European capitals with the best nightlife: 11 destinations to visit

If you are looking for the next exciting travel destination and want to know what the European capitals with the best nightlife, you have arrived at the right place. We reveal the 11 unmissable destinations to have fun “all night long” with your friends or with the new friendships you will make.

It is true that visiting monuments, discovering the best restaurants and enjoying the main attractions of a city are excellent ways to discover a new culture. However, they are not the only ones. Nightlife, whether bars, clubs and the like, is also a good strategy for discovering more about a new place.

Top 11 European capitals with the best nightlife

The European continent can offer not only the best and craziest party options, but also some very affordable ones, contrary to what you might think. So, find out which 11 European capitals have the best nightlife.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the favorite places for young people to visit in Europe. Its bold and prejudice-free nightlife is one of the main reasons for this to happen.

On weekends, the bars are open until 03:04 in the morning and the clubs never close before XNUMX:XNUMX. Whether you're a fan of techno, house or electronic music, you can choose to discover the huge Warehouse Elementenstraat or join the parties at the Sugarfactory, an intimate and versatile venue with a seductive atmosphere, surrounded by red curtains and misty lights.

A visit to the famous Red Light District is also essential, as long as you visit it without prejudice and with all the freedom your mentality allows.

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is considered the epicenter of techno music in the world. But that's just part of what makes this city on the must-see list for nightlife lovers.

This city never stops celebrating and there are many reasons for that: beer is cheap and the boys and girls are very lively, contrary to the idea we have of German coldness and rigor.

The more adventurous should go to the Berghain nightclub, the most exclusive in the city and one of the oldest, where there is even a record company.

3. Budapest, Hungary

European capitals with the best nightlife: 11 destinations to visit

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Alcohol is very cheap in Budapest, accommodation is very affordable and the nightlife is one of the liveliest in Europe: if these aren't more than enough reasons to make you consider traveling to Budapest, then we don't know what will. convince him.

Perhaps the bars, which can either be located in a typical building, or in the ruins of an old building or in a totally artistic area, where a local garage sale is taking place next door. Totally unexpected scenarios, but which will positively surprise you.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danes are not only the happiest people in the world, they also know how to have a great time. If you don't believe it, then you think you have what it takes to stay awake until 03 am, when some of the most irreverent bars open. There, the party can go on until 10 am – yes, you read that right!

And despite the reputation of being an expensive city, there are quite accessible places. Ask the locals which places are the most in and that you really can't miss and, who knows, you'll find company for a night out that will go down in history.

5. Stockholm, Sweden

Scandinavia's capital is probably one of the best cities to meet beautiful, attractive people with a great capacity for having a good time, without being swayed by how expensive a night out can be.

Follow the tip of the Swedes: before leaving the house to go to the bars, have a drink (or more), to get in a more lively spirit, just as the night calls for.

The best bars and clubs are to be found in Södermalm and Stureplan, the only downside being that most establishments close at 03 am.

6 Lisbon Portugal

The Portuguese capital also has its lively nights, standing out among other European capitals. As a Latin country, the Portuguese are known for being friendly, lively and not turning their backs on a good party.

The Portuguese nightlife is one of the reasons why the Portuguese capital is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. And, for this, the famous Bairro Alto contributes a lot, but also more traditional aspects, such as the fado houses of Alfama.

7. London, England

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London's nightlife has substance and variety, whatever the time of year and regardless of personal tastes, there is something for everyone to do.

In this city, you can find everything you want and everything you can imagine: from burlesque shows to sophisticated and elegant nightclubs such as Pacha and Studio 338.

But if you're looking for a more authentic experience, try Corsica Studios, a two-room venue with avant-garde music with a raw, rebellious attitude reminiscent of the 70s. Or, Maggie's, a club decorated in an 80s style and with numerous references to the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, as well as speech audios that play on loop.

8. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague offers a surprisingly affordable and well-rounded nightlife. Even though it is not a direct competitor to other European destinations, it also has its own attractive and impressive features.

The Karlovy Lazne Club is the biggest nightclub in the region, with five different zones, each with a different theme, purpose and decor.
A bit like what happens in Portugal, in Prague, it is also common to enjoy the outdoor nightlife.

9. Reykjavik, Iceland

European capitals with the best nightlife: 11 destinations to visit

Reykjavik lives not only on natural charms, such as the famous aurora borealis. The Icelandic capital has the typical nightlife of a smaller town, where everyone seems to know each other.

Therefore, every bar you enter seems to be a place you already know, which sounds familiar, even if you have never been there. The locals are excellent hosts and the parties go on into the night and often end only in the morning.

10. Rome, Italy

Rome does not live on history or stories alone. It's a European capital with a lively nightlife, especially in the Testaccio district, where you'll find dozens of excellent restaurants and the tombs of Protestant poets John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Akab is a remarkable nightclub in the city, for having a gigantic dance floor and the performance of guest DJs, many of them true international stars.

For a fun and sociable atmosphere, the On the Rox space attracts a large crowd of students, or not with very friendly prices.

11. Warsaw, Poland

European capitals with the best nightlife: 11 destinations to visit

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If you find Stockholm to be too expensive a city for your budget, then consider visiting Warsaw as it represents a similar experience and far less expensive.

As cheap as a glass of beer costs only 0,50 cents and a shot of vodka one euro. The hard part will be learning to control your drinking...

Have fun in one of these suggestions of European capitals with the best nightlife, but always with caution!

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