Ecovillage Piracanga

It hasn't been long since I discovered a place that caught my attention and I'm here to introduce you because I think it will do the same for you! It's Ecovila Piracanga, have you heard of it?

Ecovila Piracanga is a community dedicated to spirituality, well-being and freedom. A friend commented to me a while ago and it ended up catching my attention a lot, really a place where a style of choices is applied that matches my style of always seeking freedom.

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The community started 11 years ago, when it started to bring together people who were looking for a more radical change in their lives, to be freer, happier and with greater peace of mind.

I believe that nowadays, many people suffer a daily questioning about their lives and choices. Communities so they have been growing a lot around the world and many people have already “woken up” to this new style and life option.

I myself have friends who dedicate their lives today to the mission of getting to know communities like this around the world, always going after a goal of bringing more positivity and another direction than we are used to.

Ecovillage Piracanga

Photo: official site

So how does Ecovila Piracanga work?

piracanga is no different. The community focuses on the work of spiritual evolution and self-knowledge of each one. Nature and children are seen as pure and vulnerable deities and for that reason they are the main focus of preservation and care.

Everyone there worked hard to transform piracanga in what it is today. They want all visitors who are interested in getting to know the community to be willing to take care of piracanga with the same love and affection we have for our own home.

Ecovillage Piracanga

Inkiri Piracanga Center – Photo: publicity

There are community houses there for those who don't have the money to build their own house, everyone works together for the community and from the day the school was built, piracanga started to grow more because raising children there became a great attraction.

piracanga receives tourists who generate income. The money is used to pay reception and restaurant staff and for transportation. It is also invested in a community to pay for what belongs to everyone, such as: transport, solar energy, collective houses and community kitchen.

Structure of the Piracanga Ecovillage

The community does not have electricity, they depend on solar energy during the day and at night they get the light of the moon. That sounds magical to me!

For tourists planning to visit, in piracanga there are some important precautions – drugs are prohibited and the community is very dedicated to preserving the place. For example, for water conservation they use only biodegradable products. Garbage is a place that doesn't exist – they try to reuse everything they can, so if you can't reuse it in the community you'll have to take it back with you.

Ecovillage Piracanga

Inkiri Piracanga Center – Photo: publicity

The community has dry toilets, so instead of dirtying the water, the waste is composted and used to fertilize the soil. And all energy is solar so tourists are asked to use energy consciously, leaving out energy-intensive devices.
I don't know about you, but I'm already in love with this place!

In addition to offering you all this energy, this love and accommodation in a place of such incredible beauty and nature, the community also has several projects, courses and events for you!

Projects that involve culture, music, cooking and a lot of learning and development. Offering opportunities for experiences, workshops, retreats, courses and events in general that promote the expansion of consciousness and the recognition of the divine being that we all are.

Ecovillage Piracanga

Inkiri Piracanga Center – Photo: publicity

Some information is important for you to know before going to visit EcoVila Piracanga

In the community, food is vegan, do not consume with any food of animal origin and are always looking for fresh, raw and organic foods – which are grown right there.

If you choose accommodation with your own kitchen or communal kitchen, you are free to cook whatever you want. The community offers two options for fairs, one exclusively organic on Mondays and Fridays and another with general products on Wednesdays.

Nature is honored and care for it should be too! This is the fairest way they found to repay all the abundance, affection and wisdom it provides.

piracanga believe it or not invests in and uses a radio-transmitted internet network from Itacare, the city closest to the place, but they ask that the use be done in a conscious way! So we, of this modern generation, dependent on this creature called the internet, need to realize that Piracanga is a paradise to connect, yes, but not because of the electronic device that we already carry with us every day.

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Ecovillage Piracanga

Bamboo Huts II – Piracanga Ecovillage

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piracanga It is a magical and very inviting place! If you want to visit or learn more, visit the website. Now I share with you this amazing video that will turn everything I described into images!

Enjoy ?

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