Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

The boutique hotel Entre Cielos Mendoza is the ideal choice for those looking to relax and discover wineries in the city. Have a peaceful stay at this hotel and relax overlooking the Andes Mountains.

Located in the midst of vineyards that stretch at the foot of the Andes Mountains, the Between Skies Mendoza is a contemporary boutique hotel that – as the translation of the name says, between heavens – celebrates the constant blue sky of the region, which enhances the colors of the foliage of the vineyards.

Classified as four stars, it is suitable for couples and people looking for a relaxing stay in the cozy accommodations of the property, and also for those who want to discover the famous Malbec vineyards in the region.

I was in Mendoza in the middle of the Argentine autumn, and I stayed at the Hotel Between Heavens. As the hotel has its own vineyard, it has a winery atmosphere, very characteristic of the largest wine producing region in Argentina. The plantation was without grapes due to the season, but the foliage with the typical colors of the season made the landscape incredibly beautiful.

O between skies it has a restaurant, spa, room with exclusive whirlpool, swimming pool and some other services available to guests. During my stay, I tried everything the hotel offers and here I tell you more about this accommodation option in the city of Mendoza.

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Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Gardens at the entrance of Entre Cielos – Photo: Bruno Tavares

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Outono no Entre Cielos – Photo: Bruno Tavares

Location of Entre Cielos Mendoza

The Entre Cielos hotel is located in the region of Lujan de Cuyo, where some of the best known Mendoza wineries. The nearest winery is Bodega Nieto Senetiner, there are also others scattered around.

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The hotel is a 20-minute drive from downtown Mendoza. From the International Airport, it takes approximately 35 minutes by car. #A tip: the hotel offers free transfers from the airport.

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The location is great for being away from the hustle of the city, and there are also good services nearby, such as the República Malbequiana restaurant.

Or Hotel Entre Cielos Mendoza

What's worth: Super charming boutique hotel in the middle of a Malbec winery overlooking the Andes Mountains

Entre Cielos Mendoza has eight hectares and was built in the midst of 1200 vines and vineyards in the Lujan de Cuyo region.

From there, there is a privileged view of the Cordillera and the exuberant nature completes the landscape. During autumn, the vines covered with orange leaves add a special charm to the hotel's atmosphere.

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

The hotel's vineyards in autumn colors – Photo: Bruno Tavares

Check in

To get to Entre Cielos Mendoza, the transfer goes through a very beautiful road, all wooded in the surroundings. The entrance is on a small path between two trees. The hotel is fully walled, with an imposing entrance gate.

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Facade of Entre Cielos Mendoza – Photo: Bruno Tavares

Upon entering, a private parking lot and a cement path welcome visitors, which leads to the hotel's facilities. They provide a golf cart for transport in that area. I particularly preferred to walk and observe the nature of the place and I recommend the walk. However, the stroller is a great help for people with reduced mobility.

Reception is opposite the main door. On one side is the common area and the restaurant, and on the other is a small waiting room with sofas and accommodation. In the room, a delicacy, we were welcomed with a handwritten welcome letter and a bottle of wine. Ruca Malen, in addition to fruit, dried fruit and water. 

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Rooms at Entre Cielos Mendoza

The room I stayed in, the Gran Cru luxury suite, is very spacious, with a private terrace where the whirlpool is located. The king-size bed is comfortable, and there is a living room atmosphere, with a sofa, armchair, a coffee table, minibar and TV.

The hotel also offers, in all rooms, amenities, bathrobe and slippers, Nespresso coffee machine, hairdryer and safe.

In the decoration of the room, warm tones predominated, with emphasis on the colors red, brown and yellowish light. Behind the bed is a floral wallpaper, and the bathroom is dotted with red mosaic tiles.

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Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

A very nice detail of the hotel, there are some different accommodations. In the middle of the vineyards, there are some suspended rooms with modernist decor and the experience must be unique. I didn't have the opportunity to sleep in the middle of the winery this time, but who knows next time?

The rooms are decorated differently from each other. Some are brighter in color while others are lighter, even the limited loft accommodations, which follow the clean style. There are 24 apartment options to choose from, one more cozy than the other, with different wallpapers and some exclusive services, depending on the choice.

Not all have a private whirlpool, but it is possible to use the hot tub in the hotel's common area. The Wi-Fi in the room is not as good as in the other areas, so those who intend to work will need to use the shared space (business center).

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

The room suspended over the winery – Photo: Bruno Tavares

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries


The breakfast at Entre Cielos Mendoza, included in the rate, offers great quality ingredients and delicious rolls, in addition to freshly squeezed natural juices. Don't expect a variety of dishes and items on the menu, the motto is to deliver the best flavor and preparation in the existing options.

