Las Vegas Landmarks – The 5 attractions you need to know

Everything you see in the city of Las Vegas is a tourist spot. The atmosphere of the place, the people, the urban landscape and, of course, all the characteristic light of the city.

We've separated 5 essential places that can't be missed on your list, here in the post Las Vegas Tourist Points.

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Sights: The 5 places you need to know

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign

Getting to Vegas and not going to famous illuminated sign “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” to take a selfie is the same as not having been to Vegas. To get to this famous sign, you won't spend a lot of time or money. That's because it is very close to Las Vegas International Airport (McCarran). I went to her on my first day.

It is very easy to get there by car and there is free parking on site. It is also possible to arrive with one of the buses that circulate around the city. The sign was created by Betty Willis and installed in the year 1959. It was made to welcome those who arrive (message from the front) and to ask those leaving the city to “drive carefully”, followed by a “come back soon” (“Drive Carefully – Come Back Soon”).  

As the attraction is free and there 24 hours, you can plan to go either in daylight, or to photograph at night, with the lights on. A very typical Vegas souvenir, a necessary cliché.

Where: 5200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

And you can still enjoy shopping, as one of the outlets is very close to the sign. See more in our post What to do in Las Vegas: The 9 best tips to enjoy the city

Las Vegas' Most Famous Landmark | Travel tips

Las Vegas Strip

A The Strip é a main street of las vegas. It is about 7 kilometers long with the most gigantic and luxurious hotel complexes. It is worth booking an afternoon or a night (or even a few because there are so many) to tour these hotels.

The Strip in Las Vegas at Night | Travel Tips – Photo: Matt Kieffer via Flickr

Walking along the avenue and entering each one of them can be a rich and fun experience. This is because the hotels are themed, like the The Venetian Hotel (with inspiration from Venice in Italy) and can provoke different sensations, just by entering. Other than that, each one is home to renowned restaurants, nightclubs, shops, casinos and incredible shows. 

An essential place to include in this tour is the Cassino Bellagio Hotel, one of the best known in Vegas. Mainly, by source do Bellagio. This, is a famous show of dancing waters and lights, that takes place in front. It's a must. The show takes place daily at specific times. Enter here on the site, to plan.   

A good tip is: stay on the Strip itself. She cuts through Vegas through and through. Being there will help you come and go around the city, especially if you are on foot. If you can afford it (prices vary a lot), the tip is to book a hotel located more towards the middle of the avenue


Fremont Street

Las Vegas holds surprises beyond the attractions of the Strip. There are very valuable places for those who want to explore every corner and breathe a little bit of the city's history. THE Fremont Street, old part of Vegas (the so-called Old Las Vegas), home to the first casinos and the first hotel in the city, the Golden Nuggets. It was there that it all started.

When it gets dark, the street is all illuminated by the giant LED screen covering its length. Every hour, Viva Vision takes place. This is a light and music show that gives all the technological air to this vintage area of ​​the city. The fun atmosphere is also quite intense, with concerts, restaurants and performing artists. The street also carries a charm for having been classic hollywood movie backdrop, as “Viva Las Vegas”, a 1964 feature film starring Elvis Presley. 

Access to Fremont is easy, you can go by taxi, bus or car – you can find parking lots with free options there. It's worth a visit but you can't compare it to the casinos and attractions on the Strip, but it's nice to explore different places and moments in the city.

One of Las Vegas' first casinos – the Golden Nugget | Travel Tips – Photo: publicity

High Roller

This is biggest ferris wheel in the world and certainly one of the hottest attractions in Las Vegas. The cabin reaches 167,64 meters in height, which makes it possible to observe the entire city and see the dimension of the middle of the desert. All this landscape gains the horizon along the 30-minute tour.

There are 28 cabins, with capacity for 40 people each. There is an option to cabin open bar, with free drinks throughout the tour. The view is sensational at any time of day. The advantage of going in the afternoon is that tickets are cheaper (until 18pm). a good tip is to choose a time close to sunset. At night, the visit has a whole differentiator. That's because you'll be able to see the classic Vegas lights. To check prices, schedules and secure your ticket in advance, click here.


Where: High Holler is opposite Caesars Palace in The LINQ complex.

The biggest Ferris wheel in the world – Hight Roller | Travel tips

Cityscape of Las Vegas from the High Roller


And since the subject is height and privileged view, it is impossible not to mention the Stratosphere as one of the main tourist attractions in Las Vegas. The structure of this casino hotel is in the form of a tower. he is still the highest observation point in the United States.

I had the privilege of staying there on my first night in Vegas. The hotel is full of attractions. starting with tower top observatory, where it is possible to have a 360º view of the city from a height of 350 meters. also has a revolving restaurant at the top, which provides an incredible meal with different landscapes to be contemplated.

But the part that I enjoyed the most was the adventure. At the top, there are options that defy courage, such as the Insanity, a mechanical arm that is suspended from the top of the tower, about 270 meters from the ground and that rotates in an “insane” way. O SkyJump – which was the challenge I decided to embrace. A tip: if you want to live an adrenaline experience, but the money is tight, choose Insanity, which has less salty prices than SkyJump.


My SkyJump Jump

the difference of SkyJump for Bungie Jump is that you don't exactly free fall, you're stuck to a machine, which helps control the landing and you jump up. It's the longest descent in the world, it's even in the Guinness Book. are more than Meters 250 at a speed of almost 65 km/h. The jump takes place right over the heart of Vegas, the Strip.

Before the jump, a whole security process is carried out, all guidelines are passed on. You get a special outfit for the jump. You can't jump with a belt or with objects in your pockets (a bit obvious, but always good to warn). If you have sneakers, just leave them well tied. If you are using another type of shoe that is not so safe, they will lend you a sneaker.  

Jumping with camera or cell phone is prohibited. There are packages, with varying prices, for those who want to record the moment in video or photo. For those staying at the Hotel Stratosphere, there is a discount. See more information about prices and timetables on the website here.

A my sugestion is to make the jump at the end of the day, with the lights of the sunset. The experience is unique.   

See below the Travel Tips video, how was the SkyJump experience and other tips on what to do in Las Vegas.

Tips What to do in Las Vegas

In addition to staying connected to the main tourist attractions in Las Vegas, it is also worth reading our post on 9 tips on what to do in Las Vegas. In the post, we talk about the best casino, clubs, shows and shows throughout the city and of course also everything about Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas and tips for going with family, such as the Madame Tussauds wax museum. In addition, we talk about our itinerary on the outskirts of the city.

Rent a Car in Las Vegas 

It is very simple to rent a car in Vegas. I believe this be the best way to get to know the city. Especially if you plan to venture into the large number of parks around Vegas. It is very worthwhile to include in the itinerary visits to the Valley of Fire, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park

Read more about Las Vegas surroundings:

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It is very easy to rent a car at the airport. Despite being a huge place, everything is very well signposted. There is a free shuttle that takes you from Terminal 1, where the luggage is stored, to where the car rental agencies are. The model options are numerous and you will find one that “fits” in your pocket.


I rented a Mustang, a car of my dreams, which gave a special atmosphere to the trip, especially on the road. Important: To rent a car, you need to have your driver's license and carry a credit card, to take out insurance.

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