SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Learn more about SeaWorld in Orlando and discover that this park goes far beyond animal attractions. It has adrenaline, animal preservation, a dedicated area for children and much more.

SeaWorld Orlando is one of Florida's premier parks, with three of the best roller coasters in the region. It is a favorite of adrenaline lovers, and has several attractions for the whole family.

In the past, it had its reputation marked due to attractions with animals, but currently SeaWorld has changed its focus and has adopted an attitude of education and preservation of marine life, betting more on radical toys.

The park has a marine life conservation program, SeaWorld's Animal Health and Rescue Center. This Rehabilitation and Rescue Center has already helped more than 36 animals at risk in nature. He works in the rehabilitation of injured or sick animals, as well as focusing on educating visitors about the environment.

And that's not all, there is still an entire area dedicated to the little ones – Sesame Street, from the children's TV series Sesame Street, which is certified as an Autism Center. Highly trained professionals work on site to receive and meet the needs of these special visitors.

Check out everything to do at SeaWorld and build your itinerary with our Travel Tips. Come on!

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SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Learn all about SeaWorld Orlando with Travel Tips

 How is SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld in Orlando is a park with several attractions, considered to have the largest number of roller coasters in the entire city. Apart from that, it also has many activities and attractions for children.

In addition to the Orlando location, there are SeaWorld locations in San Diego and San Antonio, California and Texas, respectively. The group that manages the parks is the namesake, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, and also takes care of Discovery Cove, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and Adventure Island parks.

At SeaWorld Orlando there is a project for the conservation, rehabilitation and study of marine animals, as well as a veterinary center and a rescue team available 24 hours a day.

The park treats and rehabilitates endangered marine animals so that they can be returned to the environment. In addition, part of the ticket values ​​are donated to animal protection institutions around the world. There are more than 1.200 projects helped, including Projeto Tamar, in España.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Entrance to SeaWorld Park in Orlando – Photo: Flávio Antunes

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

The Manta roller coaster, one of the main ones in the park – Photo: Disclosure

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

The SeaWorld Orlando Marine Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center – Photo: Flávio Antunes

SeaWorld and the animals

For over 30 years, SeaWorld has not taken marine animals for attractions from the wild. The whales and dolphins that are currently part of the shows have lived there for years. As they were bred in captivity, they have no ability to be released back into the environment.

Animals are also no longer bred on site. SeaWorld will be responsible for taking care of everyone until the end of their lives, but is committed not to bring new animals to the shows.

The future project of the park is to end the shows with animals and keep only those that were rescued at risk, so that they receive the necessary treatment.

Other measures were also taken with regard to the animals in the park. The performances have changed significantly over the years. The shows have far fewer stunts, in addition to the shows being very informative, with messages of awareness and preservation.

Contact with animals became something educational and more geared towards children, who are delighted with the interaction with them – and especially for autistic visitors, who have an even more special bond with animals.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

SeaWorld maintains animal preservation projects and attractions for autistic people to interact with animals – Photo: Disclosure

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

The SeaWorld Rescue Center cares for baby manatees – Photo: Disclosure

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

The tanks at SeaWorld where the rescued turtles are kept – Photo: Flávio Antunes

Where is and how to get to Sea World Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is located on SeaWorld Drive, next to the famous International Drive. Access is very easy: take the second right on International Drive, access the Central Florida Parkway and, following the avenue on the right, you will find the entrance to the park.

Going by car is a good option, as the roads are well signposted and just follow the directions on the signs to SeaWorld. If you have a GPS or Waze, just search by the name of the park, super easy. For this, it is worth checking out the tips for renting a car in Orlando.

Parking is $25 a day, and you can leave and return as many times as you like for the price of a single night (use your parking voucher so you don't have to pay twice).

#Tip: Several hotels in this area also offer free transportation to SeaWorld, but check with reception to see if yours has this service.

For those who do not want to drive, or are staying in a hotel with no transportation option included, the most viable option is to use Uber or Lyft.

