What to do in Valle Nevado Chile – 9 tips on how to enjoy it

Valle Nevado Ski Resort is a great option for entertainment in Chile, perfect for those who want to know the snow and ski in the icy mountains of the Andes.

Things to do in Valle Nevado, Chile, clearly includes many snow sports like skiing or snowboarding. However, there are several attractions in the complex that are worth noting for your trip.

O snowy valley It is the largest ski resort in South America, with around 40 slopes for beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert levels.

In addition to classes and activities related to snow sports, the complex also offers several activities. From happy hours at the complex, to gastronomy and beautiful places to watch the sunset at 3 meters of altitude, in the snowy mountains of the Chilean Andes.

To enjoy the place, the traveler can stay there or just spend the day skiing in the complex. It is a great option of what to do in Santiago for those who are going to spend a season in the region during the winter.

I traveled at the invitation of Valle Nevado Ski Resort and I stayed at Hotel Puerta del Sol, one of the 3 hotels in the complex, and I took advantage of everything the resort has to offer. Here I will talk about what to do in Valle Nevado for those who will travel there and want to make the most of it.

There is a lot to do in Valle Nevado. Let's go with us to know everything?

In this post you will read:

Things to do in Valle Nevado Chile 

gondola square

To get to the complex, everyone passes through a space called Gondola Square. It is in this place that those who are going to spend the day in Valle Nevado will find all the necessary structure to enjoy the season.

Located on the so-called Turn 17, it is possible to rent clothes, equipment, use the parking lot and eat with quick options served on site.

From there, there is direct access to the ski lifts, which take people straight to the ski slopes. The moment known as sunset (sunset) also takes place in the Plaza, when there is a party with DJ, beer and energy drinks.

What to do in Valle Nevado Chile – 9 tips on how to enjoy it

A Gondola Square – Photo: Bruno Tavares

Skiing and snowboarding in Valle Nevado 

Valle Nevado is mainly sought after for its ski and snowboard slopes. There are about 40 slopes, covering an area of ​​40 km in length – it is the station with the largest skiable area in South America.

The tracks run until 17pm and are divided into levels, from beginner to expert. There are more intermediate and advanced tracks, making Valle the ideal place for those who like the sport and already have experience.

Despite this, the slopes for beginners cater for visitors who want to get to know skiing and play in the snow. Classes are also offered there, at an extra cost. There is also a track for children, the Kids Zone, with a kind of conveyor belt (called Magic Carpet) where they climb before slipping!

In Valle Nevado it is possible to rent waterproof equipment and clothing, suitable for snow. Guests who rent clothing and other items with a Mastercard card or who are Jeep customers receive a discount.

Those who want to invest in snowwear, however, will find good deals on the Columbia Sportswear website. They are super suitable items for freezing places, with incredible durability.

What to do in Valle Nevado Chile – 9 tips on how to enjoy it

Skiing in the Andes, a unique experience!

Ski and snowboard lessons

In Valle Nevado there is a Ski and Snowboard School, with classes that can be booked in groups or individually. Instruction is paid separately, but it is well worth it for those who have never ventured into the snow before.

There are several options for ski and snow lessons, here are a few:

Number of peopleDurationValues
up to 3 people1 hour63 thousand Chilean pesos
R$ 350)*
4 people or more
*This one is more value for money
2 hours84 thousand Chilean pesos
R$ 460)*
up to 3 people2 hours110 thousand Chilean pesos
R$ 600)*
  • There are also classes for children.  

* Values ​​for the 2019 season may change. Check the Valle Nevado website for updated values.

This investment is essential for anyone who is at the station and wants to learn. Taking a once-in-a-lifetime class, when you visit other winter sports centers, you won't have to worry about that!

What to do in Valle Nevado Chile – 9 tips on how to enjoy it

Snowboarding in Valle Nevado!

Snow sports are very tiring. In addition to happening at high altitude, where the air is thin, you have to wear many layers of clothing, and all this contributes to even more fatigue.

They require good physical preparation, balance, and the use of strength to get up from falls, as the feet are caught in the equipment. Another important point is that silly falls in the snow can cause serious injuries, so it is important to take a class and also take out travel insurance. #AnotaADica!

Enjoy hotel cuisine

There are more than ten dining options to choose from. where to eat in Valle Nevado. Some bars and restaurants are located in the hotel areas, but there are establishments on the ski slopes and in an easily accessible location for those who are only going to spend the day there.

Among the restaurants, the specialties offered are quite varied. one of them is the La Fourchette, of French cuisine, the most refined of the place. others are the Mont Blanc, italian, the Public chat, of Chilean food, the Lead Lookout, full of international varieties, and the The Woodshed, very typical of mountain.

The bars offer snacks and drinks, in addition to providing moments of relaxation. O Three Points Pub open at night and entertain guests with music and pool. O Valle Nevado Bar it is more exclusive for 5 star hotel guests. The Valle Lounge and the Puerta del Sol Bar are ideal for snacks and drinks.

There is also a Havana coffee on the terrace next to the heated pool, in a good environment to enjoy the sunset. It's a good option to warm up with a good hot chocolate!

>> See more about the restaurants in the complete guide Where to eat in Valle Nevado

What to do in Valle Nevado Chile – 9 tips on how to enjoy it

A coffee or hot chocolate is a good choice after skiing

Show “Descent of the Torches” 

At the beginning of the snow season, there is a show with ski instructors in the early evening. They hold flaming torches, in a very Olympic scheme, and zigzag down the mountains.

