Wiesn Koks, the weird, legal drug that rocks at Oktoberfest...

There is a bizarre, yet legal drug that the locals are crazy about during the Oktoberfest in Munich.

To the question "which powder is white, and sniffs at the Oktoberfest?" one is tempted to answer cocaine. In reality, it is Wiesn Koks, a coke-like drug also known as "Oktoberfest cocaine".

No, you don't just drink beer at the famous Oktoberfest in Munich. Even if the star is still beer (almost 7 million litres of beer are consumed at the event), more and more locals can be seen sniffing a white substance everywhere, and this legally. The Wiesn Koks, also known as Wiesn Pulver (powder), or Bavarian cocaine, has become the drink of choice for the people of Munich.

Similar to snuff, Wiesn koks is made from glucose and menthol and is sold in small glass bottles or typical Bavarian containers for around €5.

You may have read in your guide book that you will see people at the Oktoberfest dressed in traditional Lederhosen drinking beer in huge mugs, but you will not find any mention of the Wiesn Koks.

The powder is usually cut in lines on the tables under the beer tents to be sniffed through the nostrils. But as Oktoberfest is a very hectic party, the tables are usually drenched with beer and mostly sticky, which forces some people to literally tap the powder on the back of their hand.

Although it looks like real coke, the Wiesn Koks is harmless. Sure, you take a little shot of sugar, and the menthol gives your sinuses a chilling effect, but that's about it. The Wiesn Koks contains absolutely no drugs or tobacco. That said, it's all about moderation: snorting too much could give you a nosebleed.

Although it is absolutely safe, tent owners and security personnel have been trying to crack down on this tradition for years. However, locals refuse to give up this little piece of culture, because that's what it really is: a cultural and seasonal tradition steeped in festivities and camaraderie.

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