SeaWorld Orlando map

To find your way around the park, check out the Sea World Orlando map and where its areas, shows and attractions are.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Map of SeaWorld in Orlando – Photo: Disclosure

 Top attractions at SeaWorld Orlando

To better understand:

  • Child Swap (CS) – Benefit for those with small children. While one guardian waits with the child, the other goes to the attraction. Then they change so that whoever was waiting can go to the ride without having to queue up again.
  • Quick Queue (QQ) – “Skip the Line” at SeaWorld group parks.

extreme attractions - Rollercoaster

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

The Kraken roller coaster at SeaWorld – Photo: Disclosure

Kraken (CS) (QQ)

Inspired by the Kraken sea monster, this roller coaster is full of loops and inversions and you'll have your feet loose. In addition, it includes virtual reality glasses and headphones, for an immersive experience. Very radical!

Minimum height: 1,37 m.

Manta (QQ) (CS)

This roller coaster is shaped like a manta ray and puts you in an unusual position: you do the course belly down. It feels like flying!

Minimum height: 1,37 m

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

The Manta, in addition to imitating a stingray, also has stretches that get wet – Photo: Disclosure


It's Orlando's longest, fastest and tallest roller coaster. It got its name from the shark Mako, which is super fast. Super suitable for adrenaline lovers, because in addition to the very high descent, it reproduces the sensation of zero gravity.

Minimum height: 1,37 m.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

MAKO is one of the most radical at SeaWorld – Photo: publicity

Ice breaker

This attraction is SeaWorld's first launch roller coaster. At the beginning of the route, the cart makes some forward and reverse movements, causing a sensation of several throws in the toy. Then, it follows a course full of super fast curves, which includes a higher part with 28 meters high, at an angle of 100 degrees.

family attractions

Infinity Falls (QQ) (CS)

Eight people in a boat pass through a rapid inspired by the world's freshwater ecosystems, in the midst of tropical forests, until they reach an “elevator” at a height of 12 meters and then fall into the water. It's too much!

Minimum height: 1,07 m. Maximum height: 1,98 m.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Infinity Falls boat passing through water rapids – Photo: Disclosure

Journey to Atlantis (QQ) (CS)

This toy takes passengers in search of the Lost City of Atlantis. It has two falls that can get very wet – a great option in the hot months.

Minimum height: 1,07 m.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

The final part of Journey to Atlantis (which makes a super splash on the participants) – Photo: Jeremy Thompson via Flickr

Wild Artic (QQ) (CS)

Here there is a flight simulator over the glaciers of the Arctic, very electrifying, with the right to encounter real polar animals (bear, seal, whale, walrus and beluga) in tanks after the exhibition. You can also skip the simulator and go straight to the animal encounter.

Minimum height: 1,07 m.

Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin (QQ) (CS)

This attraction is a cart that tells the story of the penguins (you will remember the movie “Happy Feat”). After the tour, you will arrive in an area with more than 250 penguins that simulates their natural habitat. Temperatures there are below freezing (bring a coat!).

Minimum height Wild (swivel cart) – 1,02 m. There are no height restrictions on the Mild (cart that does not rotate).

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Carts at the Antarctica attraction: Empire of the Penguin – Photo: Disclosure

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

The penguins at the end of the Antarctica attraction, at SeaWorld Orlando – Photo: Disclosure

Sky tower

It is a 120-meter high observation tower, from which you have a panoramic view of Orlando. It has been a park icon since opening in 1974.

Paid separately: 3 dollars for people and children up to 3 years old do not pay.

Top view from Sky Tower

Attractions for young children

Sesame Street

A special area for the little ones, which faithfully reproduces the scenario of the series, and has several toys in children's versions. Roller coaster, gyre, little train, playground are some of the attractions.

Another highlight are the characters from the series, such as Elmo, Come-Come and Garibaldo, who walk around and pose for photos. During the afternoon there is a parade with the characters parading on floats.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Entrance to Sesame Street at SeaWorld – Photo: Flávio Antunes

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Toy for children in the Sesame Street area of ​​SeaWorld – Photo: Disclosure

Sea Carousel

A giant pink octopus works as a carousel to entertain children who enjoy this type of attraction. At 13 meters high, it is one of the must-have toys in a park.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

SeaWorld's Sea Carousel – Photo: Wikimedia


#AnotaADica – Arrive 30 minutes before the shows, as they tend to sell out. Show times also vary, so check the SeaWorld app or park map for the schedule.

