Restaurants in Zurich: where to eat cheese and chocolate

Traveling through Switzerland is synonymous with good food, so knowing the main restaurants in Zurich can be the differential of your itinerary. After all, just by mentioning the name “Switzerland” we already think of chocolates and cheeses. So, nothing like enjoying the best of the country's food.

It doesn't matter if they are sweet or savory, the city's typical dishes enchant the different traveler profiles. Despite the high cost of living in the city, with a little planning it is possible to eat well and try the most diverse delicacies. Get ready for lots of potatoes and cheese, the most commonly used ingredients. In addition, propose to discover new flavors on this trip to this enchanting country in Europe.



What are the typical dishes of Zurich?

Restaurants in Zurich: where to eat cheese and chocolate
Rösti | Photo: Benreis, via Wikimedia Commons.

Most typical Zurich dishes resemble the local foods from the country. However, there are some peculiarities. if it's yours first time in Switzerland, know that it is divided into four regions: French, German, Italian and a part whose official language is Romansh. Zurich, being in the German part, has more references from this other European country.

As in the whole territory, the fondue It's a typical dish, especially cheese. In addition to it, there is the Rosti, recipe also widespread in all regions of the country. However, in Zurich with a difference: the accompaniment. In the city, the dish is typically served with Geschnetzeltes, produced with veal and a cream of milk and white wine.

Another typical dish also prepared with cheese and served with potatoes is the Raclette. In addition to the famous potatoes, they also accompany sausages like salami.


More on what to eat in Switzerland?

Restaurants in Zurich: where to eat cheese and chocolate
Reclette | Photo: Arnaud 25, via Wikimedia Commons.

For breakfast, the city has two typical items, the first, the croissant. Very different from the one sold in Brazil, a interesting fact about switzerland is that the Swiss croissant has several versions, with fillings such as chocolate and pineapple. However, the traditional taste, without any stuffing, should be included in your list of foods to try in Zurich. It has a buttery flavor, very special.

The second course typical of cafes in Zurich is the Bircher muesli, a kind of breakfast cereal. At first, the palate of most Brazilians tends to find this and other items such as yogurt and ice cream strange because, unlike Brazil, very little sugar is used in the recipe for these products.

From its German heritage, Zurich inherited sausages. Mainly, the sausages. The Bratwürst Mit Brot dish is one of the city's classics. Finally, the last typical tip is about drinking. The most traditional soft drink is Reveal, drink produced from whey and found in several versions.


Where to eat in Zurich?

Cheap Zurich restaurants

Restaurants in Zurich: where to eat cheese and chocolate
Lindt Factory | Photo: Schnäggli, via Wikimedia Commons.

Finding cheap restaurants in Zurich is a big challenge, but there are some tricks to eat well on a budget. First, take advantage of the “to go” option in the main markets of the city.

In them, you will be able to try some typical recipes, such as croissants and other dishes. This is the cheapest option you will find (cheaper than that, only if you buy items at the market and cook at your stay).

to eat the With bread, especially with a spicy mustard, the tip is the Sternen Grill (on average you'll spend about 10 francs). Chocolate fans can also take the opportunity to get to know the Lindt factory store in the city.

The prices of the brand's chocolates at the factory are usually better than in other places in the municipality, in addition, there is an interesting interactive part.


Good value restaurants in Zurich

Restaurants in Zurich: where to eat cheese and chocolate
Macarrons in Zurique | Photo: Orever, via Wikimedia Commons.

A traditional restaurant in the city, but not so frequented by tourists is the Bierhalle Rheinfelder brewery. In it, you can try another typical dish of the municipality or Cordon Blue, made with pork fillet and stuffed with authentic Swiss cheese.

When it comes to sweets, Zurich is full of high-quality patisseries. Confiserie Spüngli can be considered one of the most famous. The most suitable unit for tourists is located on Bahnhofstrasse Street, the main one for those who want to shopping in Zurich.

The bakery's menu (and shop window) has a wide variety of items, between sweet and savory. Take advantage of the visit to know the version Switzerland of French macarons (those from the confectionery are called Luxemburgerli). and a tip: if the first floor of the store is full, go straight to the second floor, which has the same items and is usually less crowded.


More restaurants worth visiting in Zurich

Restaurants in Zurich: where to eat cheese and chocolate
Swiss Fondue | Photo: JHG (Julien29), via Wikimedia Commons.

