7 strange places in Google Earth

7 strange places in Google Earth

Navigating through Google Earth is an interesting experience in which you travel to incredible landscapes without leaving home. In some points of the virtual globe it is possible to find strange and very curious places, ideal for those who are looking for curiosities out of the ordinary.

Check out seven strange places in Google Earth and their exact coordinates to visit in the mobile version or through the computer, in the browser or downloading Google Earth Pro.

7. Garden in the shape of a guitar

  • Location: -33.867886, -63.987

In Argentina, someone had an unusual idea: to plant a huge guitar-shaped garden that can only be seen from above, with a drone or a balloon. It is interesting to see the person's achievement through Google Earth, enchanting and igniting a spark of curiosity.

6. Batman Symbol

  • Location: 26.357896, 127.783809

Perhaps the biggest Batman fan in the world? For some reason, they decided to paint the symbol of the classic comic book character on top of what appears to be a shed, and the only way to see the symbol is with aerial vision.

5. Patterns in the desert

  • Location: 40.452107, 93.742118

In a desert between Mongolia and China, you can find an unusual formation: a large rectangle with internal lines, like avenues. "Only" this would be strange, but there are no buildings around to justify this formation.

4. Tarapacá Giant

  • Location: 19°56'56.96″S, 69°38'1.83″W

Deserts seem like a good place for strange drawings and formations. The Tarapacá Giant has become a tourist spot in Chile and is considered the oldest geoglyph in the world. Its dimensions impress and cause strangeness.

3. Spiral in the desert

  • Location: 27°22'50.10, 33°37'54.62

Navigating Egypt with Google Earth may show the well-known Pyramids or the Great Sphinx of Giza, but several circles forming a spiral in the desert is something that causes strangeness and curiosity. We may never know who did it or why, but it is interesting to visualize.

2. Giant target

  • Location: 37.563936, -116.85123

Nevada, one of the 50 states that make up the United States, is popularly known for the mysterious Area 51, but the military base is not the only strange place there: in the desert, you can find a giant target that adds to the mystique. of the place.

1. Pentagram

  • Location: +52° 28′ 47.14″, +62° 11′ 8.38″

Finding a large pentagram on Google Earth is not something you would expect, but in Kazakhstan there is a landmark with this symbol far from any city. Because of its size and the simple fact that it exists, the place has become a tourist spot.

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