Orca Encounter

This is the show that replaces the famous One Ocean – the one where Orcas performed stunts for the audience. Happens at all SeaWorld, Orlando and San Antonio parks.

It is a presentation that aims to educate the public about the environment and, of course, about orcas. Unlike the previous show, this one aims to act more like a live documentary, with more awareness content.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Orcas at the former One Ocean show – Photo: Disclosure

Dolphin Days

Show with dolphins and trainers. During the presentation you watch the commands that the animals obey and learn more about how to protect them in the wild. Oh, and if you want to get wet, try to sit in the Wet Zone, an area close to the tank.

Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High

This show with sea lions, otters and walruses is super fun and funny. The pets are super taught and act as if they were in a school, participating in science, dance and physical education classes. It's really worth watching!

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Part of Clyde and Seamore's Sea Lion High, a show that mimics a school with the animals – Photo: Disclosure

Pets Ahoy

This show is a comedy and features domestic animals such as dogs, cats, birds, mice, pigs, among others. An interesting fact about these animals is that most were rescued from abandoned animal shelters before they entered SeaWorld.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Pets Ahoy is a show with domestic animals, many rescued from shelters – Photo: Disclosure

Encounter with animals

Pacific Point Preserve – An 8 m² space that simulates the rocky coast of the North Pacific Ocean and is home to seals and sea lions.

Dolphin Nursery – Part with large acrylic windows that allow the observation of dolphin mothers and their babies.

Shark Encounter – Attraction where you walk through an 18-meter-long acrylic tube, which separates visitors from an aquarium with sharks, barracuda, eels and other marine species.

Shamu Underwater Viewing – Orcas whale watching area swimming freely in the huge tank where they live.

Key West at SeaWorld – This area inspired by Key West, the southernmost city in Florida, is huge and allows contact with some marine animals. Dolphins, stingrays and turtles can be observed and even fed. That's where the lakes are Dolphin Cove e Stingray Lagoon.

Turtle Trek – 3D and 360° attraction, which talks about the risks that turtles take throughout their lives. At the end it is possible to observe them swimming, as well as the manatees, in rehabilitation tanks next to each other and full of fish as well.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Shark Encounter is one of the most amazing attractions in the park, where you go through a tube into a shark aquarium – Photo: Rain0975 via Flickr

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

View of orcas at Shamu Underwater Viewing – Photo: publicity

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

The Turtle Trek allows a very close observation of the turtles – Photo: publicity

Immersion experiences in the animal world

Animal Ambassador Up-Close Tour – On this tour, visitors can meet rescued animals undergoing treatment, take pictures, hear rescue stories and other cases.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour – 60-minute ride to interact with sharks and penguins. 10% of the amount raised is donated to the investment fund that helps animals and institutions around the world.

Beluga Whales Up-Close Tour – Meet the behind-the-scenes belugas at the Wild Arctic attraction. See the training of these animals and take pictures with them.

Dolphins Up-Close Tour – Educational tour that allows you to get closer to the dolphins, in addition to learning commands used to communicate with them.

Killer Whale Up-Close Tour – Visitors encounter orcas and can even interact with them. The tour lasts 45 minutes.

Penguins Up-Close Tour – Penguin lovers will love this attraction, which involves the backstage of Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin, and lasts 45 minutes.

Sea Lions Up-Close Tour – See the star sea lions of the Sea Lion High show, take pictures and feed them and the rest of the animals at the Pacific Point Preserve.

Sharks Up-Close Tour – Go behind the scenes of the Shark Ecounter on this tour, having a privileged view of the aquarium with more than 2 million liters of water.

Walrus Up-Close Tour – Another Wild Arctic backstage tour, where visitors interact with walruses and seals.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Penguins on the Penguins Up-Close Tour, an experience closer to the animals of the Antarctica attraction – Photo: Flávio Antunes

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

How about getting to know these animals up close? ? – Photo: Flavio Antunes

Sea World Orlando Seasonal Events

Three Kings Celebration: A continuation of the end-of-year celebrations, this party celebrates the arrival of the three wise men and has typical cuisine from Latin American countries. It happens in January.

