Canada – Travel guide and top destinations

A complete guide to planning your trip to Canada. Write down the tips and enjoy a lot!

Canada is full of stunning landscapes and modern cities with great infrastructure, bringing nature and the urban area together in an incredible way. This clash of dualities is one of the reasons why the country is an incredible destination, full of attractions and attracting more and more visitors.

If you are thinking of visiting Canadian territory, know that you will be enchanted by everything the country has to offer. Whatever your favorite travel style – adventure, urban, rich in history or nature – Canada will surprise you.

Check out all the tips to plan your trip there!

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what to do in canada

Canada has very different destinations throughout its territory. Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Whistler, Victoria, Ottawa, Banff and Calgary are some of the cities you can visit. During your trip, you will come across places of super rich nature, as well as large and well-planned urban centers, such as in the province of British Columbia.

Each of the cities has its own personality and style. Vancouver, for example, is an excellent option for those who enjoy the outdoors, while Toronto is a great option for those who are connected to urban centers. Those who want smaller, historic cities can opt for Victoria or Calgary.

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Canada accommodation tips

Canada is full of great accommodation, whatever the destinations you choose to build your itinerary. The best-known cities are the ones with the greatest number of options, but you will find good hotels all over the country.

Depending on which city you choose to stay in, it is worth researching in depth which are the best regions to look for a hotel.

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Canada – Travel guide and top destinations

Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Downtown Vancouver – Photo: Unsplash

Canada Internet Chip

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Canada travel insurance

Canada – Travel guide and top destinations

Emerald Lake, British Columbia – Photo: Unsplash

Taking out travel insurance for Canada is an excellent way to ensure a smooth trip and avoid worries. Having the assistance of insurance gives you the peace you need to enjoy your destination and know that you have support if you need it. Also enjoy our Insurance Promo discount coupon. - SEE PRICES

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Canada car rental

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Airline tickets to Canada

Canada – Travel guide and top destinations

Niagara Falls in Ottawa – Photo: Unsplash

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