Do you know the nicknames of these 100 cities?

Paris, New York, London... What are the nicknames of the most famous cities in the world? You probably know some of them!

At For Travel Lovers, we love nicknames. When it comes to people, nicknames define us better than our first and last names, they're ingenious and funny, and they say so much about who we are and sometimes about how we look (unfortunately).

Nicknames are part of our daily life in many aspects. We give nicknames to people, animals and objects because nicknames generally reflect their true qualities and characteristics much more. Many of the world's most famous cities are no exception to the nickname rule. You probably know some of the most famous cities, but there is still a lot more to know.

On the Internet, there are quite a few lists with nicknames given to cities, but here's a fairly comprehensive one with the most important cities in the world!

City nicknames

1. Nickname of Paris - The City of Light, The City of Love, The City of One Hundred Villages

2. Nickname of Prague - The City of a Hundred Spires, The Golden City, The Mother of Cities

3. Nickname of New York - Big Apple

4. Nickname of Las Vegas - Sin City

5. Nickname of Chicago - The Windy City

6. Vancouver Nickname - Hollywood North, The Big Smoke

7. Nickname of Montreal - The City of a Hundred Spires, The Amsterdam of North America

8. Nickname of Los Angeles - City of Angels

9. New Orleans Nickname - The Big Easy

10. Philadelphia nickname - The City of Brotherly Love, Philly

11. Nickname of Amsterdam - The Venice of the North

12. Nickname of Venice - The Serenissima, The City of the Doges, The City of Lovers

13. Nickname of Vienna - The Imperial, The capital of music

14. Nickname of London - The Old Smoke, The World-City, The English melting pot

15. Nickname of Detroit - Motor City

16. Nickname of Miami - Magic City, Gateway to the Americas

17. Memphis Nickname - The Bluff City, The River City

18. Nickname of Petra - The city of pink sandstone

19. Nickname of Pittsburgh - The City of Steel

20. Nicknames of Rome - The Eternal City, The City of Seven Hills, The Holy City

21. Nickname of Seattle - The Emerald City

22. Nickname of Bucharest - The Little Paris of the Balkans

23. Nickname of Florence - The City of the Lily, The Capital of the Arts

24. Nickname of Barcelona - The City of Gaudí, The City of Gaudi

25. Nickname of Budapest - The Pearl of the Danube

26. Toronto's nickname - The Queen City, Toronto the Wise, Hogtown (because of its slaughterhouse, hog "pig")

27. Nickname Dublin - The City of a Thousand and One Colourful Gates, The Beautiful City

28. Nickname of Jerusalem - The Holy City, The City of Copper and Gold

29. Nickname of Boston - The Hub, Beantown, The Walking City

30. Nickname of San Francisco - The City by the Bay, Fog City, Frisco

31. Nicknames of Moscow - The Third Rome

32. Edinburgh - Auld Reekie (The Old Smoker), Northern Athens

33. Nickname of Geneva - The capital of peace, The smallest of the big capitals, Protestant Rome

34. Nickname of Rio de Janeiro - The Wonderful City (A cidade maravilhosa)

35. Nickname of Salzburg - Germanic Rome

36. Nickname of Bombay - The Maximum City, The City of Dreams

37. Singapore's Nickname - The Lion City, The Garden City

38. Nickname of Naples - The Parthenopian City, The City of the Sun

39. Bologna's nickname - La Dotta, La Rossa, La Grassa (The red, the erudite and the fat); The capital of the Tortellini, The city of the two Towers