Inside Look: On select dates in January and March, guests can join a special behind-the-scenes tour of SeaWorld. There, they take care of the animals in six different spaces, collecting stamps on each visit and at the end they receive an explorer's pin.

Seven Seas Food Festival: It's an eight-week event, which combines the best of world cuisine with lots of live music. It takes place between February and May and does not require an additional ticket.

Electric Ocean: It takes place in summer (May to September) right at dusk, with the entire park lit up by brightly colored lights. It features Ignite, a special fireworks show on the lake, and requires no extra admission.

SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular: Halloween party with a show of Sesame Street characters. Occurs on select dates in September and October. The park is all decorated with Halloween-themed sea animals. No additional entry required.

SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration: SeaWorld's Christmas celebration, with decorations, typical food and drinks, encounters with characters and special shows. The highlight is Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. It also does not require an extra ticket.

Praise Wave: Christian music festival that takes place over a period of November, on weekends, with gospel shows and animal interactions.

Craft Beer Festival: For beer lovers, the craft beer festival takes place in September at SeaWorld Orlando. A variety of drinks and snacks will be available for purchase (no extra ticket).

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Themed costumes at SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular – Photo: Jeff Kern via Flickr

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Sesame Street characters Christmas show at the park – Photo: Leigh Caldwell via Flickr

Where to Eat at SeaWorld Orlando

Sharks Underwater Grill – A la carte restaurant where you eat next to a super shark aquarium. The menu is varied, and reservations can be made (recommended in high season).

Up-Close Dining at Shamu Stadium – Gastronomic experience next to the Orcas whale tank, icons of the park. After the meal, there is also an interaction session between the Orcas and the trainers.

This attraction requires a reservation and a separate ticket (can be purchased on the SeaWorld website). Prices start at US$29 for adults and US$15 for children (between 3 and 9 years old).

Voyager’s Smokehouse – This restaurant serves a very varied buffet, with American barbecue options, such as pork ribs with barbecue sauce, chicken and also sandwiches. It has indoor and outdoor tables and is located in a very central part of the park.

Expedition Coffee – The coolest thing about this restaurant is that it is set as an expedition station in Antarctica. Serves American food (fried chicken, hamburgers); Asian (chicken with vegetables, shrimp) and Italian (noodles with meatballs, lasagna) – a tribute to the countries of the Antarctic Treaty, USA, Japan and Italy.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Atmosphere of the Sharks Underwater Grill restaurant, with a huge aquarium to entertain customers – Photo: Flávio Antunes

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Entrance to the Expedition Cafe, which imitates an exploratory base in Antarctica – Photo: Disclosure

Admission to SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld is part of the group of parks that include Discovery Cove, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and Adventure Island (the latter two are in Tampa, a city an hour and a half from Orlando).

You can purchase a day ticket to SeaWorld starting at $85 per person, but prices vary depending on the season.

If you want to do the other parks (excluding Discovery Cove), it is worth buying the combos, having two or three days of visits (one park each day) or unlimited visits (for 14 days you can go as many times as you want in the group parks, one park per day).

Combo prices are:

  • 2 days: from $105 – prices vary depending on the season
  • 3 days: from 120 dollars prices vary depending on the season
  • Unlimited visits for 14 days: from $190

If you want to go to Discovery Cove, which is the most expensive in the group, take advantage of the ticket for it, which allows you to include two more parks in the group. Prices start at $220, but vary by time of year.

Where to stay when you go to SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is right next to Orlando's favorite tourist area, International Drive. This region is the closest to shopping centers and restaurants and has the cheapest accommodation options.

To help you, we've listed some of the best hotel options in Orlando below.

Rosen Inn International Near the Parks

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Rosen Inn Room – Click on the photo to make your reservation!

