St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

The paradoxical city mixes an abundant cultural scene, but at the same time the small town on the Gulf of Mexico is one of the most relaxed in the United States.

St Petersburg, or St Pete, as the locals affectionately call it, has some of Florida's most beautiful beaches and a growing cultural scene, with the world-famous Salvador Dalí Museum. The site has around 2.000 of Dalí's works, the largest collection outside Europe.

Come meet with us St. Petersburg and check out all the tips you need to know about the city!

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How to get St Petersburg

St Petersburg is about a two-hour drive from Orlando, an hour and a half from Sebring and about four hours from Miami. Clearwater is 1 minutes from St. Petersburg, en route to Tampa. And if you plan on going to Busch Gardens in Tampa, St Petersburg is just around the corner, about 40 minutes by car.

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When to go and how many days to stay in St Petersburg

The best time to travel to St. Petersburg and Clearwater is in mid-season, when the weather is milder and still warm. In summer (June and July), in addition to the high temperatures, everything gets more crowded and prices are inflated.

In winter, you may not be able to enjoy the beaches as much as it is the rainy season. Spring (March, April and May) is the best season to visit the region. 

We stayed for two days and it was enough time to get to know most of St. Petersburg. But if you want to stay longer, there's a lot to do. 

What to do in St Petersburg

Helicopter tour

To discover the beautiful coast of the Gulf of Mexico, it is worth venturing into a helicopter tour that takes you to admire panoramic views of the beach of St. Pete e Clearwater. The view from above of the crystal blue sea certainly has another look.

We boarded the helicopter with the Tampa Bay Aviation. You can buy the ride at St. Pete, which is right next to the Dalí Museum. The tour starts at US$100 for two people.

There are also tours from Clearwater Airport. If you want to live a different experience, it's worth it.

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

Getting ready for the helicopter ride, my travel companion Palumbo from Tourism Etc.

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

Seeing the city from above has another look. Beautiful!

Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg

And after the helicopter ride, right next door is the Dalí Museum is an art museum dedicated to the work of Salvador Dalí. The site houses the largest collection of Dalí's works outside of Europe. It is one of the main points worth visiting in the city.

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

Entrance to the Dali St Petersburg Museum

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

Making new friends in St Petersburg Florida, my friend Dalí

Chihuly Collection 

The American artist and glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly, has renowned works and collections in museums ranging from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to the Louvre in Paris.

Its permanent collection resides in the center of Saint Petersburg, in the Chihuly collection. It is worth stopping by to see the works there. Click on the website to learn more.

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

Jannus Live

Jano live is an outdoor music venue in St. Petersburg Florida. Located in the Historic Center of the city, the courtyard venue hosts numerous concerts by local and traditional artists.

It's worth checking the concert schedule when you're in St. Pete.

Fort De Soto Park 

One of the main natural spots in St Petersburg Florida is the Fort of Soto Park, which is within Pinellas County. The park has five islands connected by bridges and roads, one more beautiful than the other.

You can enjoy the beach, one of the most famous is North Beach. There is no shortage of attractions, rent a canoe or kayak or even a bike, enjoy the trails – there are almost 12 km of paved trail that connects North Beach to East Beach.

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

Fort De Soto Park – St Petersburg Florida

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

A part of Fort De Soto Park seen from above – Photo: Flávio Antunes  

Street Art in St Pete

If you like street art, taking a tour to see the murals of St Petersburg Florida is a must. The panels are beautiful, there are more than 70 murals of all sizes and super colorful. It is one of the good stops for those who want to take a beautiful photo.

To learn more, check out the website St Pete Mural Tour. You can also check the murals map to see this amazing street art.

Florida Holocaust Museum 

Founded by two Jewish Germans, fugitives from the Holocaust, the museum Florida Holocaust Museum these are the ones that deserve a visit. If you've never been to a museum that tells the story of the Holocaust in Europe, it's worth the immersion starting in Florida. It is a time that deserves to be always remembered, to prevent it from being repeated in the future.

The Museum is open daily from 10 am to 16 pm, closed on some holidays. Admission is $16 per person.

Beaches in St Petersburg Florida

We have already mentioned here that the beaches in St Petersburg Florida are some of the most beautiful in Florida. Among those worth visiting is the St. Pete Beach, to enjoy a day doing stand-up paddle, windsurfing or even visiting the shops in the region.

The second is the Madeira Beach, which is very beautiful. Go a little further ahead to discover the pier de John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk – a must in the region, the place has many shops and restaurants.

