What went through the minds of the authors of those weird statues?

The strangest statues in the world?

Artists are used to surprising us, to astonishing us, and some dare to go beyond the limits of the conventional to provoke. But most of the time, sculptors and artists remain original to create creative statues, while others rely on gigantism to impress with monumental statues.

Often, if not always, artists are inspired by a subject, a legend, or fairy tales, but here, we must admit that we don't know what went through the minds of the authors of these really bizarre statues. Extraordinarily strange, one even wonders if they still exist for some of them?

You'll see that art reaches new heights when it comes to the absurd, or genius, we don't know:

Fountain of Vomit, South Bank, London, England...

One sculpture depicts men dressed in lava, vomiting water from the fountain.

A statue in Marikina, Philippines

This doctor, it seems, is collecting fecal waste from a sick child.

A giant Caganer in Barcelona, Spain

The caganer is a santon found in Catalonia.

Naked woman raising a rooster holding a huge fork, Cuba

Does that make sense to you?

A millipede duck in Brussels, Belgium

At the FUTURA Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic

Vigeland Sculptures Park, Oslo, Norway

Fountain of the ogre ("of the child eater"), place de la halle au grain, Bern, Switzerland

"Santa Claus", dwarf with a small tree in an abstract form reminiscent of an anal plug, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Half girl half fish, Washington, USA

Scary statue pees in Helsinki, Finland

In front of the Franz Kafka Museum in Prague

Strange rainbow in Kiev, Ukraine

In Fengdu, China

Milk is really good, Reykjavík, Iceland.

Kate Moss is doing yoga, a gold statue bought for $1 million somewhere in Asia.

Spider-man with erection in Busan, South Korea

Burnside Fountain or "Turtle Boy", Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Man dancing with a fish, Chicago, USA

High-flying baby, Singapore

Verity, a weird statue in Ilfracombe, England.

Breastfeeding woman in Nuremberg, Germany

"Kanchô, Japan

Kanchô is a joke often played in Japan; it is made by joining hands palm to palm, closing all fingers except the pointed index fingers, tightly pressed together, trying to insert them into the anal region of a victim when she is not looking... Very funny.

Superman's miscalculation, Berlin, Germany

"Spiderchameau", Abu Dhabi

Poor alligator, New York

Beheaded Ronald Macdonald's, Venice, Italy

Children playing on an alligator, Mountain View, California.

A crab woman in Singapore

Which of these statues do you find the strangest?

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