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The largest island in the Colombian Caribbean tends to attract many Brazilians. Check out our tips with the best options for where to stay in San Andrés to plan your trip!

Choose where to stay in San Andres Depends on your travel style. North End It is recommended for those who like to be busy and have everything close by. saint Louis e Sound Bay are places with empty beaches. Already West View e little pool are areas to relax.

The island is small (only 26 km²), located in the Caribbean Sea, close to Providencia Island and Santa Catalina. The territory is shaped like a seahorse, when viewed from above, and it is possible to cover it from north to south in just 25 minutes by car.

So, if you decide to stay away from the tourist center, don't worry! You can enjoy the best of it, regardless of where you stay in San Andres – on foot or using some form of transport.

We made a complete guide with the best hotels and areas to stay in San Andres for each style. Check out our tips and choose the best option!

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Sea of ​​seven cores in San Andres

In this post you will see:

Click on any of the items to find the best place where to stay in San Andres, the paradise island of Colombia ?

  • Where to stay on the island
    • North End
    • saint Louis
    • The Hill
    • Sound Bay
    • West View
    • little pool
  • Best hotels in San Andres
  • Resorts in San Andrés
  • Honeymoon in San Andrés
  • Cheap accommodation in San Andres

Where to stay in San Andres

For those looking for where to stay in San Andrés, it is important to know that most hotels and the hustle and bustle are in North End. The north of the island is busier, suitable for those who enjoy doing everything on foot! Restaurants and shops are concentrated there, and this is where the Spratt Bight, the main beach of the place.

In the east of the island are some of the best beaches in San Andrés, in saint Louis ou Sound Bay, with crystal clear waters and fine sand. These are emptier and don't have as much infrastructure as the North End ones. Already The Hill, in the center of the island, is the region where the natives live. If you choose to stay there, you will have a more local experience.

West View, on the west side, is rockier, and the beaches are not ideal for spending the day. Still, it's a great choice if your idea is to have a calmer trip to rest. In the south, you can find quieter accommodation options in the little pool, close to the island's natural attractions.

If you want tranquility, escape the tourist center of the North End and choose one of the other areas for your stay. There are buses that run all the time and take you to the center, or it is also possible to hire some transport to move freely throughout the island.

#StayHip: many hotels in San Andrés do not have a heated shower! Check this question carefully before choosing yours, if you really care about hot baths?

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Check the map to find your way around and choose where to stay in San Andres

The seahorse shape of the island of San Andrés! LOL

North End (Downtown San Andres)

The northernmost portion of the island (right at the “head” of the seahorse), is known as the tourist center of the city, as it is the most complete place in terms of infrastructure. There you will find the airport, shops, football and baseball stadiums, as well as restaurants and, of course, many hotels and inns.

This part of the island is more touristy and crowded. If your idea is to stay close to the main points of interest without needing transport, you can bet on the North End. There you will find everything you need just a few meters away.

It is in this region where the main beach of the island is located, Spratt Bight. The best thing is that most of the accommodations are close to the waterfront. If you're a little further away, it's worth renting a scooter or golf cart.

The downside of the North End is precisely the crowding. For those looking for a quieter trip, it may not be the best choice, but it also depends on the time of travel. If you go in high season (December, January, July and August), you will definitely find the island quite crowded.

North End, with plenty of options for where to stay in San Andrés

Where to stay in North End

We've rounded up some of the best options for you to choose from for your stay in the North End area. one of them is the Solymar II Sarie Bay ($$), inn close to Spratt Bight and the airport, with a beautiful pool. O Be Happy Hotel ($$) is also a good recommendation, about 600 meters from Spratt Bight.

O By The Sea Guest House ($$) has cleanly decorated rooms, the highly praised breakfast is included in the daily rate. already the Caribbean Island Hotel Piso 2 ($$) is a three-star aparthotel that is a 2-minute walk from Spratt Bight – a great choice if you want to be very close to the main beach in San Andres.