For those who are going to enjoy the day out and visit wineries early in the morning, the meal is the right measure to fill the stomach before starting to taste the wines.

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Breakfast at Entre Cielos – overlooking the vineyards – Photo: Bruno Tavares

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Katharina Bistro 

O Katharina Bistro do Entre Cielos highlights the regional cuisine of Argentina. It is located in a part of the hotel where the glass wall offers a beautiful view of the pool and the nature that makes up the surrounding landscape. The restaurant is a great option for romantic dinners for couples.

It opens at 8 am and runs until midnight. All meals of the day are served there – breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. They also offer room service.

The food is very good and the price is affordable. On the menu there are spicy, gluten-free or vegetarian options, in addition to unspecified dishes.

I had lunch at the hotel on the day that there was no lunch at a winery booked, and it was very tasty. The main course was the traditional “chorizo” steak and it was delicious. Another detail that I really liked was the bread on the couvert – it was very hot and made in the hotel itself.

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Chorizo ​​steak at Katharina Bistro – Photo: Bruno Tavares

Highlight for the traditional “asado”, an experience offered by the restaurant. For the price of 90 dollars per person, the hotel offers an all-inclusive Argentine barbecue, for groups of at least six people. Starts at 20 pm and includes: entrance, an empanada class with the chef, barbecue and dessert. This activity must be scheduled in advance.

An interesting detail is that the vegetarian “asado” can also be offered in this experience, if informed at the time of booking. Dishes include vegetarian empanadas, bruschetta, zucchini barbecue, quinoa or lentil veggie burger, among other options.

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Hotel restaurant – Photo: Bruno Tavares

SPA & HAMAM in Entre Cielos Mendoza

Entre Cielos Mendoza is a spa hotel that offers several relaxing options for its guests. One of the main ones is hammam, which is the first and only authentic traditional Turkish bath in Latin America. Another possibility is to try the wine therapy offered by the hotel.

The classic circuit hammam it's a six-step experience. Mainly using heat and water. There are two saunas of different temperatures, two exfoliation rooms, a heated pool bath, and the experience ends with a relaxing hot stone.

A wine therapy consists of a body exfoliation with grape seeds, and a wine bath with fruit extracts. It also includes a body massage with oils, and a glass of wine with snacks to finish off.

When I was there, the spa space was under renovation, so many of the services weren't available. Even so, they set up a massage structure in the room so that the experience would not go unnoticed.

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

The spa at Entre Cielos – Photo: Publicity

Activities and Visits to Wineries in Entre Cielos Mendoza

At Entre Cielos Mendoza it is possible to visit the vineyards of the property, as a small exclusive tour. There is also the hotel's own wine, produced by Bodega Ruca Malén, available only to guests.

Malbec grapes from the hotel's vineyards are transferred to the company's group wineries. After the wine is produced, the drink is sold at the hotel itself. They even offer a tasting of their own, for the price of 18 dollars per person.

The exuberant nature around the facilities is a great invitation for a morning walk or jog. The staff are super attentive, and highly recommend outdoor walks in the surroundings, and indicate trail locations. The hotel also offers bicycles for rent.

In addition, they schedule tours in wineries and indicate places where there are horseback riding activities, for example. Although these options are not available to guests, the indication is made to partners.

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Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

More tips from Entre Cielos Mendoza

The hotel service is very good. The employees are all very helpful and kind. During my stay I needed to exchange a few dollars and they performed this exchange for me. Although the exchange rate was not the best in town, it is good to know that this possibility exists for emergency exchanges.

The Entre Cielos hotel also took care of calling the taxi. I got around Mendoza by taxi and had no problems, and the help of the hotel staff came in very handy.

#A hint: meet the restaurant Malbecan Republic. It is less than 300 meters from the hotel, has great prices and the dishes are wonderful, in addition to being very well served.

Finally, the last tip is, if you are planning a smooth and complete trip to Mendoza, stay for at least five days. The city is diverse and there is no lack of programming to occupy the day. So, a recommendation is to book a few days in a relaxing spa hotel like Entre Cielos, and also stay in the center to enjoy the city more.

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Entre Cielos rates from R$ 1.200*, for couples with breakfast and parking.

* Values ​​considered in high season (July) may change according to availability. Always check the Booking.com website for current rates.

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Learn more about Entre Cielos Mendoza in the video below, I'm sure the experience will be wonderful!

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Entre Cielos Mendoza – a stay among the wineries

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