What are the sexiest cities in the world?

Sex is key in many cultures and more important in some parts of the world than others. Consequently, there are cities that stand out for the high or low sexual component that prevails at a social level and that, on occasions, has a lot to do with the government that leads them. How is your city sexually? To carry out this study, the platform Lazeeva performed a ranking, we analyzed. For that, we went to look for the most relevant data.

What are the sexiest cities in the world?

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Factors to take into account


In this study, the volume of sexual encounters is not the only data examined. Other factors come into play that are capable of generating debate in society, such as the access to contraceptives or consumption of pornography. Furthermore, topics such as the level of sexual experiences, tolerance of the LGTB community and gender equality also counted in determining the sexual health of cities around the world.

No podium, to FFrance occupies the first place, Rio de Janeiro the second and London the third, the three cities with a similar score. Here beside, Barcelona, ​​is in 13th place and Madrid in 20th, despite the fame about the high temperatures of Spain in sexual matters. Lisboa ranks a mere 73rd out of 100.

The most sexually satisfied are the inhabitants of Brussels, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. So, the brazilians and dutch, in general, are the happiest in this regard.

Which cities have the most sex?

Perhaps this is the data that most interests you. This time the Rio de Janeiro is the winning city with an undisputed 10, followed by Paris (9,9) Los Angeles (9,8) and Ibiza (9,7). London, Berlin, Santiago de Chile, Prague and New York also come up with good scores and could be considered TOP cities with regard to intimate encounters. Lisbon has a mere 3.2.

What are the sexiest cities in the world?

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What are the most tolerant cities?

If we focus on respect for the LGTB community and in the fight for gender equality, London wins with a 10 followed by Toronto, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam. Lisbon shows a result that is still very low (3,6), with a long way to go.

On the other hand, cities most gender egalitarian cities are Helsinki (best with a 10), Oslo, Bergen (Norway), Stockholm, Dublin, Auckland (New Zealand), Basel, Cork (Ireland) and Genoa, all of which score exceptionally well. Thus, the Nordic capitals and other cities in the North command but are also worthy of mention a large number of cities in germany (Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Stuttgart, etc.). The German country is undoubtedly the one that stands out the most in this regard, even if it does not reach the level of equality of the first cities mentioned (all German cities in the study have a score of eight).

What are the sexiest cities in the world?

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Which cities are most open?

the sexual experience was important on this list, and in some ways determines how open (and closed) a population is. Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Las Vegas are the queens when it comes to sexual experiences and, in general, the Austrians and Germans (with the exception of Berlin) are the least daring to try new things.

On the other hand, the cities that most practice exchanges are Berlin, Paris, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam and London.

What are the most “protected” cities?

Without entering into debates of any kind and focusing on aspects related to people's safety, the China and the UK are the ones that most easily give access to contraceptives to their citizens. In both cases, its most important cities, from the capitals to other relevant centers, are on this list with very high marks, much more than in the rest of the world's cities.

China has several top ten in cities like Beijing or Shanghai, but there are many more that boast this maximum level of protection in the Asian country. London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol or Edinburgh are just some of the British cities included in this ranking.

What are the sexiest cities in the world?

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How is your city regarding sex? This article, with “calientes” but also important data, maybe help you to know a little more about your city. And you, how are you?

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