Assist Travel Insurance – All about the insurance company and the best plans

Learn more about Assist Seguro Viagem, one of the most sought after insurers on the market. Discover the best plans, if it is ideal for your trip and find out how to guarantee the best prices.

Are you researching insurance for your trip and came across the company Assist Seguro Viagem? Curious about the company, interested in knowing more about the plans, and is it a reliable insurance company?

Well, here we take your doubts about Assist Seguro Viagem. We did a full company assessment and detailed everything in this guide. We talk about the pros and cons of the insurance company, in addition to the best plans to hire.

Also, if you are looking to buy travel insurance online, we recommend that you look for prices on insurance comparator – we use it ourselves and we like it a lot. In fact, we even have a discount coupon for our readers, as you will see in the following text.

Without further ado, let's check out more about Assist Seguro Viagem.

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A Assist Travel Insurance

Assist Travel Insurance – All about the insurance company and the best plans

Assist Seguro Viagem is a great choice of insurance company to hire

The history of Assist Seguro Viagem has some ups and downs. The company has had other names, went through several shareholders and does not have a well-defined foundation date. To better understand, we contacted the company to verify its origin.

According to the insurer's spokesman, it is a company that has been operating in the market for decades, having changed names over time. However, it was officially founded as Assist Med in 2010 in Argentina, and soon opened offices in España, where it began operating in 2013.

After a few years, it underwent a rebranding and today has the official name Assist Seguro Viagem. In España, the insurer is headquartered in downtown São Paulo.

The company offers medical assistance to Brazilians traveling to more than 208 countries, and offers the best plans for hiring through the online insurance comparator. It also has a specialized team for assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Assist Seguro Viagem plans include the main emergency needs of the traveler. These include medical and hospital care, dental expenses and compensation in case of lost luggage. It also has coverage for trip cancellation, and more.

Is Assist Travel Insurance Reliable?

Yes, Assist Seguro Viagem is a super reliable insurance company. The fact that it follows the requirements of SUSEP – the Superintendence of Private Insurance – gives clients great credibility. In addition, the company is guaranteed by Sancor Seguros, which has more than 70 years of activity in this field.

In España, the company has had a history since 2013, including improvements in customer relations, especially in relation to reputation in Reclame Aqui (which we talk about below).

Even with some complaints, she has responded well to problems, and in addition to that, she also has good travel insurance offers. The plans include coverage for medical expenses, with options for pregnant women and travelers up to 85 years old. Offers online service or via toll-free call in Portuguese.

Check if Assist Seguro Viagem meets your requirements. Every traveler is different, just as destinations demand different needs. All the general conditions of the insurer are available for consultation before contracting travel insurance.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that, combining the credibility of SUSEP, the history of evaluations on Reclame Aqui and the company's annual sales, it is possible to say that Assist Seguro Viagem is, indeed, reliable. And by hiring her with the travel insurance comparator, you can still get promotional prices when buying your insurance.

Where to buy the Assist Travel Insurance plan with good prices 

The best way to guarantee good travel insurance prices is to access the online insurance comparator before choosing the ideal plan. The same goes for those who are looking for a good product from Assist Seguro Viagem, which also has offers available through the same platform.

In addition to getting the best prices on the market before taking out insurance, the comparator also allows you to compare Assist Seguro Viagem with other insurances.

You can see the details of up to four plans side by side on a single page, which makes choosing the ideal travel insurance much easier. To complete, the site also has specialized consultants to answer any questions regarding coverage. Super easy, isn't it?

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Assist Travel Insurance – All about the insurance company and the best plans

Click to redeem your discount with the coupon FORTRAVELOVERS

Assist Seguro Viagem's most suitable plans

Choosing the best plan and coverage is something that should be done considering the style of travel you intend to do. There are specific plans for those who want to practice sports abroad, or even for those going on a cruise. And if help is needed in choosing the best plan option, online insurance comparator support can help. The site is very nice and simple, and it also allows you to compare the most reliable insurers in the country. 

However, to help you, we will provide you with some information about the best plans from Assist Seguro Viagem. There are 9 types of coverage available by the insurance company, and all cover pre-existing or chronic diseases and dental care (urgencies/emergency), in addition to extending the service to travelers up to 85 years of age.

Assist Seguro Viagem offers Europe travel insurance with coverage of medical and hospital expenses of at least 30 thousand euros, as required by the Schengen Treaty, as well as specific coverage for exchange programs, for pregnant women and those who practice sports. There are international plans that also cover ocean cruises.

Travel Insurance Plans

  • Assist Insurance 10 – coverage of medical and hospital expenses of up to 10 thousand dollars
  • Assist Insurance 20 – coverage of medical and hospital expenses of up to 20 thousand dollars
  • Assist Insurance 35 – coverage of medical and hospital expenses of up to 35 thousand dollars
  • Assist Insurance 60 – coverage of medical and hospital expenses of up to 60 thousand dollars
  • Assist Insurance 110 – coverage of medical and hospital expenses of up to 110 thousand dollars
  • Assist Insurance Euro 30 – coverage of medical and hospital expenses of up to 30 thousand euros
  • Assist Insurance Euro 55 – coverage of medical and hospital expenses of up to 55 thousand euros
  • Assist Seguro 50 Power – coverage of medical and hospital expenses of up to 50 thousand dollars. Ideal for students, with coverage for up to 45 years, and a limit of up to 365 days.
  • Assist Seguro 100 Extreme – coverage of medical and hospital expenses of up to 100 thousand dollars. Ideal for students, with coverage for up to 45 years, and a limit of up to 365 days.