Room By the Sea Guest House and Solymar II Sarie Bay, respectively

Do you want a well-located hotel in the North End?

Check hotel prices in one of the best areas of San Andres. They tend to fill up fast, so it's best to secure your reservation on Booking.com!

saint Louis

saint Louis it is the second most sought after region after the North End. It is located to the east of the island, bordering the coast, where the belly of the seahorse would be! LOL.

It is one of the most beautiful areas of the island, with landscapes that are worth knowing. The region is a great option for families and a good tip on where to stay in San Andres. In San Luis there are bus stops for easy access to other areas of the island.

There you will find great beaches, quieter and away from the tourist center. In this region is the islet Rocky cay, one of the main attractions of San Andres, the beach of San Luis, which bears the same name. This is also where the famous Sunken ship (sunken boat) that can be observed while diving.

This part of the island is also called Cocoplum, thanks to a hotel of the same name. Hotel Cocoplum may not be a good choice, as it charges a lot for 5-star accommodation and does not offer a service of this standard.

Praia de San Luis – Joao Carlos Medau via Flickr

Where to stay in San Luis

A Island Sunset Native Inn ($) is a good indication for those looking for a quieter place to sleep. At the Harmony ($) travelers will find a room with a pantry, TV, air conditioning, swimming pool and it is possible to opt for an à la carte breakfast.

O Haynes Cay View ($$) is a beachfront apartment with a beautiful view and a great location, which welcomes its guests with a welcome kit with bottle of wine, cereal, oatmeal, coffee, orange juice and milk. THE Caribbean Refuge Inn ($) is comfortable and has good prices for those looking for this region.

A Villa Sunny Days ($$) is by the sea and has several colorful houses for rent, with bedroom, living room, garden and parking. O San Luis Place By El Dorado ($$) is also right on the beach and very suitable for couples. It is part of a network with 2 other hotels in the North End, which can be used by guests.

San Luis Place By El Dorado – room and balcony view

The Hill

The geographically central region of San Andres is called The Hill. This neighborhood is more residential, where the natives of the island are. If your idea is to have a very local experience, like getting tips from those who actually live there, choose where to stay in San Andrés in this region.

If you choose to stay in La Loma, you will need a car to go to the beaches and other places in San Andrés. But even so, it will be well located, between the busiest center, where Spratt Bight is, and the quieter San Luis area.

Next to La Loma is the Old Point Mangroves National Park, a mangrove rich in flora and fauna, where you can take a boat trip to observe the plants and animals. 

The offer of hotels in this part of the island is not that great, but it is still possible to find some good options where to stay in San Andrés. We have selected some hotels. See here below!

View of La Loma – praias no horizon

Where to stay in La Loma

O Thank you House ($$) is one of the best Bed & Breakfasts in the area, comfortable, clean and with a delicious breakfast. You Sweet Island Apartments ($) are also a good tip, with an attentive hostess, a small kitchen and a grocery store nearby.

O Hostel Casaluna San Andres ($) is another cheap option where to stay in San Andrés, with a great garden to relax. THE Mulu Native Lodge ($$) is indicated for those who want to save money, but value good facilities. O Marcia’s Place ($) is a cheaper accommodation and closer to the center of the island

Rooms at Mahalo House and Marcia's Place

Sound Bay

The island is small, so the location of San Andrés can be a little confusing, but Sound Bay is on the east coast, right next to the San Luis region.

It is a beach of soft sand and impressive sea, in a more residential and empty location. In this area you will also find good hotels to choose from where to stay in San Andrés.

Where to stay in Sound Bay

One option is the Hotel Sunshine ($$), with comfortable, clean and cozy rooms. Another is the apartment Zippy’s Sea View ($$), equipped with kitchen and beach view – ideal for families.

In Sound Bay you will also find the Decameron Saint Louis ($$$), one of the all inclusive on the chain. Those who like hostels can stay at Big V Raizal Home ($), a much-praised cheaper option in San Andres.

