Car rental in Salvador – Find out how and where to hire

Looking for information about car rental in Salvador? Then you've come to the right place! We made a complete guide with everything you need to know to drive in the capital of Bahia.

When searching for car rental in Salvador, many doubts arise in the minds of those who travel, don't they?

  • You may need to know the paperwork needed to rent a car;
  • Or don't know if it's better to close your car insurance with your credit card or rental company?
  • How to find out which is the best site to rent a car in Spain?

There are so many questions that accumulate that it is impossible to discover everything on one site.

Did you identify yourself?

No problems. Therefore, we decided to research all the doubts that our readers have about car rental in Salvador to clarify one by one, in one place – here in this post.

So you don't have to go from site to site looking for answers. We have everything here! Including how to get good deals on car rental there.

In this complete guide, you will know everything about car rental in Salvador. Come on?

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Car rental in Salvador – Find out how and where to hire

Aerial footage of Salvador – Photo: GOVBA via Flickr

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Is it worth renting a car in Salvador?

Renting a car in Salvador is really worth it. In addition to facilitating transport between the main attractions, the rental optimizes travel time so that you can enjoy the destination more. Another positive point is the freedom to be able to go and return from wherever you want, at the desired time.

Salvador is one of the Brazilian cities where car rental is highly recommended. This is because the city is big, which makes it easy to get around. In addition, with the car it is possible to know other Bahia destinations close to Salvador.

Having a car at your disposal is a good way to get to know the main tourist attractions. Like Porto da Barra, Baía de Todos os Santos and Mercado Modelo and the famous Elevador Lacerda. A little further away, a tip is Praia do Forte, in Imbassaí, which is a good walk, or even other cities in the northeast.

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To check prices and compare car models, visit the RentCars website by clicking here.

Car rental in Salvador – Find out how and where to hire

Uptown and downtown with Elevador Lacerda on the left – Photo: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo via Flickr

When it's not worth renting a carIs it Salvador?

During Carnival it is not a good idea to rent a car. The city gets crowded and it's easier to use Uber or taxis available throughout the city.

Renting a car [city] is not advantageous when you will be staying in the same place for a long time. For example, when you travel for work or to attend an event and you are limited to one region.

For these cases it is a good tip to use other means. Uber, taxi or even public transport can be good alternatives when your trip is only in one area. Depending on it, even walking can be a good option.

But if you are staying far away, or if you plan to go out to several different places, it is worth considering the travel expenses or the waiting time for the bus. So you know if it's not better to simply rent a car and guarantee your freedom of movement for a fixed amount?

How to rent your car in Salvador

To rent a vehicle in España, you must have a valid driver's license, credit card and identity document. Most rental companies require the driver to have had their CNH for at least 2 years, in addition to being 21 years old.

That doesn't mean you won't be able to rent a car if you're younger. Some car rental companies allow rental for those who have this profile, but charge an extra fee for drivers between 18 and 20 years old. So, if this is your case, contact the company to clarify this issue.  

You can take the opportunity to rent a car directly at the store when you arrive at your destination, but the best way to rent a car in Salvador is online. This way you guarantee that you will have your vehicle available on the dates of your trip (great for those who go in high traffic seasons), and get better prices.

Check out all the information on how to rent a car below:

  • What is the best site to rent a car
  • How to find the best price
  • Which car model to choose in Salvador?

What is the best site to rent a car in Salvador?

The best way to rent a car in Salvador is through websites that make a price comparison among car rental companies. So you can compare different car models, what each offer includes, coverages, in addition to the prices offered by each company.

We always use and recommend the site RentCars. It is one of the best comparators on the market today for indicating only rental companies that are really reliable, such as Avis, Budget, Localiza, Hertz, among other giants in the industry. In addition, it is the only comparator that lets you pay in up to 12 interest-free installments. Is it or isn't it very good?

The process is very easy and we will teach you step by step here. ?

  1. Enter the RentCars website
  2. Enter the city you are going to in the field indicated
  3. Inform the dates of the trip in which you want to have the car
  4. Click SEARCH and you're done!

Car rental in Salvador – Find out how and where to hire

Use the RentCars comparator to find the most ideal car rental in Salvador – Click on the photo to check it out)

RentCars will search which rental companies are available at the destination, and then will show you the car rental options in Salvador for you to choose from. Very easy and fast.

Below you can see a quick video with the explanation:

Cheap car hire in Salvador: How to find the best price

You have to be aware: Not always finding the best price means you'll pay cheaper in the end, lol. Okay, now you must be asking yourself: "How so?".