Don't forget to use the online insurance comparator to secure the best deal. It turns out that in some situations the final value may have little difference, while a plan has much higher coverage. Therefore, it is worth getting in touch with the site's team, in order to resolve all doubts and ensure the best choice of insurance.

Does the company have coverage for coronavirus?

There are, yes, plans from Assist Seguro Viagem that also provide coverage for cases of Covid-19 that occurred abroad, with all expenses included in the pre-set amount for medical and hospital expenses. To ensure that your insurance covers the pandemic, check with the specialized attendants of the insurance comparator, and carefully read the details of the plan before hiring it.

The travel insurance policy is also a very important document, which governs everything you are entitled to after purchasing the plan to travel abroad. Thus, it is worth paying close attention to the details of this documentation as well.

How to activate the insurance of Assist Seguro Viagem?

It is super simple to activate the insurance of Assist Seguro Viagem. To contact the company, call (11) 93287-8741 or (11) 3255-6968, or any other number provided in your plan policy. In addition, there is also an email to contact the insurer, [email protected]

Finally, if there is any problem with these forms of communication, you can always contact the online insurance comparator to help you. But, of course, to receive support from the site, your purchase must have been made through the site itself.

Like any insurance company, Assist Seguro Viagem also offers full-time, year-round service to travelers. It doesn't matter if you're traveling on a holiday, if it's a weekend or if the emergency came during the night – the company has support in Portuguese on a 24/7 basis.

Assist Travel Insurance on Claim Here

Assist Travel Insurance – All about the insurance company and the best plans

We did a survey of Assist Seguro Viagem on Reclame Aqui, after all, there's nothing like checking the experience of some travelers through claims.

In Reclame Aqui, Assist Seguro Viagem has not received a negative evaluation for months and has very few complaints.

It is worth remembering that it is normal for insurers to receive criticism, so it is important to check how the brand behaves. To analyze the context of some claims, you need to understand everything your plan covers before hiring and read the general conditions very carefully.

In the case of Assist Seguro Viagem, in addition to the answers, we note that most of the complaints are related to reimbursement and delay in execution. Despite the unforeseen, it has a high rate of problem solving. 

Evaluating by Reclame Aqui, the tip is: be sure to clarify all doubts about the coverage. Especially when it comes to coverage for flight delay and/or cancellation.

Assist Travel Insurance Reviews and Conclusion

Travel insurance guarantees peace of mind for your dream vacation, for you and the whole family. Assist Seguro Viagem is an insurance option for you to stay calm.

It is an insurance company that has increasingly gained the trust of travelers, with good coverage at affordable prices, and with few complaints on Reclame Aqui. 

Strong points:

The strengths are good travel insurance coverage and good value for money. It also has coverage for seniors up to 85 years of age and the EXTREME and POWER plans for exchange students.


The insurance company does not have specific plans for practicing sports during the trip, and the amount of coverage of medical and hospital expenses for this aspect is not so high. Most plans cover up to $10.

It is worth, therefore, to check other insurers with the GTA, April Insurance or Travel Ace.

Is it worth hiring?

If you find an interesting plan that offers good value for money, it is worth hiring Assist Seguro Viagem. Pay attention to everything that the insurance covers before you travel, reading the policy very carefully. If you are pregnant or are going to do extreme sports, you should double your attention.

All these details you can also check with the specialist attendants of the online insurance comparator.

Oh, and of course, don't forget our discount coupon. Use the FORTRAVELOVERS at checkout and guarantee your 5% discount. Pay by bank transfer and guarantee 10% OFF.


Is Assist Travel Insurance reliable?

By following the requirements of SUSEP, the Superintendence of Private Insurance, Assist Seguro Viagem inspires credibility – and, therefore, it is super reliable. Check the insurance company for more information.

Is Assist Travel Insurance good?

Yes, Assist Seguro Viagem is a good option for a company to hire your travel insurance plan, with very complete options for most destinations around the world. See more about the company.

What is the reputation of Assist Seguro Viagem in Reclame Aqui?

Assist Seguro Viagem still does not have an approval rating in Reclame Aqui, as it is a company with a relatively new position in the market, and with few registered complaints. Learn more about the insurer.

How to hire an Assist Seguro Viagem plan?

It's super easy to hire one of Assist Seguro Viagem's plans. As online insurance comparator you check the available options and you can also analyze the benefits of Assist in relation to other insurers.

What are the plans of Assist Seguro Viagem?

Some of Assist Seguro Viagem plans are: o Assist Insurance 10the Assist Insurance 20 and the Assist Insurance 35. Check out more insurance tips.

Does Assist Travel Insurance have plans for Europe?

Assist Seguro Viagem also has plans suitable for travelers going to Europe, such as Assist Insurance Euro 30 and the Assist Insurance Euro 55, which fulfill all the requirements of the Schengen Treaty. See more types of plans.

What does Assist Travel Insurance cover?

Assist Seguro Viagem plans have the common coverage of most travel insurance, such as the amount available for medical and hospital expenses, for dental emergencies, among others. Know more.

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