Still in a similar concept, another place to visit in Zurich is Café Odeon, located next to the city's lake. The house is over 100 years old and has had famous visitors. At the summer, some tables are placed outdoors, making the experience even more pleasant. Learn more about the seasons in Switzerland.

In almost every restaurant in town you will be able to find options for fondue dishes. Don't come back from Switzerland without trying this dish. Among all the options is the Swiss Chuchi restaurant, located in the Hotel Adler in the historic center of Zurich. There are also several Swiss cheese options on the menu.

A differential of the place is the possibility of changing the fondue a little and adding several special ingredients such as mushrooms, bacon and peppers, rare changes in other traditional restaurants in the city.


Other places to eat fondue in Zurich

Restaurants in Zurich: where to eat cheese and chocolate

The restaurant also serves a variety of Swiss cheeses. | Photo: Swiss Chuchi.

Another place to try fondue in Zurich is the Chäslp, one of the most traditional in this dish.

There are a multitude of options and flavors (locals also frequent the place), among the exotic flavors are apple fondue and tomato sauce. The architecture is a separate attraction, as the construction resembles a chalet, but also has stones inside.

A third option for a classic Swiss fondue (after all, you can never have enough of this dish) is Le Dezaley, located near the Grossmünster church, one of the most important in Zurich.

The restaurant has a cozy interior, making it a good choice. The classic cheese fondue usually has a price close to local standards, but be prepared, if you want to try the meat fondue, it can cost more than 50 Swiss francs, a good amount in reais.

Vegetarians also have an excellent option in Zurich, the first in this segment in all of Europe: the Haus Hiltl. The address is 28 Sihlstrasse Street.


Best restaurants in Zurich

Restaurants in Zurich: where to eat cheese and chocolate

This is a restaurant popular with tourists. | Photo: Zeughauskeller.

All the restaurants mentioned in the best cost-benefit item are already extremely good, but the ones here also stand out for being even more savory (it's difficult to find cheap meals in this country).

The first is Zum Kropf, on the website you can check the menu prices, learn more about the history of the place, make your reservation and get your mouth watering when reading the dishes.

One of the most popular restaurants in Zurich is Zeughauskeller. The restaurant building was built in 1487, but at first it served the city as a weapons depot.

Due to its high demand, it is worth making a reservation on the restaurant's website to guarantee your place. Even if you make a reservation in advance, be prepared to share a table with strangers, many of whom are collective.

Despite being quite traditional, the restaurant has good value for money, by Swiss standards, of course. The best part is being able to receive a menu in portuguese, a rarity in the city.

It is also located on the famous Bahnhofstrasse street, yet another plus point for the restaurant. Prices vary depending on the dish, but for 50 francs you can eat very well.

Restaurants in Zurich: where to eat cheese and chocolate

This restaurant has a large and luxurious hall. | Photo: LaSalle

A far from cheap option, but full of refinement is the restaurant La Salle. The place has a large and sophisticated hall and is located at Schiffbaustrasse, number 4. Like most restaurants in the city does not work on sundays.

By the way, try to research in advance if the place you chose to eat will be open, an even more special precaution on Sundays. In Switzerland, there are even laws that guarantee that the sunday must be silent. Therefore, many places do not open. It's just like one of the holidays in switzerland.


How to Enjoy the Restaurants in Zurich

Zurich is a city full of good restaurants for every style of traveler, enjoying Swiss cuisine makes the trip even more special. For this reason, even if there are restaurants of other world cuisines, first try to get to know the typical dishes of the country. Try the different types of cheese.

And, remember: to bring cheese to Brazil, you need to keep it in its original packaging and it has to have a label with information about its origin. Each traveler can enter with up to 5kg.

So enjoy Zurich! The city, in addition to being very beautiful, has a gastronomy capable of attracting visitors by taste. Make a list of typical dishes you want to try so you don't forget any. One tip is to run to the maximum of fast foods in the city. In addition to prices that are much more expensive than in other European countries, you will not be able to enjoy typical dishes from the city.

Finally, if you have the opportunity, try to visit local fairs. At these fairs, you can try many typical products such as sweets and sausages and you can even get to know better the culture of the inhabitants of this amazing European country.

And I cannot end this article without leaving an inspiring video showing how Swiss cheese is made, produced by the official Swiss tourism website:

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