25 animals with unlikely but true colours

The unusual and strange colours of these 25 animals are very real.

We're warning you right now, these photos have not been retouched. They are the natural colors of these animals! Most of the animals are born black, brown or white, but not these animals that have inherited much more unusual colors. Their unusual colours show that nature has a much more diverse colour palette than you might imagine.

Black cock Ayam Cemani

Originally from Indonesia, the Ayam Cemani breed hen or rooster has the particularity of being entirely black: feathers, legs, beak, eyes, crest, barb, skin, meat and bones are black with different shades depending on the luminosity.

Pink Cricket

Some kinds of locusts may be mutant. The oblong-winged scudderites, discovered in the 1770s, may have undergone a genetic change. While their ancestors were apparently green, a small number of individuals display bright colours such as yellow, orange and bright pink.

Camail Nicobar (Pigeon)

The Nicobar pigeon gets its name from the fact that it resides mainly in the Nicobar Islands, an archipelago in the eastern Indian Ocean. It is endowed with an exceptional plumage: dark iridescent green with copper and bluish tones and reflections, loose feathers on the mantle and wing covers, short white tail, black beak, red legs, brown irises in the male and white in the adult female.

Purple snail

White Peacock

The white or black colour of the peacock is explained by the concentration of melanin in the plumage. The white peacock has white feathers on its entire body. Contrary to popular belief, it is not albino, but leukistic. The superb white tail of the male is reminiscent of the tail of a wedding dress. The white peacock comes from a recessive mutation of the blue peacock.

Pink dolphin

It is called the Pacific humpback dolphin or Chinese sotalie. The animal turns pink as an adult. They are found in particular in Hong Kong but they are endangered.

Blue and green wavy parakeet

The wavy parakeet is a species of Australian bird that can have several mutations in colour and patterns.

Orchid Mantis

This species is characterized by the brightness of its colours and a finely adapted structure for camouflage. Its colour can vary between pink and brown depending on the colour of the background.

Bullfrog bullfrog

Rainbow Cricket


Halloween Crab

Albino Squirrel

Albinism represents 1 case per 200,000 births. We think of snakes, rabbits, but there are also albino squirrels.

Red Cardinal

This passerine owes its name to the red colour of the male's plumage, reminiscent of the red robes of Catholic cardinals. It is found in southern Canada, the eastern United States, Mexico, and northern Guatemala and Belize.

Albino raven

Velvet Ant

Mutillids are commonly called "velvet ants" because of their intermediate appearance between ants (by their elongated shape) and wasps (by their hairiness).

American Ring-necked Snake

This snake can reach an average length of 25 to 35 cm. The colour of its body varies from grey to black, with a bright yellow collar that gives it its name. Its belly is yellow or orange.

Blue Lobster

Miro incarnat

The Miro incarnat is a species of passerine endemic to Australia.

Red slug

The Red Slug is a species of mollusc. It is also commonly known as the Great Red Slug and Red Arion or more popularly Red Loche.


This crustacean has typical ravenous legs comparable to those of the praying mantis, hence their English name shrimp-mantis, although they are neither shrimp nor mantis. These, of very great strength and speed, can be massive.

Cuckoo wasp

Chrysididae are insects of the order Hymenoptera. They are often brilliantly ornamented and coloured with metallic reflections (hence their many vernacular names: jewel wasp, golden wasp, or green wasp).

Carpenter bee

These bees are called xylocopes or sometimes carpenter bees because they dig their nests in the wood. They have a beautiful black and blue coat.

Blue Grasshopper

White Lion

The white lion is a mutant form of the lion. It is occasionally seen in nature reserves in South Africa and is selectively bred in zoos around the world.

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Source photos: Bored Panda

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