O Rosen Inn International Near the Parks it is a more affordable hotel, close to several restaurants, downtown shopping, and a 15-minute drive from SeaWorld. It has free parking, swimming pool, games room, playground and laundry in common areas. The rooms are equipped with a TV, air conditioning, safe, microwave, minibar and free Wi-Fi, as well as a hairdryer and amenities in the bathroom. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from US$86
  • Overall Guest Rating: 7,9 / 2.775 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)
  • Nearby Attractions: Bayhill Plaza Shopping Center (0,6 km), Universal Studios Orlando (2,4 km), and SeaWorld (4,9 km)

Featured rating:

“Loved the hotel! loved the room! the location was the best thing. Huge room with two beds, the bathroom has a bathtub, close to everything. I highly recommend!” – Jose no - see all reviews

Residence Inn Orlando at SeaWorld

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Residence Inn's outdoor area with a large swimming pool – Click on the photo to make your reservation!

O Residence Inn Orlando at SeaWorld it's good value for money and it's super close to SeaWorld, with free transportation there (and to other Orlando parks too). The guest who already has a SeaWorld ticket also has the benefit of entering one hour before the official opening of the park.

The staff are super attentive and the beds comfortable. Breakfast is American standard and good. It has free parking, swimming pool, restaurants, gym and laundry, in addition to air conditioning, coffee maker, microwave, minibar and free wi-fi in the rooms. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from US$137
  • Overall Guest Rating: 8,5 / 2.396 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)
  • Nearby Attractions: Discovery Cove (1,4 km), SeaWorld (1,5 km), and Orlando International Premium Outlets (1,6 km)

Featured rating:

“Great location, clean and comfortable rooms. Good breakfast. Great value for money for a family trip.” – Caroline no - see all reviews

Fairfield Inn & Suites Orlando at SeaWorld

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

Large and super cozy room in the Fairfield Inn – Click on the photo to make your reservation!

O Fairfield Inn & Suites Orlando at SeaWorld It has a great location, with several restaurants around. Close to Sea World and Aquatica parks and the Universal complex, the hotel offers free transportation to the parks at certain times.

Parking is free and continental breakfast. It has a swimming pool, restaurants, playground, gym and laundry in common areas. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, equipped with TV, coffee maker, air conditioning, microwave, minibar and free wi-fi. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from US$144
  • Overall Guest Rating: 8,4 / 962 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)
  • Nearby Attractions: SeaWorld (0,7 km), Discovery Cove (0,9 km), and Orlando International Premium Outlets (3,5 km)

Featured rating:

“Very good location in front of Sea World and attentive staff, check-in was allowed at 11 am and the hr time is only from 14 pm.” – Simone not - see all reviews

Magic Village Resort

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

The view from the pool at Magic Village Resort – Click on the photo to make your reservation!

the condominium Magic Village Resort is located in Orlando's neighboring town of Kissimmee, just a 17-minute drive from SeaWorld.

Ideal for families or groups of friends, the 2-storey houses are equipped with a full kitchen, balcony, barbecue, hot tub, living room, laundry, and have 3 to 4 suites, which can accommodate up to 8 people.

It offers a restaurant for lunch, dinner and breakfast (with Brazilian coffee and cheese bread) and a heated swimming pool. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from US$403
  • Overall Guest Rating: 8,9 / 611 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)
  • Nearby Attractions: Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park (2,3 km), Animal Kingdom (2,4 km), and Hollywood Studios (4,0 km)

Featured rating:

“All brand new, comfortable, well equipped, good beds. Wide and clear. Location very close to Disney parks, with restaurants and supermarkets less than 5 minutes away” – Adriana not - see all reviews

More Tips for Enjoying Sea World in Orlando

1) Park Map and App

As soon as you arrive, don't forget to get a map to find your way around the attractions and schedule the shows so that you don't miss a thing.

You can also download the Sea World app on your mobile, all the information will be there.

2) Pay attention to the times to enter Sea World

Get there as early as possible as the parks tend to fill up an hour after opening.

The park is open every day from 10 am to 18 pm and on weekends from 9 am to 19 pm. Some times of the year the hours vary, it is worth checking the website here.

3) Ensure unlimited internet while traveling

Did you know that it's getting easier – and cheaper – to have unlimited internet throughout your trip? 

Just ask for an international cell phone chip from America Chip. We always use and love it! They send a SIM card to your address in España, you insert it in your cell phone when you arrive at your destination and you have unlimited internet throughout the trip.

