and is served with bread for dipping. It is usually accompanied by white wine and is a great option to share with friends or family.
  • Raclette: Another cheese dish typical of Switzerland, raclette is served hot and is made with melted cheese and is usually accompanied by potatoes and onions.
  • hash browns: This is a typical Swiss dish made with grated and fried potatoes. It is usually served as an accompaniment to meat or fish.
  • Geneva sausage: This is a typical Geneva sausage made with pork, onion and spices. It is usually served with potatoes and sauerkraut.
  • Swiss chocolate: I don't think I even needed to put this here, right? Of course, Swiss chocolate will be one of the items you'll want to try the most. It is worth it!

Take the opportunity to do one of these three tours below and intersperse with a plate of delicious food that I also recommend below!

Where to have breakfast in Geneva, Switzerland

  • The little artisans
    • Rue Micheli-du-crest 18

So your first choice of where to eat in Geneva is off to a good start. Here's a very good cappuccino with oat milk. The space is very cute and you can work with your computer there (which we as nomads love). If you want to eat something open-faced sandwich with potatoes and bacon it's pretty good.

  • Ferdinand
    • Pl. du Bourg-de-four 19

This is a cafe in the historic center of Geneva and it's worth it if you can also get a table outside. One thing we're always trying to do is sit at a breakfast table like this and watch people go by, in addition to having a cup of coffee. Try too 😀

  • The Barista Lab
    • Bd de Saint-Georges 8

Barista Lab, on the other hand, is the trendy cafe of the moment hehe That kind of place you go to try a lot of delicious things and take beautiful pictures, since the dishes are incredible and the decoration too.

Brunch in Geneva, where to go?

  • Marcel
    • Rue des Eaux-Vives, 3

By the way, this is the best place to eat brunch in Geneva and it is very close to the lake.

  • Birdie Food & Coffee
    • Rue des Bains, 40

One of the hipster places in Geneva with good food and a very pleasant atmosphere. So enjoy eating and also taking pictures here.

  • Alive
    • Rue des Boats, 2

Vegan brunch in Geneva, this is a great option. No wonder their grade is good and the food is beautiful.

Where to have lunch in Geneva (and dinner too!)

  • Sunday Market (Flea market)
    • Bd Georges-Favon 46

With all the certainty of this life if you are in Geneva on Sunday accurate come here. So there's a lot of typical food (the ones I mentioned above) and a lot of good food for an excellent price. I had the best roasted chicken and potatoes in my life. It was very, very tasty! It's on one of the stalls over there. To be located, it is opposite Tamana Market and Café du Rond-Point. BUT inside the Sunday Market, okay? It's not out.

  • Chez Ma Cuisine
    • Pl. du Bourg-de-Four 6

By the way, I showed this place in our video of Geneva Weather! It's a great choice for potatoes, chicken and salad. Detail: there's only this on the menu! The chicken is very good and the potatoes are delicious.

  • Umamido
    • Cr de Rive, 18

For those who already know us, you know that we love a good Japanese ramen. If you like to try this kind of cuisine, then this will be an opportunity.

  • Le 33 Chinese Restaurant
    • Pl. du Bourg-de-Four 33

If you prefer Chinese food, you will be delighted at this place. By the way, it is located in the old town of Geneva and can be a good option if you are in the middle of your itinerary there.

  • Come on
    • Rue Prévost-Martin, 25

Is your craving for Thai food? So this is the place. With a super good rating too, it has delicious Thai cuisine (it was what our friend from the city recommended)

Where to buy Swiss chocolate in Geneva?

  • Leather cover
    • Market Street 5

Chocolate suíço é o que você mais vai querer provar né? Então eu recomendo bastante essa loja aqui. Comprei um kit de chocolates deles e amei todos que provei. Vale a pena!

Where to eat in Geneva: guide to bars and restaurants for all tastes and budgets

So let's go to the list for the print? So you can save it on your cell phone and then just go searching. Even better is if you copy the names and already put a little star on your google map, that way when you are in the city you can check if you are close to one of these places to eat in Geneva.

  • The little artisans: Cappuccino and breakfast with potatoes and bacon.
  • Ferdinand: Cafe in the historic center
  • The Barista Lab: The hipster spot, great food and great for photos!
  • Marcel: Best brunch in town (that's what our friends said!)
  • Birdie Food & Coffee: Brunch de resposa and in that footprint of good food and for the photo.
  • Alive: Brunch and vegan meal!
  • Sunday Market (Flea market): Best padoca chicken and potato ever!
  • Chez Ma Cuisine: Chicken padoca with potato and salad (very good!)
  • Umamido: Japanese ramen.
  • Le 33 Chinese Restaurant: Chinese food.
  • Come on: Thai food.
  • Leather cover: Very good Swiss chocolate!

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