People explain. Websites often offer very low prices on car rentals. However, his insurance is not included, and when you arrive at the destination and pick up the vehicle, the rental company forces you to take out basic insurance that can greatly increase the final rental value.

It is common for national car rental not to have insurance included in the price. So always check the contract details, and be sure what the price includes. Talk to the rental company if the insurance is charged separately, and never rent a car without this coverage - it's always better to be prepared.

Stay tuned and try to find offers that already offer full insurance so you don't have surprises later. And a golden tip is to book in advance to guarantee better prices, especially if you are traveling in high season. When demand increases, prices also tend to be higher on rent.

To find the best price, enter RentCars by clicking here.

Car rental in Salvador – Find out how and where to hire

Cars with complete protection of the vehicle and third parties and online payment at the best prices, in up to 12 interest-free installments, is by RentCars – Click on the photo to book

Cars for rent in Salvador: Which model to choose?

There are several models of cars for rent in Salvador. You can choose from categories that suit different budgets: Compact, intermediate, full-size, economy, standard, SUV, premium, special, luxury, minivan, convertible and vans.

Choosing the best model depends on the profile of your trip. If you're with your family, it's worth opting for cars like an SUV, while couples can save on a compact or splurge on a nice sports car. Groups of friends can even rent vans.

However, it is always good to remember: if your trip has a specific objective, try to combine the car model with your schedule. For example, if you are traveling to shop, opt for a vehicle with a spacious trunk.

You can check all available car models on the website of RentCars.

Car rental in Salvador – Find out how and where to hire

Define the style of your trip well to choose the best car rental in Salvador (:

What you need to know BEFORE renting a car

Check out all the information you need to know BEFORE renting a car in Salvador.

Required Documentation

To rent a car in Salvador you will need to have a valid driver's license, of course. Some rental companies also require that the document has been taken at least two years ago, in addition to the driver being over 21 years old – this is not a rule, however, and it may be possible to rent even if you have not yet reached that age.

We made a checklist for you to write down and not forget anything when renting your vehicle:

  • Valid Brazilian driver's license;
  • Identification document (RG and/or CPF);
  • Credit card in the driver's name (for security deposit);
  • Proof of car reservation (if done online).

#DicaImportant: Notify your bank that you are going to travel! Some financial institutions do not approve of large purchases, which are outside of common consumer behavior. Therefore, before going on vacation, it is always good to make a trip notice in advance, and avoid inconvenience because of it.

Car rental in Salvador – Find out how and where to hire

Don't forget the essential documents to make your car rental in Salvador

What is the deposit amount on car rental?

The security deposit is a value that rental companies “block” the credit card at the time of withdrawal. This amount is blocked only as a “precaution”, and is returned after the vehicle is returned. It's a way for the rental company to prevent smart people who decide not to pay some expense.

This value can be a little scary, but it varies according to the category, duration of car rental in Salvador and the type of vehicle. But you don't have to worry, as the company will not charge you if everything goes normally during the lease.

Therefore, it is always important to ensure that your car is insured, avoiding any type of unforeseen during the trip.

Is it worth taking out car insurance?

Insurance is an essential expense during the period of validity of a car rental in Salvador, and in any other destination. You never know what can happen during the trip, and being insured can avoid several inconveniences and save you from expenses.

Not only is it worth it, it's a necessary item to purchase when renting a vehicle. A knock in the parking lot, an accident or even theft of the car can be solved without great damage to you, if you have insurance.

But be aware of the conditions of the insurance you are hiring. If you choose the cheapest option, make sure it meets your needs. You also don't have to choose the most expensive plan that the rental company wants to offer you, but it's important to be covered in some points such as third-party insurance, for example.

There are two ways to buy car insurance:

  1. with credit card
  2. Direct with the rental company

credit card car insurance

Generally, cards with Platinum, Black and other premium brands offer automatic coverage for the vehicle, if the purchase is made through it. So, you don't have to pay extra for car insurance.

However, it is necessary to remember: this insurance only covers damage to the vehicle! Third party damage is not covered by credit card insurance.

Therefore, even when purchasing car insurance through the card, the rental company will try to sell you the coverage to third parties. It's up to you to decide if it's worth the risk without it or not.

Direct car insurance with the rental company

If you opt for direct insurance with the rental company, you will need to pay a little more. Especially if you decide to hire at the counter, when picking up the car.

