Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

A day of play and relaxation by the pool is a great idea during a trip to Florida. Check out everything about the SeaWorld group's Aquatica Orlando Park.

From the more extreme attractions to the quieter ones, Aquatica Orlando is the right choice to take children, who can play quietly while adults have fun too. The park's structure is incredible – many even consider it very similar to Fortaleza's Beach Park.

Aquatica is part of the SeaWorld Parks group and opened in 2008. It is themed around the Pacific Ocean, inspired by coastal beaches in Australia and New Zealand, with many native mascots there, such as the kiwi, kookaburra and takahe birds, and Commerson's Dolphins.

In addition to being a very nice option to spend the day, it is one of the cheapest parks in the group (which also covers the SeaWorldthe Discovery Cove in Orlando and the Busch gardens in Tampa).

So, ready to have fun and get wet? So pack your swimsuits and read on to find out everything you need to know to enjoy everything at Aquatica.

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Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

The Aquatica Park in Orlando – Photo: Official Site

How to get to Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica Orlando is located on International Drive, right across from SeaWorld Park – literally across the street – and getting there is pretty easy.

If you are in downtown Orlando, you will drive along Interstate I-4 Westbound, keeping to the left and following signs to SeaWorld. Then take Exit 72 onto Highway 528 and head to Exit 1 towards International Drive where the park is. The journey takes less than half an hour.

From Orlando International Airport to Aquatica the way is even faster. Take Highway 528 to the International Drive exit. Follow directions to SeaWorld keeping left, and you'll be there in less than 20 minutes. For this, renting a car in Orlando is a great tip.

Aquatica Orlando attractions

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

The dolphin in the aquarium where the Dolphin Plung descent passes, with the toboggan in the background – Photo: Jared via Flickr

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

Taumata Racer is super fun to race with friends – Photo: Wikimedia

Orlando's Aquatica Park has options for all ages. Children and adults can have fun playing on the super high water slides, swimming in the wave pools or relaxing on the buoys in water courses with controlled currents.

The park's infrastructure is complete and well maintained, with sun loungers scattered around the toys, and it even has an artificial beach with sand.

Check out the main toys to choose which ones you are going to venture into:

Water slides without buoy

Reef Plunge – The newest opening of Aquatica is an enclosed water slide, which passes through an aquarium with commerson dolphins, leopard sharks, sardines, among other marine animals. However, as it is fast, it is not possible to see the animals very well – a good excuse to go there again and again.

Minimum height: 1,07 m

Racer level – This attraction is a racing competition. Everyone goes down the toboggans at the same time, they go through tunnels that rotate and go down in different positions. A stopwatch marks the speeds to see who won.

Minimum height: 1,07 m

Pretty radical, isn't it?

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls – Going up 126 steps, at 24 meters high are four super fast water slides. In three of them, the descent is through a capsule where the floor opens for the person to fall. Make no mistake, it is one of the most radical.

Minimum height: 1,22 m

water slides with buoy

Riptide Race – The course is 200 meters in a curved tube, with open and closed parts, and is the first dueling waterslide in Florida. The buoys can hold up to two people.

KareKare Curl – This attraction mimics the sensation of surfing in perfect conditions, with participants on a float on a platform that mimics a giant wave.

Minimum height: 1,22 m

Ray Rush – A toy to participate in a group, with buoys that support three or four people, and go down through slides and a completely open part.

Minimum height: 1,07 m

Sounds super fun, doesn't it? And is! LOL

Tassie’s Twisters – This attraction has slides on the right and on the left, in which you go down a buoy and run in an open part, until you land on a second toboggan that leads straight into a pool.

Minimum Height: Persons under 1,22 m must wear a life jacket on this attraction

Family Way – This water slide has four curvy and very fast tunnels, one of each color. Up to two people can descend on the same buoy.

Minimum Height: Persons under 1,22 m must wear a life jacket on this attraction

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

The four super fun and fast slides of the Whanau Way – Photo: Jared via Flickr

Sauce Rock – Similar to the Whanau Way, the waterslides are very fast, and the difference is that on the descent you end up veering in some parts of the route, slipping forwards and backwards.

Minimum height: 1,22 m

Walhalla Wave – This toboggan is for the whole family. A boat for several people that slides through several curves, turns and tunnels, with water jets along the way that leads to a swimming pool.