40. Nickname of Turin - The City of the Four Rivers, The Automobile Capital

41. Nickname of Genoa - The Superb, The Proud One

42. Nickname of Palermo - The Happy One

43. Nickname of Milan - The Drinkable City, the fashion capital of the world

44. Nickname of Cairo - The Paris of the Nile, The City of a Thousand Minarets

45. Nickname of Buenos Aires - The Paris of South America, The Queen of Plata

46. Nickname of Ushuaia - El Fin del Mundo (The End of the World)

47. Nickname of Melbourne - Paris of the Antipodes, Marvellous Melbourne

48. Nickname of Sydney - The Harbour City

50. Nickname of São Paulo - The Concrete Jungle, The City of Mist, The Locomotive of Brazil

51. Dubrovnik's nickname - The Pearl of the Adriatic Sea

52. Nickname of Helsinki - The White City of the North

53. Nickname of Bordeaux - The world capital of wine

54. Nickname of Nice - Nissa la bella, the City of Angels

55. Nickname Berlin - The Grey City, The City of Bears

56. Nickname of Jaipur - The Pink City

57. Nickname of Oslo - The City of the Tiger

58. Nickname of Warsaw - Paris oriental, The Phoenix City

59. Nickname of St. Petersburg - The Venice of the North

60. Nickname of Madrid - El Foro, (The Forum), The Royal City

61. Nickname of Athens - The City of the Purple Crown, The Cradle of Western Civilization, The City of Athena

62. Nickname of Dallas - Big D

63. Nickname of Hong Kong - The Pearl of the Orient

64. Nickname Munich - The city with a big heart, The secret capital of Germany

65. Nickname of Birmingham - The Workshop of the World, The City of a Thousand Crafts, The Second City

66. Nickname of Lisbon - The White City, The Big Lettuce, The City of Ulysses, The Queen of the Tagus, The City of a Thousand Colours

67. Nickname The Hague - City of Peace and Justice

68. Nickname of Calcutta - City of Palaces, City of Love, City of Joy

69. Nickname of Beijing - The City of Eternal Spring, The Forbidden City

70. Nickname of Adelaide - City of Churches

71. Nickname of Zagreb - Little Vienna

72. Nickname of Bruges - The Venice of the North

73. Nickname of Marseille - The Phocaean City

74. Nickname of Tel Aviv - The City Without Break

75. Nickname of Bolzano - The Gateway to the Dolomites, The Germanic, The Capital of the Alps

76. Nickname of Sanremo - The City of Flowers, The City of Dreams

77. Nickname of Tivoli - City of Delights

78. Nickname of Vicenza - The City of Gold

79. Nickname of Kuala Lumpur - The Golden Triangle

80. Nickname of Montpellier - The Gifted One

81. Nickname of Tijuana - Television Capital of the World

82. Nickname of Rotterdam - Manhattan on the Meuse River

83. Nickname of Lima - The City of Kings ("La Ciudad de los Reyes")

84. Nickname of Manila - City by the Bay, The Pearl of the Orient

85. Nickname of Porto - The Undefeated

86. Nickname of Cádiz - The Little Silver Cup

87. Nickname of Bilbao - El Botxo" (the hollow)

88. Nickname of Zurich - The Economic Capital

89. Nickname of Kiev - The Mother of all Russian Cities

90. Nickname of Honolulu - Sheltered Bay

91. Macao's Nickname - The Queen of Games, The Game Hell

92. Nickname of Wrocław - The Polish Venice

93. Nickname of Beirut - Paris of the East, The city that refuses to disappear, The city that doesn't die

94. Nickname of Lyon - The capital of the Gauls, The world capital of gastronomy, The city of gones

95. Nickname of Avignon - City of the Popes

96. Nickname of Tehran - The City of 72 Nations

97. Nickname of Toulouse - The Pink City, The City of Violets

98. Nickname of Leipzig - Little Berlin, Hypezig, Little Paris

99. Nantes - The city of the dukes, The Venice of the West

100. Nickname of Grenoble - The Capital of the Alps

101. Nicknamed Belgrade - The Berlin of the Balkans

102. Nickname of Brussels - The Washington of Europe

103. Nickname of Marrakech - The Red City

Do you know the nicknames of other cities? Feel free to write them in the comments below!

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