The opening show is special, but the Descent of the Torches takes place every Saturday after the tracks close. It is one of the musts of things to do in Valle Nevado at night. The best place to see the show is the Valle Lounge, where the Après-Ski (after-ski happy hour) can be completed with this unique presentation.

The route is made with ski or snowboard, and the lit torches light the way. When I went to Valle Nevado, the weather didn't help, and the show was cancelled. Too bad you didn't have that experience!

What to do in Valle Nevado Chile – 9 tips on how to enjoy it

Show “Descent of the Torches” in Valle Nevado

Snowshoe hike and randonnée

Valle Nevado has launched two novelties for the 2019 winter season: the hiking with rackets and the hike (walking in the snow). The modalities are great for those who are afraid or do not like skiing and snowboarding. A good indication is to try these out before heading to the slopes.

The walk is slow and easy, but still requires a lot of physical effort. Due to the altitude, fatigue sets in faster, and you may feel a little short of breath.

This activity explores places on the mountain where it would not be possible to go without the racket, because the legs would sink in the soft snow. The racket increases the contact surface with the ground, and there is a tip that sticks in the snow for more stability.

The tour is carried out with a guide and in groups of at least five people. The duration is two hours, but depends on the physical condition of the participants. It's a good experience of exploring the place, with an incredible view of the mountains. 

What to do in Valle Nevado Chile – 9 tips on how to enjoy it

Hiking group with snowshoes in Valle Nevado

See the sunset  – Sunset

The sunset on the mountain range is a unique experience among what to do in Valle Nevado. With that in mind, the resort is having a party at that moment, in some spaces of the complex. called sunset, the event can be watched from the terrace of the Hotel Puerta del Sol, Plaza de la Gondola and other points overlooking the Andes.

Those staying in one of the hotels in the complex can enjoy the view from the balcony of their own room. But the best option of all is to sit at an outside table at Valle Lounge or La Fourchette, order a glass of Chilean wine and enjoy the moment.

The hotel's heated pool is a popular spot at the time known as Après-Ski – a happy hour after a lot of sport in the snow – so most of the time it gets pretty crowded.

During the celebration, those who are in Valle Nevado can relax after the day listening to music, having a drink and trying some special food from the place. Is it worth betting on a hot chocolate, or a glass of wine by the pool? But be careful because at that time it gets full.

For those who want to enjoy the pool more “exclusively”, my tip is to go later, after dinner, it will be a little colder outside but it will be warm inside. The hard part will be getting out of there hahah

Valle Nevado 1 day tour

Those who go to Valle Nevado just to get to know the snow and play a little, without staying at the resort, can purchase a DayPass to enjoy the place. Once there, everyone stops at the area known as Turn 17, where clothing and equipment rentals are available, as well as snacks for sale.

It is from Turn 17 that the gondola leaves and goes up to Bajo Zero (fast-food restaurant in the middle of the slopes) with visitors. Those who purchase this one-day ticket can hop on and off as many times as they want, and even use one of the courtesy transports from Valle Nevado to access the hotel area.

There are gondola + lunch combos, which are very worthwhile for those who want to take a day trip to Valle Nevado. The cable car ride alone costs between 32 and 39 Chilean pesos (depending on the day of the week).

A gondola with a meal at Bajo Zero costs between 39 and 47 Chilean pesos. The tour with lunch at a mountain restaurant, on the other hand, costs between 48 and 62 Chilean pesos. The highest values ​​are on weekends or holidays, and the lowest are on weekdays.

What to do in Valle Nevado Chile – 9 tips on how to enjoy it

The Valle Nevado gondola – a ride with an incredible view!

What to do in Valle Nevado in Summer 

During the summer, Valle Nevado is completely snowless, providing a very different landscape from what we normally see during the high season. The mountains have no vegetation, due to the altitude and climate of the place, so the predominance is of a dry view, with mountains of earth.

What to do in Valle Nevado ends up getting more limited. Tours in the warmer months are more difficult to schedule. Horseback riding and trekking only take place with groups of at least 6 people, and if there is rain they are cancelled. Hotels and the ski resort remain closed, with only a few restaurants open.

O snowy valley has plans to start offering bike tours in the region in the summer. The activity is yet to be inaugurated, and there is still not much information on how it will work.

What to do in Valle Nevado Chile – 9 tips on how to enjoy it

The mountains without ice in summer – Photo: official website Valle Nevado

Where to stay in Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado has some accommodation options within the resort itself. There are 3 hotels that are part of the complex: Tres Puntas, Puerta del Sol and Valle Nevado. Those who choose to stay in these hotels have some advantages, such as the ski pass included in the daily rate.

What to do in Valle Nevado Chile – 9 tips on how to enjoy it

The Hotel Tres Punta one of the 3 hotels in the Valle Nevado complex – Photo: Bruno Tavares

Another option where to stay in Valle Nevado is to rent one of the apartments of the complex. In addition to these accommodations, there are other hotels in nearby villages. Farellones is a great choice, close to Valle Nevado and other ski parks in the region.

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This trip was carried out by Bruno Tavares, from Dicas de Viagem, at the invitation of Valle Nevado Ski Resort.

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