Minimum height: 1,07 m

artificial beaches

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores, Aquatica's artificial wave beaches, side by side – Photo: Jared via Flickr

Cutback Cove – Constant wave pool, with artificial beach space full of sun loungers right in front.

No minimum height.

Big Surf Shores – Next to Cutback Cove, in front of the same artificial beach space, there is a wave pool programmed by a times, which vary between slower or faster.

No minimum height.

water courses

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

The Loggerhead Lane route is perfect for resting after a snack or lunch – Photo: Jared via Flickr

Roa’s Rapids – This course is 457 meters long, with water jets, and a fast current. You can wear a life jacket to relax and go with the flow, but you cannot use buoys on this attraction.

Minimum Height: Persons under 1,30 m must wear a life jacket on this attraction

Loggerhead Lane – On a slower route, this watercourse is perfect to go by float and rest a little while going along the path until you reach an area where there is an aquarium with several species of fish.

Minimum Height: Persons under 1,22 m must wear a life jacket on this attraction

For kids

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

At Walkabout Waters, this giant bucket fills with water and turns over, getting everyone wet from time to time – Photo: Jeremy Thompson via Flickr

Walkabout Waters – Pool space with a large toy structure, super colorful and playful, full of stairs, bridges, water jets and slides. Children under 6 years old must play accompanied by a responsible adult.

No minimum height.

Kata's Kookaburra Cove – Another quieter pool area, with small slides to amuse the children, and fun-shaped water jets.

No minimum height.

Restaurants at Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

Entrance to the park's Banana Beach restaurant – Photo: Jared via Flickr

At Aquatica Orlando there are three dining options. O Waterstone Grill it is buffet style and serves sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken portions, salads, desserts, as well as cold beer and coke.

O Mango Market is more geared towards quick snacks such as snacks, fruit, sandwiches, fries, hot dogs, ice cream and bottled drinks.

O Banana Beach Cook-Out also serves buffet, with options of barbecue, pizza, wraps, salads and soft drinks.

There is a complete meal plan in the park called All Day Dining Deal, which gives free access to eat all you want in the on-site restaurants, every hour, throughout the day, for a fixed fee. Prices range from $20 to $35 per child or adult, respectively.

The great advantage of this plan is the bracelet, which indicates the hiring. So you don't have to worry about your wallet while you're in a bathing suit and wet?

Aquatica Orlando also allows the entry of small coolers with water and small portions of ready-to-eat foods, such as cookies and baby foods. Larger packages are not allowed (they can only be consumed in the reserved picnic areas, next to the parking lot).

Other facilities at Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

As cabanas no Aquatica

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

Artificial beach structure, with chairs and loungers available to visitors – Photo: Edward Kim via Flickr

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

Life jackets for all ages at Aquatica – Photo: Jeremy Thompson via Flickr

For those who go with children or a large group to Aquatica Orlando, the park offers several facilities to make the day, in addition to being fun, more comfortable.

As cabanas are one of those amenities. For a price that can vary from 89 to 199 dollars, you can rent an exclusive one for your family. Reservations can be made upon arrival at the park or through the website (recommended in busy seasons).

The spaces are covered and have a closet, lounger, minibar, water, towels, and service to order food. Those who rent the cabin also guarantee 20% off purchases in the park. If you are in a couple, it is worth considering the Premium Seating Lounges, which cost $29 and can accommodate up to two adults.

If you don't want to spend on rent, no problem. Throughout the park there are free chairs and sun loungers. To store valuables, rent lockers for $7 or $11, depending on size (+$10 security deposit, returned later).

Towels are available for rent for $2 per day (+2 deposit) and life jackets of all sizes are available for use at no extra cost. You will also find dryer cabins around the park, with air jets to remove excess water after the pool (they cost 5 dollars and are for the whole family).

Tickets for Aquatica in Orlando

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

SeaWorld parks ticket combos can be a good deal for those who are going to visit more than one park

Aquatica in Orlando is one of the most affordable parks in the SeaWorld group. Tickets start at $40 per person on the website, while at the park box office they start at $70 per person.

There is a refund policy for tickets purchased through the official website if there is an imminent risk of a hurricane or tropical storm in the area – which is more common in September in Florida.