Rooms at the Hotel Sunshine and Decameron San Luis, and the facade of the Big-V Raizal Home

West View

In the western area of ​​San Andres is located West View. This side of the island is rocky, with no sandy beaches. There are not many accommodation options in this region. Even so, the sea still has impressive colors that are worth seeing.

One of the great attractions of the region is the West View trampoline. The area has a toboggan and a platform 6 meters high, from where it is possible to jump straight into the sea. For those who like it, it's a very fun experience!

It is a great region for snorkeling and diving. With the clear water it is very easy to see the fish that pass by. There you can take the tour known as Aquanauta, in which you dive with an instructor. The tour takes you to a Poseidon statue, tourist attraction of the region.

West View, with toboggan and trampoline – Photo: Joao Carlos Medau via Flickr

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Where to stay in San Andres in West View

A Casa Loft ($$) is a great choice for those traveling to relax. It has a swimming pool, cozy rooms and parking. already the Siloe Cove ($) is a more funky alternative, with a beautiful garden and options for private or shared rooms.

A Native Posada Trinsan Campestre ($), has private rooms and shared kitchen. THE Massali Farm House ($) has simple rooms and a small pool, some rooms sleep up to 6 people, ideal for families.

Double rooms at Casa Loft, Pousada Nativa Trinsan and shared room at Siloé

the little pool

Going further south, near West View, you will find a natural pool region called the little pool. It is a well-known attraction on the island, so it usually attracts a lot of people.

The pool is full of fish and suitable for snorkeling. Even so, the depth can reach 5 meters at some points, so it is important to know how to swim or wear a life jacket (which can be rented there).

In La Piscinita you will be close to the Blower Hole, a crack in the rocks where sea water gushes out. Next you will also find the Charquitos Beach – small, calm and full of natural pools. The best part is that it's not touristy at all, so it's pretty empty.

A La Piscinita in San Andrés – Photo: Wikimedia

Vista da ponta sul de San Andrés – Photo: Joao Carlos Medau via Flickr

Where to stay in La Piscinita and surroundings

The south of the island holds great surprises of where to stay in San Andres! THE House Finca El Karaho ($$), despite the name (rs), it is very charming and the beach is right in front. It has a swimming pool and some container-style rooms. O Sunset Hotel ($$) is another one with direct access to the sea, swimming pool, restaurant and breakfast.

A Posada Boutique South Beach ($$) has a swimming pool and cinema staircase, as well as spacious rooms and a beautiful garden. already the Posada San Andres Ultd ($) has large rooms and can accommodate groups of up to eight people – a good option for those traveling with families.

A Cozy Cottage Posada Turistica ($) is a good value for money accommodation. It has an illuminated pool and well-appointed rooms.

Swimming pools at Sunset Hotel, Casa Finca el Karaho and Hotel Boutique South Beach

Best Hotels in San Andres

San Andrés is a small island and, despite having hotels and inns throughout its 26 km², most travelers prefer to stay in the urban center, known as North End. From there it is possible to enjoy the busiest beaches on the island without relying on transport, in addition to having easy access to restaurants.

Most hotels are located in this area, so it is easier to find accommodation there. The inn Villa San Miguel it is one of the favorite choices of island visitors, highly recommended. It is close to supermarkets, restaurants and cafes and 100 meters from Spratt Bight beach.

For those who want to save money, one of the most praised inns in San Andres is the Tropical Coral, with a tidy and cheerful atmosphere. Those looking for accommodation with more comfort and extra services can bet on Casablanca hotels, located very close to Spratt Bight.

#StayHip: many hotels in San Andrés do not have a heated shower! Check this question carefully before choosing yours, if you really care about hot baths?

If you want to explore other places, you can rent a vehicle or take public transport. The island is small and getting around is not difficult. By the way, it is really worth taking a complete tour of San Andrés – be sure to have this experience!