Therefore, our tip is to try to find, through the RentCars, cars that already come with full coverage against damage to the vehicle and third parties. So you guarantee yourself, without scares when picking up the car. In addition, the company allows you to pay in up to 12 interest-free installments, which is great!

To find fully insured cars, enter RentCars by clicking here ?

Car rental in Salvador – Find out how and where to hire

The RentCars website shows you if insurance (Vehicle Protection) is included. Look for the symbol above.

Types of car rental insurance

What often confuses us are the types of car rental insurance. What is the difference between the coverages, among other things. CDW and LDW are common terms in the rental insurance business, for example. In the end, they refer to the same thing – loss or damage to the rental car.

To explain it better, we did a detailed research on what each type of coverage offered by rental companies and credit card means.

From the simplest insurances, which only cover damage to the car, to the most complete ones that even cover personal injuries to the vehicle occupants, check out how each one works in detail:

CDW insurance

It is the abbreviation for Collision Damage Waiver. Provides coverage in the event of a collision or damage to the vehicle.

LDW insurance

This is short for Loss Damage Waiver – This provides coverage in the event of theft or total loss of the vehicle.

ALI Insurance

Additional Liability Insurance means that if you are involved in an accident with your rental car, you (the driver) are insured against personal injury and property damage to third parties limited to a predetermined amount.

PAI insurance

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) provides coverage in the event of accidental death and covers emergency medical expenses for the renter and all passengers in the car. The amount of coverage varies according to the rental company.

PEP insurance

It also concerns passenger coverage. Personal Accident Insurance covers the renter and passengers in the event of an accident during the rental as a driver or passenger. It covers accidental death, some medical expenses, assistance and rescue.

Rent at Salvador airport or in the city?

A good tip is to compare car rental in Salvador picking up/returning at the airport or downtown. Often, prices are more attractive if you want to pick up the car at a rental company far from the airport. But first, calculate the difference (counting the value of the displacement to the center and vice versa) to see if it's worth it.

In some cases, it is not recommended to pick up the car at the airport. Often it is further away from the destination city, which can be a dangerous path to take in a place you are not used to, or do not know well. But if your focus is convenience and you already know it's quiet, driving out of the airport might be a good idea.

Want to know how to rent cars at the lowest prices? 
We always use and recommend: the only site in Spain where you pay in 12 installments without interest and find the best prices – discover the RentCars.

Returning the car in another city

Taking the car and driving to another city is a very common practice. If you are going on a roadtrip, you will definitely pick up your car in one place and return it in another. If you are in doubt about this issue, know that it is possible to close a car rental this way.

You can make a route that goes from Salvador to Caraíva, for example. You can visit the islands of Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba, or cities like Imbassaí, Itacaré, Arraial d'Ajuda, Porto Seguro and Trancoso, and others along the way, taking advantage of paradisiacal beaches and the unique atmosphere of Bahia.

It is important to check the rental conditions before departing on your multi-destination trip. There is usually an extra charge for the return to be made in another city. And if you go to another country, check with the rental company about the possibility of returning abroad.

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care to rent a car in Salvador

Who warns friend is: renting cars in Salvador seems easy, but can involve pranks. However, these tricks are valid for every trip, and if you know it beforehand, you won't fall for them when you pick up your car at the rental counter.

You can book a car rental online for a great price, but at the time the rental company wants to charge you more for an additional driver, for more comprehensive insurance, or even inform you that you have a pre-established mileage limit to drive.

Therefore, before closing your car rental in Salvador, check the following conditions:

  • unlimited mileage
  • Vehicle and third party insurance
  • Define how many people will drive the car, and see if it's worth paying extra for an additional driver

Normally, closed kilometers are usually cheaper, but it's hard to know exactly how much you're going to drive on the trip. That's why we don't recommend these savings – in the end, if you go over the limit, you'll end up paying even more than the unlimited mileage.

Another important tip: Often, when you arrive at the counter, the rental company will not have the car of the category you chose on the website. When this happens, you will normally receive a car upgrade.

But we've been through situations where we were offered a paid upgrade BEFORE we were told that the chosen car had run out. As we didn't accept, they gave us a better car anyway. So be careful and don't accept to pay more for upgrades right away, as it can be a prank.

Car GPS:

Let's tell you something: it's not worth hiring the GPS when renting a car in Salvador. You'd pay more for it, and there are several more cost-effective – and effective – ways to replace this little gadget.