A good tip for those who are going to visit more than one Sea World group park is to buy the ticket combos.

Combo prices are:

  • 2 days: from $105 (varies with season)
  • 3 days: from 120 dollars (varies with the season
  • Unlimited pass for 14 days: from 190 dollars and parking in all parks included in the price

SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens Tampa and Adventure Island are the parks in the promotional combo – only Discovery Cove is not part, for which tickets must be purchased separately.

Where to stay when you go to Aquatica in Orlando

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

Cozy rooms at Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld – Click on the photo to book

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

O DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at Sea World is the closest option to Aquatica – Click on the photo to book

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

O Midpointe Hotel by Rosen Hotels & Resorts is very well located, close to International Drive and restaurants in the region – Click on the photo to book

Aquatica Orlando is on the same avenue as SeaWorld, on International Drive in Orlando, and to stay closer to the parks, the best option is to choose accommodation in the surroundings.

Among the hotels belonging to the SeaWorld group, we highlight some good options such as the Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld and the DoubleTree By Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld, as close as possible to Aquatica. Yet another option is the Fairfield Inn and Suites Orlando at SeaWorld, closer to the whale park.

If you're looking for something more economical, Midpointe Hotel by Rosen Hotels & Resorts or Days Inn by Wyndham Orlando Conv. Center/International Dr can also be a good bet.

Now, if the trip is in a group, the holiday homes Orlando Resort Rentals at Universal Boulevard are highly recommended – in addition to being good value for money, dividing the price by the group is very inviting.

Tips to get the most out of Aquatica Orlando

1) Be aware of the times to enter Aquatica in Orlando

The Park is open daily from 10 am to 17 pm. But when in doubt, check official website the opening hours of the day you go.

Get there early to enjoy the park, especially during the summer vacation in the US – from June to August – or on holidays, as the park fills up and may even close if the visitor limit is reached.

2) Ensure unlimited internet while traveling

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3) Orlando Travel Insurance is ESSENTIAL 

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4) Extra Aquatica Tips

  • Parking is $13 all day
  • The Cashless Wristband is a wristband linked to your credit card that makes shopping at the park easy – so you don't have to worry about your wallet
  • Quick Queue and Quick Queue Unlimited are the skip-the-line benefits of SeaWorld parks (Unlimited has unlimited use, and the other is only once per attraction), for prices from 19 to 29 dollars
  • It's a good idea to wear water shoes on the day you go to the park, as you cannot wear flip-flops at some attractions.
  • Bring your own towels (or those from the hotel) to save a little
  • Do the math to see if the All Day Dining Deal plan is really worth it – as the park closes at night, you'll be dining out, and it may be worth buying the meals separately.
  • Aquatica is a network with other units, in Texas (San Antonio) and California (Chula Vista) – if you go to these areas of the USA, it is worth looking for the other parks

Aquatica Orlando – Attractions and park tips for the whole family

Finally, the main tip of all: have a lot of fun! – Photo: Jeremy Thompson via Flickr


Where is Aquatica Orlando?

Aquatica Park is located on International Drive in Orlando right across from Sea World Park. Learn more about attractions at Aquatica Park in Orlando.

How to get to Aquatica Orlando?

Take Highway 528 to Exit 1 towards International Drive. The best option to get to Aquatica is to rent a car. Make your quote here.

What to do at Aquatica?

Orlando's Aquatica has options for all ages: water slides, artificial pools, wave pools, lounge chairs. Check out all the attractions at Aquatica Orlando.

What are Aquatica's hours of operation in Orlando?

The park is open daily from 10 am to 17 pm. Learn all about Orlando's Aquatica Park.

Where to buy tickets for the Aquatic Orlando?

You can purchase your tickets with several package options and prices on the park's website. Check out details about Aquatica attractions in Orlando.

How much does the entry cost Aquatic Orlando?

Aquatica tickets start at US$40 per person, but there is also the possibility of combos with other Sea World Group parks. See all about Aquatica Orlando.

Where to stay in Orlando when going to Aquatica?

Good value hotels are the DoubleTree By Hilton and the Fairfield Inn and Suites. A cheap hotel option is the Days Inn by Wyndham Orlando and for those traveling with a family, Orlando Resort Rentals and Maggic Village Resort are recommended.

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