Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

If you're looking for a place to stay in Greece off the beaten path, take note of our tips. On the west coast of the island of Kefalonia, a haven of tranquility is located, with breathtaking views and memorable sunsets.

O Farmers Bay Hotel is the right choice for travelers looking for comfort, space, privacy and a very quiet location on the island.

The 4-star aparthotel is reserved for adults only (or teenagers over 16), making it the perfect property for couples. The intimate atmosphere allows guests to fall asleep enjoying the gentle sea breeze and wake up to the sound of goat bells. In the morning, the award-winning infinity pool overlooking the beautiful beach of Petani Bay gets the day off to a great start.

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Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece


O Farmers Bay Hotel it sits on top of a cliff with a privileged view of Petani Beach, named as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in all of Greece. In addition to the beautiful view, the hotel is 20 minutes from the city of Lixouri, which has restaurants, shops and markets. In addition to being close to other beaches on the peninsula.

However,  It is very important to emphasize some features regarding the location of the hotel and Kefalonia. The island has very extensive distances between attractions. To give you an idea, we drove about 400 km during our stay there to see all of Kefalonia. Therefore, the hotel ends up being about 1 hour or 40 minutes away from several attractions on the island.

If you are going to rest, you are looking for a more exclusive paradise, in a quiet area, the Farmers Bay Hotel it's a great option.

The hotel is excellent, but not in a central base for exploring the entire island. We recommend staying two nights at Farmers Bay Hotel to explore western and northern Kefalonia and another two nights in the city of Sami ou Argostoli to know the east and south. Thus, you save time in commuting and get to know different regions of the island.

Tip: the hotel is on top of the stunning beach of Petani. To get there, it's best to go by car, as you have to go through a winding road on a cliff. Unless, of course, you want to exercise :).

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

Petani Bay Hotel – Photo: publicity


Upon arrival, you will see two signs: Reception and Parking. Go to reception to check in and leave your bags in the car. The service is great, while you check in, relax with a welcome drink on the balcony, an employee picks up your car at the entrance, parks it and takes your bags to your room.

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

Petani Bay Hotel – Photo: publicity

During check-in you will receive a remote control of the automatic parking gate and from there you will have access to the place. The next time you arrive at the hotel, just follow the Parking sign and stop the car directly there.

In addition, the staff also gave us a map of the island and some suggestions for activities. The first one was the Petani beach restaurant for lunch.


The boutique hotel has only 12 rooms, which makes the atmosphere even more peaceful and intimate – as if you were in a summer house. The rooms are well decorated and have a kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave. Accommodations have private balconies with pool and sea views.

Also, Wi-Fi is free in the room and works well. However, in the pool and on the main balcony of the hotel, the Wi-Fi leaves a little to be desired.

We stayed in a new suite at the hotel called GEA. Please note before booking the suite: it is made for couples, as the bathroom is open to the bedroom. The suite has a very large and comfortable bed, a closet with household items and a coffee machine, as well as a safe.

The highlight of the room (both positive and negative) is the art-deco bathtub next to the bed. It's great to have a bathtub in the bedroom for that relaxing bath. However, she is the only shower option – even when you want to take a quick shower. One flaw in the bathtub is that it doesn't have a curtain or shower stall. At the end of the bath, the room ends up very wet. The toilet is in a separate room (and with doors).

The good news for those who didn't like the bathtub idea is that there are rooms without a bathtub in the bedroom too. In the other rooms the bathrooms are super clean and prepared. However, some are small and do not have a box, but are separated from the room.

The rooms are spacious and have air conditioning, television, Wi-Fi, desk, armchair and a sack with two chairs. They offer different suite options for couples and friends. Remembering – it is a hotel for guests over 16 years old.

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

Petani Bay's GEA Suite, recently opened for couples.

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

The bathtub in the Petani Bay GEA Suite suite.

Pool & SPA

The great highlight of Farmers Bay Hotel  is the infinity pool with panoramic views of the beach. The pool temperature is super pleasant and the depth is varied. There is a small pool next to the big one, which is a little warmer than the bigger one.

Around the pool are several sun loungers – some with cover and others without for those who want to sunbathe. The pool has a super nice bar with ambient music.

It is the perfect place to enjoy the view of the sunset, which sets right in front of the pool. When we went it was windier than usual, get ready for some wind when it is as the hotel is on top of a cliff.

To make this experience even more relaxing, the property offers spa treatments such as massages and body treatments by appointment.

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

The infinity pool overlooking Petani Beach. Incredible!

Rancho Mayrita

Farmers Bay Hotel does not have a restaurant on the property, but does offer a bar overlooking the pool. You can order room service (with a limited menu from 16:30 pm) or drink a cocktail at the poolside bar. Continental breakfast is included in the stay.

We thought the breakfast was great and super filling. You can choose from several options of natural juices, Greek yogurt with honey, homemade jams, various types of bread, eggs, bacon, etc.

Also, every day they bring a different surprise to the tables, like a spinach pie or a super yummy cheesecake. It is also possible to make custom orders. We ordered an iced coffee, a cappuccino and scrambled eggs and they brought us to the table. In addition, the view is one of those to start the day very well.

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

Breakfast at Petani Bay Hotel

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

Breakfast Petani Bay Hotel – Photo: publicity

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

Breakfast Petani Bay Hotel – Photo: publicity


We love the hotel's service. The staff is super friendly, polite and helpful. When we arrived, the hotel owner came to welcome us. Every time we needed attention, we had great service.

One of the nights we got hungry and it was more than 23 pm, we called room service and they brought us a delicious cold cuts board that saved our night. After 16:30 pm, the room service menu is limited to this cold board or a Greek salad.


Accommodation prices in Farmers Bay Hotel  around 200 euros a night. It is good value for money compared to other hotels on the island. The hotel is rated Outstanding (9.4) by Booking travelers.


Among hotels in Kefalonia, the Farmers Bay Hotel is one of the great highlights. The sunset by the pool is a “must” of the stay. It is suitable for couples looking for tranquility and peace, in a paradise region of the island. Just don't forget to check out the suite you're booking – if you don't want the bathtub in your room.

Also, don't forget that the location is not central. Everything in Kefalonia is distant. That's why we recommend staying at two different hotels during your stay: 2 nights at Farmers Bay Hotel and 2 nights in the region of Argostoli enough time to explore the entire island.


Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

Petani Bay Hotel in Kefalonia in Greece

How to book?

You can book your stay through by clicking here. Just try to book as far in advance as you can (like now, lol!), as the hotel is usually in high demand.

Kefalonia Greece hotels on sale

If you are still in doubt if Petani Beach is beautiful, maybe this video will help you.. the place is a paradise.

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