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

St. Pete seen from above – right in front of our Postcard Inn hotel

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Where to stay in St Petersburg

Find the best accommodation in St Petersburg on

Postcard Inn On The Beach 

Inspired by the laid-back beach style of St. Pete, Postcard Inn On The Beach is an excellent lodging option. I stayed there during my visit to the city and I really enjoyed it.

Rooms are spacious, with surf-inspired decor. In addition, it offers a beautiful swimming pool facing the sea. One of the points worth mentioning is the Boathouse Kitchen & Bar restaurant, which serves dishes inspired by authentic and fun Caribbean cuisine.

In addition, it is located on a deck with a nautical look, which is completed by the view of the beach.  

Hollander Hotel

The Hollander Hotel is a three star hotel that has the “vibe” of St. Petersburg: It's relaxed and friendly, offers yoga practices and a poolside bar. Rooms are large and include a fridge, microwave and TV. Others have a full kitchen – great for families. The location is very central, 1,6 km from the Dalí Museum.

Beach Vacation Get-Away 

If you are looking for an apartment to rent, Beach Vacation Get-Away is one of the best options in town. The property sleeps up to four people and offers a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. In addition, it has free bikes for you to enjoy a day in front of St. Pete.

Hyatt Place St. Petersburg

Staying at a Hyatt Place hotel is always a good option. In St Petersburg Florida, the property is in the heart of downtown. If you're on your way to work or want to be close to the city's cultural scene – this is the place.

The hotel has a modern and sophisticated decor, as well as a swimming pool and gym. Worth the stay there.

Sunset Inn and Cottages

If you're looking for budget accommodation, Sunset Inn has rooms that sleep up to six people. The place is very charming, with beach decor - which refers to the good location in which it is.

The rooms are colorful and well-decorated and are located in small cottages scattered around the grounds. Check it out by clicking here.

Where to eat in St Petersburg

The Hangar Restaurant and Flight Lounge  

Remember our helicopter tour? There, at St. Pete, if you want something to eat before or after your tour, The hangar It's a great request. The restaurant offers a somewhat thematic atmosphere.

With hanging planes and tables reminiscent of a lounge scene, the place serves typical American breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open daily from 8 to 10 pm.

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

The Hangar restaurant – Photo: Official Site

Locale Market 

O Locale Market it is a mixture of a small shop with typical local foods and a restaurant with an award-winning menu. It is located inside the Sundial St. Pete, a shopping, dining and entertainment complex in downtown St. Petersburg Florida. Worth the visit!

The menu is very varied, there is something for all tastes. Burges and sandwiches, healthy foods like poke and salads, fish, shellfish, pasta and of course, delicious desserts!

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

Local Market – Photo: Official Site

Farmtable Kitchen

Also located Sundial St. Pete, the Farmtable Kitchen It is an Italian-inspired restaurant. The menu is very varied, with options for lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner and a wine and beverage list.

I'm not a big fan of vegetables and veggies, but I took a chance and ordered Fried Cauliflower. A fried cauliflower with guanciale (like a bacon), raisins and sea urchin. Delicious!!!! In addition to dessert, in addition to being equally delicious, super beautiful.

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

Farmtable Kitchen - Photo: Site Oficial

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

The surprising Fried Cauliflower ?

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

And to close this charming dessert.

Reading room 

O Reading room It's one of the hottest restaurants in St. Petersburg. The atmosphere – modern and a little more sophisticated – makes the place a good choice for those looking for a place to eat well (with an excellent menu option) and choose from the various drinks made by the bar. Worth the stop.

400 Beach Seafood & Tap House 

If you like good options for eating seafood, the Beach Seafood & Tap House deserves the visit. With an atmosphere facing the beach, it is worth choosing one of the tables overlooking the sea and ordering a large portion.

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

Craft beer tasting 

3 Daughter’s Brewing  

How about a craft beer tasting to brighten the day? Take the distillery tour 3 Daughter’s Brewing it is very worth it. The place offers several options of delicious beers and ciders.

There are many options and all inspired by the flavors of Florida. In addition to a varied menu to accompany, such as snacks, sandwiches and starters.

The place also has a stage for live music and a game room. Enjoying the afternoon there is not bad at all.

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

Mad Beach Craft Brewing

A  Mad Beach located on Madeiro Beach, on John's Pass Village & Boardwalk pier, you can't miss it. The place is fantastic with a great atmosphere, with details for the funky decor.

Another strong point of the house is the hamburgers. O The Jelly Donut Burges, super different made with donut bread, angus burger, cheddar, bacon (of course!) and raspberry jam. This unique burger is worth a try.

St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

The Jelly Donut Burges at Mad Beach. Don't feel like it!

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***Flávio traveled at the invitation of Visit Florida.

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St Petersburg – Complete City Guide

Ponte Sunshine Skyway

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