40 strange animals you didn't know existed


Discover these 40 weird animals with incredible shapes and colors that populate our planet, and that you had no idea about!

You might think you've seen everything in the world, whether it's on the internet, on TV, or in real life, but there will always be wonders that will make you blink. And even if you're a big fan of the animal world, it's impossible that you've seen all the species (there are millions of them) on Earth to date. By the time you read this little paragraph, new species may have been discovered! So there will always be something new to see in nature, although some animals are endangered...

You had already been introduced to 7 really weird ocean creatures or 11 animal sorcerer's apprentices with real super powers and, as we said, there are an infinite number of them. So here is a list of 40 weird and strange animals and insects that can be found on our planet or on the bottom of our oceans. Would you like to adopt one in particular?

1. The bat fish with red lips

2. The Lutin Shark

3. The panda ant or "velvet ant".

4. The penis snake

5. Umbonia Spinosa

6. The lowland zebra tenrec or "little porcupine".

7. The Moro sphinx or "hummingbird sphinx".

8. The Glaucus atlanticus (Atlantic glaucus)

9. The praying mantis shrimp or praying mantis shrimp

10. The Venezuelan Poodle Butterfly

11. The pacu

12. The Bathynomus (very large marine isopod)

13. Saiga (antelope)

14. The Atheris (the bush viper)

15. The blue parrot fish

16. The Indian Violet Frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis)

17. The Shoebill of the Nile

18. The Okapi

19. The Narwhal or "unicorn of the seas".

20. The spiky Moloch or "Horned Devil".

21. The Scotoplane or "sea pig".

22. The Aye-Aye

23. The truncated armadillo or Argentine dwarf armadillo

24. The Maned Wolf

25. The Crested Deer

26. The Grimpoteuthis or "Dumbo Octopus"...

27. The Mara or "Patagonian Hare".

28. Naked mole rat (Heterocephalus)

29. The Irrawaddy dolphin

30. The Waller's gazelle or "giraffe antelope" or "giraffe gerbil" or "giraffe gerbil"...

31. The Dugong

32. The babiroussas

33. Lamprey (petromyzontide)

34. The fossa or "fierce cryptoprotect".

35. Star-nosed condylure (North American mole)

36. The blobfish

37. Japan's giant spider crab

38. Birds of Paradise (Paradisaeidae)

39. Sunda Colugo (flying lemur)

40. The giant soft-shelled turtle or "Cantor's Turtle"...

Scientists themselves continue to discover new species every year and admit that modern science does not know all the animals that exist.

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