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Resorts in San Andres where to stay

A Decameron network is the one that dominates the island in terms of all-inclusive resorts. If you are planning a very relaxing trip, choosing one of them can be a good option. But pay attention to reviews from travelers who have already been there, and compare a lot with other options before making your choice.

The big problem with the San Andrés resorts is the quality standard, which doesn't come close to what is offered in other destinations. Therefore, many people end up frustrated with the service – the prices are high, but what is delivered ends up not being worth it.

In all, there are five Decameron to stay in San Andres. The most highly rated is Island Decameron ($$$), all inclusive located in the North End and very close to the airport. Another from this region is the Decameron The Dolphins ($$$), about 100 meters from Spratt Bight. EITHER Decameron Maryland ($$$) is even closer to the beach, about 50 meters.

O Decameron Aquarium ($$$) is another one that is also in the North End, with a pier built directly over the sea, connecting the hotel to the ocean. O Decameron Marazul ($$$) is located in San Luis and also has a connection to the sea, as well as a private beach. already the Decameron Saint Louis ($$$) is in Sound Bay, a quieter part of San Andrés, and is on the waterfront.

Island Decameron in San Andres

Decameron The Dolphins

Where to stay in San Andres on your honeymoon

Those looking for a more romantic trip will like the Solar SAI Ecohotel ($$), an accommodation that only accepts adults. Located on the southern tip of the island (La Piscinita region), it guarantees tranquility for the couple, has a swimming pool, gym, garden and bar.

O Casa Las Palmas Boutique Hotel ($$) is also an option at La Piscinita. Rooms are spacious and cozy, some with a private spa bath. The hotel has a large swimming pool, gym, lounge in common area and the decor is amazing.

Solare SAI Ecohotel (Adults Only)

A Casa Harb Hotel Boutique ($$$) is north of San Andres, but on the west side, away from the Spratt Bight part. The Asian decor gives a unique touch to the hotel, which has a beautiful pool and cozy rooms.

O White Sand Hotel ($$) is a lodging near the main beach of San Andres – Spratt Bight. Every night, dance performances take place on site, and guests can join classes as well. It is possible to purchase the all-inclusive rate at this hotel.

Casa Las Palmas Boutique Hotel

Where to stay in San Andres cheap

If you're looking for savings, you've come to the right place. There are good lodgings with very fair prices for you to choose where to stay in San Andres, and we have selected a few to help you with your search.

A Inn San Nicolas ($) is located in San Andres Bay (the northern part of the island, on the west side) and offers comfortable rooms, clean decor, TV, Wi-Fi and bicycles are available for rent. Another option could be one of the Tourist Apartments Caribbean Sky ($), with emphasis on the hospitality of the host Deiby, who acts as a guide and is very helpful.

O Caribbean house hostel ($) is super tidy, colorful and has excellent service. It offers private or shared rooms. THE Lulu Inn ($) is well located, close to the airport, the city center and Spratt Bight beach. Rooms are comfortable and have Wi-Fi.

Quartos do Karibbik Haus Hostel and the Posada de Lulu

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Tips on hotels in San Andres

  • The quality standard of accommodation in San Andres is simpler than in España or other destinations. So don't expect to find anything too luxurious on the island.
  • Beware of all-inclusive or luxury resort accommodations. As the standard there is not comparable to the Brazilian standard, these hotels tend to disappoint. Not worth the high price for the service they offer.
  • Most of the accommodations on the island do not have a hot shower, which is quite common there. San Andres is very hot, but if you don't do well with cold baths, check this question beforehand with your chosen hotel.
  • Hotel prices do not vary much in San Andres. So, do your research and choose the one that suits you best. Can you end up missing a stay with the same price, but with differences that are worth it?
  • Explore the island! If your hotel does not have breakfast or a restaurant, seek referrals from the hosts or local people to find good options to eat.
  • Wi-Fi doesn't work well in San Andrés as a whole. So take advantage of the trip to disconnect and rest a little without a cell phone. Don't be too disappointed if your hotel's internet is bad – if it's good, celebrate! LOL

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