Top 10 Greatest Canyons in the World - Official Ranking

In this selection are highlighted the 10 largest canyons in the world. Nothing illustrates the constant corrosive powers of water like a river canyon. Carving their way through solid rock, sometimes over millions of years, rivers slowly create these amazing, vast, natural sculptures.

Long, deep canyons are particularly spectacular places, as the stunning examples this selection illustrate. The selection and order of these canyons is not determined, because what constitutes "the largest" can be measured by length, depth, or total area. Also, some canyons in the Himalayas are not accessible and therefore are not considered.

10.-Tara River Canyon – Montenegro

These are the curves of the Tara River Canyon in Montenegro, which extends low enough to make this the deepest river gorge in all of Europe. At its deepest point, the canyon drops to 1.300 meters, courtesy of the Tara River that carves through it.

Located in Durmitor National Park, Tara River Canyon is protected and is also part of a possible World Heritage Site. From even the highest peaks, you're likely to hear the thunderous sound of over 40 waterfalls plunging into this incredible canyon, which is 82 km long.

9.-Blyde River Canyon – South Africa

Blyde River Canyon in South Africa may not be the biggest on the planet, but it has the distinction of being one of the greenest. As well as boasting an average depth of 762 meters, this 26 km long gorge is covered in abundant subtropical plant life, which definitely adds to its appeal. The deepest part of the canyon is said to be from the top of Mariepskop Mountain down to the river outlet, with a total drop of 1.372 meters.

8.-Copper Canyon – México

Strictly speaking, this canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico is not just one, but 6 canyons, which are collectively known as Copper Canyon. Barranca del Cobre, as it is called in Spanish, takes its name from the green hue that covers its walls.

And the 6 rivers responsible for creating these incredible valleys flow into the Sea of ​​Cortez as part of the larger Fuerte River. The deepest canyon in the system, Barranca de Urique, is an impressive 1.879 meters deep.

7.-Cotahuasi Canyon – Peru

Cotahuasi Canyon plummets to 3.535 meters at its deepest point, located in Peru. The canyon was carved between two mountain ranges, Coropuna and Solimana, by the Cotahuasi River.

6.-Colca Canyon – Peru

The second canyon in Peru in the selection is Colca Canyon. Plunging to a depth of 4.160 meters, this geographic marvel in southern Peru is an impressive sight. It is one of the deepest canyons in the world, if not quite the deepest of all, despite being promoted as such. That said, Colca Canyon is twice as deep as Arizona's Grand Canyon, and it's also one of the most visited tourist destinations in Peru.

5.-Fish River Canyon – Namíbia

Fish River Canyon in Namibia is the largest canyon in Africa. This gigantic river channel winds 160 km across a plateau. The canyon is rocky, but it's a popular place to visit, especially with hikers, thanks to its stunning views. The ravine itself measures 550 meters deep, and in places stretches to 27 kilometers wide.

4.-Grand Canyon – United States

It may not be the largest canyon in the world, although many people think it is, but the Grand Canyon in Arizona is arguably the most famous. Measuring 1.828 meters deep and 445 km long, this majestic place is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

3. Kali Gandaki Gorge – Nepal

The Kali Gandaki River, which winds through the Kali Gandaki Gorge in Nepal, is even older than the towering Himalayan range that surrounds it. The river is named after the Hindu goddess Kali, and its churning waters are black in color due to the presence of glacial mud.

The exact depth of the giant Kali Gandaki Gorge is debated, as not everyone agrees on the height of its rim. However, if the depth were measured from the highest peaks on the downstream side of the river, it would be the deepest canyon in the world, with a depth of around 6.800 meters.

2.-Capertee Valley – Australia

Capertee Valley is located in New South Wales, Australia. This majestic canyon is the largest in Australia and is known for its rugged landscape and soaring sandstone escarpments. Due to its age, Capertee Valley is not as deep as some of the other canyons in this selection, but what it lacks in depth it makes up for in sheer size. The Capertee Valley is wider and approximately 1 km longer than the Grand Canyon.

1.-Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon – Tibete

High in the Himalayas, starting near sacred Mount Kailash, a mighty canyon winds its way down to the Brahmaputra River in northern India. With an average depth of 4.876 meters around the Namcha Barwa Mountains, and plunging down to 6.009 meters at one point, the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is often considered the deepest canyon on the planet.

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