New York by Night: Discover the Big Apple's Best Rooftops

A spring has already given the first signs in New York and in the blink of an eye the season of the rooftops: trendy bars, lounges and nightclubs of all styles reopen their doors (or fill up again) in top of buildings so that New Yorkers and visitors can have a drink in the open and enjoy an incredible view of the city.

Are you planning your trip to City that never sleeps in the next few months? Wants to know what to do in new york when are you there? Then see below our bets for the next season in the New York guide rooftop:

Check out what to do in New York at night:

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1. Gallow Green

O Gallow Green fica no McKittrick Hotel terrace, famous for “hosting” the interactive piece Sleep No More (are you curious? Take a look at the website). The environment, located on the top floor of the building in Chelsea, has a more romantic feel, all decorated with trees and flowers. The drinks menu has options for all tastes, with a good selection of beers, drinks, etc.

Address: 542 W 27th Street, Chelsea.

New York by Night: Discover the Big Apple's Best Rooftops

Photo: Official Site

2. Juliet

O Juliette is a delicious French-style bistro in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. if you are looking what to do in new york, the place is perfect for brunch, after walking and shopping along the streets of the neighborhood, or to enjoy some drinks in the open air on a summer night. beyond the nice rooftop on the second floor of the restaurant (the view itself is not an attraction), the first floor also has a very nice winter garden. Try the mimosas there: tested and approved! (Wines are also invitingly priced by NYC standards)

Address: 135 North 5th St, Broklyn.

New York by Night: Discover the Big Apple's Best Rooftops

Photo: Official Site

3. The Bath

I was a little reluctant to include the Le bain on the list because it's been on people's lips for a few summers, but I think it's still worth mentioning. Le Bain is a nightclub/bar located in topo do Hotel The Standard, with a very New York style: it's hard to get in, the doorman selects people at the door according to his mind and drinks aren't cheap (especially in times of high dollar). However, the atmosphere is very nice, the view Hudson River It's beautiful and the effort is worth it. Good for those who want to see and be seen.

Address: 848 Washington Street, The Standard Hotel.

New York by Night: Discover the Big Apple's Best Rooftops

Photo: Official Site

4. The Ides, Wythe Hotel

This is, without a doubt, one of the coolest New York Rooftops in the city (although making this statement about NYC is quite complicated, as the city never stops reinventing itself). O Wythe Hotel is in Williamsburg and the view from the bar on its sixth floor is breathtaking: from there, you can see the manhattan island in the background while enjoying the company of a more hyped crowd.

Address: 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn.

New York by Night: Discover the Big Apple's Best Rooftops

Photo: Official Site

5. La Piscine, American Hotel

This is one of my favorites! O American Hotel It would be worth the visit by itself – located close to Chelsea's art galleries, the hotel's concept is the best: everything is very clean, amazing architecture, well thought out rooms and so on. O Bar La Piscine, as the name implies, is located by the hotel's swimming pool, located on its 10th floor. To get there, the ascent is done in a panoramic elevator, from where you will already enjoy the view of Chelsea and the High Line. In addition, DJs and parties often take place in the summer. Unmissable, keep an eye on the site, clicking here.

Address: 518 West 27th St, Chelsea (Right by Gallow Green. Couldn't talk about one and not talk about the other...)

New York by Night: Discover the Big Apple's Best Rooftops

Photo: Official Site

6. Roof at the Park South

If you're looking for what to do in New York at night, you can't miss this rooftop with a view of the classic NYC skyline, + drinks and very well made food. Of Roof at the Park South, you see the Empire State and the Chrysler Building as you enjoy a Negroni and nibble on Salmon Crudo Roulades. There's no mistake!

Address: 125 East 27th St.

New York by Night: Discover the Big Apple's Best Rooftops

Photo: Disclosure

One last tip: Remember you that if you're in search what to do in NYC at night, there is no way out there without a reservation beforehand. To avoid complications, check in advance if it is possible to reserve a table at the chosen rooftop(s) to avoid waiting or even spoiling the tour. Cheers to NYC!

Do you already know what to do in New York at night? Comment here!

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