Learn to download maps offline

First, if you take a car above the economy category, your car will probably already come with an integrated GPS.

And, as much as you don't know the destination, you already have your cell phone's GPS at ease. If the travel location is more remote, and there is a risk of having no internet signal, a good tip is to download offline maps, which are saved on your cell phone to consult whenever you want.

Check out how to download offline map in google maps app in this post here. But be aware that this alternative does not offer traffic information, for example – for that, you will need an active connection.

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child car seat

Children up to 8 years old must have support to travel in a car in Brazilian territory. Depending on the age group, a baby carrier, a car seat or a booster seat may be required.

Car rental companies provide car seats for rent when you pick up the car at the counter. There are also companies specializing in accessories for babies and children, where you can rent the items you need separately.

Now, here's a super interesting tip: if you go to the destination by plane, check the conditions of your air ticket. There are companies that allow the transport of a car seat and even a stroller on the trip. Now, if you are going to rent a car to travel from your own city, bring your own items ?

Car rental in Salvador – Find out how and where to hire

Don't forget the car seat for the kids

How to drive in Salvador

It's like they say: If you're from São Paulo or any big Brazilian city, you're prepared to drive anywhere in the world, lol! Jokes aside, if you're wondering how to drive in Salvador, know that it's super easy.

In all Brazilian territory, the traffic rules are the same. Having a valid CHN - which means that you know your duties as a driver - be prudent and drive with caution, everything will work out. Do you have a secret to drive in a different city in our country?

trouble on the road

It happens to even the best travellers: the tire is flat, the car is towed, you get a ticket… it can happen to anyone! But after all, how to deal with these unforeseen circumstances during a car rental in Salvador?

Check out below how to solve some types of problems on the road:

Traffic fine with rental car

Fines are expensive and a loss that can be avoided in a car rental trip in Salvador. But if a slip occurs and you've been fined, know that the bill will fall to you – no, insurance doesn't cover that.

So, the old tip applies: drive carefully and carefully. Avoid high speeds, respect the signs, be prudent, and in the end everything will work out, with no unpleasant surprises. A road trip has to be comfortable to be worthwhile, and not stressful.

Take advantage of the holidays to relax. You don't have a schedule to keep, and therefore you don't have to run, pass red lights, or anything else, you just need to walk with caution. The idea of ​​traveling is to enjoy time, isn't it? So take advantage of this to drive with peace of mind.

My car is being towed, now what?

This has already happened to us. When you see that the rental car is being towed, that despair hits. What to do?

The first thing is: be careful. As? Get everything out of your car, always, lol! Including the car rental agreement, which contains all the necessary telephone numbers and information in case of mishap. Keep it in a place you won't lose it, not in the glove compartment.

Another way to prevent it is, of course, checking if it is really allowed to park in that place. If it is poorly signposted, confirm with a traffic authority, or look for another parking space.

But if your rental car is actually towed, you will need to pay the costs and remove it from the place where it was taken. In short: the procedure is expensive and an unnecessary headache. If you are already careful not to go through this with your own vehicle, be aware of this in the case of rental as well.

How to apply for car insurance

If you are involved in a traffic accident, or have any occurrence with your car rental in Salvador, activate the insurance immediately. You will need to call car insurance in case any mishap occurs.

It can be theft, crash, some damage to the vehicle, locking the keys in the trunk, among other misfortunes that demonstrate the importance of insurance. It is precisely because of these cases that it is important to take out insurance when renting a vehicle.

Always have your car insurance company's phone number handy. Save the number on your cell phone, and also keep a copy somewhere else, like in your email, just in case. Calls can be made collect. Make sure your carrier has ample signal coverage at the destination, so you don't have your cell phone handy while traveling.

If you rented by credit card, leave the policy number saved in your email, along with the emergency phone number. If you did it directly with the rental company, keep the paper with the information, and take a photo to ensure you also have digital media.

We hope it won't be necessary, but claim your insurance if you have any problems with your car.

How to get good prices on car rental in Salvador

We really like RentCars to find the cars we use on our travels. She is the only one in Spain that compares the best rental companies, and lets you pay up to 12 interest-free installments, always with good car rental deals in Salvador. It is worth it!

#Here's a tip: Try to find cars with full third-party insurance coverage. Thus, you avoid inopportune surprises when picking up the car.

The only site that lets you pay in up to 12 interest-free installments. Meet RentCars!

Airbnb in Salvador

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Car rental in Salvador – Find out how and where to hire

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