#StayHip: Save on car GPS rentals and use GoogleMaps and Waze with your unlimited internet.

4) Orlando Travel Insurance is ESSENTIAL 

Buying travel insurance for Orlando is an excellent way to ensure a smooth trip and avoid worries. Having the assistance of insurance gives you the peace you need to enjoy your destination and know that you have support if you need it. Also enjoy our Insurance Promo discount coupon. - SEE PRICES

#StayHip: Save 10% on your travel insurance. use the coupon FORTRAVELOVERS to get 5% off and pay with boleto to guarantee an additional 5% OFF. 

5) Tips for those traveling with children

If you have small children or babies, don't worry - all parks have the Baby Care Center. In them, you can heat the baby food and get products such as diapers, tissues and even some medicines. Look at the location on the map or seek help from an employee.

Rent from companies outside the parks or buy a stroller for children up to 7 or 8 years old at Walmart. In the parks the rent per day is around 50 dollars and the strollers are uncomfortable. Even if your child is older, the park is tiring to walk around all day.

6) What to bring to the park

We walked a lot during a day tour of Sea World. So prepare yourself physically beforehand and wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Water throughout Orlando is drinkable and you can order it for free at restaurants (so-called tapwater). Don't forget to hydrate between attractions ;).

The entry of food and drinks into the park is restricted because of the animals. Only water, small snacks of up to 1 liter and sealed baby food or foods for people with dietary restrictions or special diets are allowed.

Bring a change of clothes or raincoat, some attractions can get wet.

7) Extra Tips for Sea World

  • The shows with the animals (dolphins, whales and sea lions) are scheduled and take place only a few times a day; when you arrive at the park, take the map to program yourself
  • If you want to enjoy the roller coasters, arrive early and go straight to some of them.
  • At Sea World, as at Universal, there is a paid queue-jumping scheme, the Quick Queue, which allows you to take the quick queue as many times as you want. The value varies according to the season, but is around 50 dollars per person
  • If you are at the park with children, use the Child Swap at the height-limited and more extreme attractions so you don't have to wait in line again
  • Parking costs $25 a day. You can leave and return to the park on the same day. Keep the proof of payment for parking to pay it only once
  • If you forget your cell phone charger, there are several areas throughout the park with outlets to recharge your batteries.

SeaWorld Orlando – Complete Park Guide

And, of course, have fun! Be aware of the animals, observe them with respect and enjoy the extreme attractions ?


What is SeaWorld?

SeaWorld is a park featuring marine animals and other extreme attractions with units in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio, USA. Learn all about SeaWorld Orlando.

Where to stay near SeaWorld?

Good hotels near SeaWorld are: Rosen Inn International Near the Parks, Residence Inn Orlando at SeaWorld and the Fairfield Inn & Suites Orlando at SeaWorld.

What are the best SeaWorld attractions in Orlando?

The Kraken, Manta and MAKO roller coasters, and the Orca Encounter and Dolphin Days shows are some of the attractions at SeaWorld Orlando.

What are SeaWorld's parks?

Aquatica Park, Discovery Cove, Adventure Island and Busch Gardens, the latter two being in Tampa. Check out all about SeaWorld Orlando.

Do you need travel insurance to go to Orlando?

Travel insurance is not mandatory to visit Orlando or other cities in the United States, but it is highly recommended. Learn more about US travel insurance.

Where to eat at SeaWorld Orlando?

SeaWorld Orlando's restaurants include Shark's Underwater Grill (with shark aquarium) and Up-Close Dining at Shamu Stadium (dining next to the whale tank).

How much does SeaWorld parking cost?

Parking starts at $25. Check out everything about SeaWorld Orlando park.

Can you bring food to Sea World?

Only water, small snacks up to 1 liter and sealed baby food or foods for people with dietary restrictions or special diets are allowed at SeaWorld Orlando.

What are SeaWorld Orlando hours of operation?

The Park is open daily from 10 am to 18 pm, and on weekends from 9 am to 19 pm. Learn all about SeaWorld Orlando.

How much does it cost to enter the SeaWorld in Orlando?

Admission to SeaWorld starts at US$85 per person, but prices vary according to the time of year and there is also the possibility of combo with other parks in the group.

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