Japaratinga – Learn all about this paradise destination

Are you looking for a idyllic and calmer place to relax and enjoy at the same time? Japaratinga is the right place for you.

Japaratinga is a small municipality, located in the north of Alagoas, with beautiful emerald green beaches, beautiful natural pools and coconut trees. It is not as popular as the neighboring towns. Maragogi e São Miguel dos Milagres, but it is undoubtedly equally charming.

As it is still little explored, it has advantages such as more affordable prices and less movement during peak seasons. Therefore, we have prepared a complete guide for you to have the best experiences in this paradise destination.

So, notebook in hand for you to write down all these tips and not miss a thing of what this place can offer you. After all, your trip starts with planning.

In this post you will read:

Japaratinga Attractions

Japaratinga – Learn all about this paradise destination

Beach in Japaratinga – Photo: Otávio Nogueira via Flickr

Alagoas is known as the Brazilian Caribbean, so we can confirm that the highlights of the municipality of Japaratinga are the beaches. That scenario composed of very white sand, crystal clear and calm waters is exactly what you can imagine for this destination.

A good suggestion is to start by taking a buggy to the beaches. Thus, you can get to know the five beaches that are part of this municipality of Alagoas: Japaratinga beach, Bitingui beach, Boqueirão beach, Barreiras do Boqueirão beach and Pontal beach. The tour can start early, giving you access to them and yielding beautiful photos along the way.

Japaratinga is also known for its natural pools that form when the tide is lower. In them, you can practice diving and have an even greater contact with the marine life of the place. Access to these pools can be done via rafts on Japaratinga beach.

Other tourist attractions you need to check out are the viewpoints. Some options are, for example, the Tabor viewpoint with a breathtaking view of the Japaratinga sea and a privileged view of the city. And the Aruanã viewpoint, also overlooking Japaratinga beach. There, you will find the sign “I love Japaratinga” and some souvenir and handicraft shops.

At dusk, take the opportunity to visit the city center and dine in one of the restaurants overlooking the sea. Who knows, maybe even try the delicious dishes that the region offers? Worth knowing.

See some of the main attractions of Japaratinga:

  1. Japaratinga Beach
  2. Japaratinga natural pools
  3. Bitingui Beach
  4. Barreiras do Boqueirão Beach
  5. Boqueirão Beach
  6. Pontal Beach
  7. Arowana viewpoint
  8. Mirante Mount Tabor
  9. Côa de São Bento

Best beaches in Japaratinga

Japaratinga – Learn all about this paradise destination

Beach in Japaratinga – Photo: Marinelson Almeida via Flickr

Japaratinga Beach is considered the main one. Almost deserted, surrounded by beautiful coconut trees and white sand. That's where you start your tour. A good tip is to watch the wonderful sunset from there.

Bitingui beach is very quiet, clean and not very busy, especially for children to play. A very favorable environment for those who go with family.

With emerald green waters, as well as the others, the beach of Barreiras do Boqueirão has some bars and restaurants on its shore. Ideal for taking that nice walk in the late afternoon and still enjoying a beautiful sunset.

If you are looking for tranquility, Boqueirão beach has it in abundance. It can be considered one of the most beautiful in the region, with warm waters and no waves. It is a beach that invites you to take a delicious swim in the sea.

Do not miss any beaches in the region, considering that the municipality is small and has only five. Below is a list of their names so that you can write them down and include them in your itinerary:

  • Japaratinga Beach
  • Barreiras do Boqueirão Beach
  • Bitingui Beach
  • Boqueirão Beach
  • Pontal Beach

Where to stay in Japaratinga

Japaratinga, although small, has an excellent structure when it comes to accommodation. Between inns, hotels, chalets and even vacation homes, there are a variety of options. You will find options by the sea and even accommodation closer to the center of the city, where the shops, pharmacies and supermarket are, in case you are with the family and need something.

For those who want to make a more economical trip, the casa Japa Beach it's a good option. But the destination also has more luxurious accommodations like the Japaratinga Lounge Resort all inclusive, located on Japaratinga beach.

As it is a less crowded city, Japaratinga attracts visitors with more affordable prices than its neighbors Maragogi and São Miguel dos Milagres.

Check out some accommodation options below:

Hotels in Japaratinga

Japaratinga – Learn all about this paradise destination

Click on the photo and make your reservation at Albacora Praia Hotel

Japaratinga has excellent hotels throughout the city. Some by the sea, like the Taipa village and the Bitingui Hotel, located on the beach of Bitingui. In addition to these, below are some excellent recommendations to help you choose the one that best suits you.

  • Bitingui Praia Hotel – Daily rates from R$ 268 – Grade 9,3
  • Villa de Taipa Exclusive Hotel – Daily rates from R$ 594 – Grade 8,8
  • Albacora Praia Hotel – Daily rates from R$ 310 – Grade 8,8
  • Lotus Flower Hotel – Daily rates from R$ 999 – Grade 8,6

See all hotel options in Japaratinga.

Hostels in Japaratinga

Japaratinga – Learn all about this paradise destination

Click on the photo and make your reservation at Pousada San Giovanni

Options for good inns are also not lacking. With an excellent location and excellent structure, they offer internet services, TV, private parking and even air-conditioned accommodation to make your stay more peaceful and comfortable. Below are a few for you to take a look at:

  • Pousada Porto Manguaba – Daily rates from R$ 420 – Grade 9,7
  • Pousada San Giovanni – Daily rates from R$ 420 – Grade 9,4
  • Pousada Vila Cobe – Daily rates from R$ 810 – Grade 9,4
  • Sollaris Ecopousada – Daily rates from R$ 720 – Grade 9,4

See all hostel options in Japaratinga

Chalets in Japaratinga

Japaratinga – Learn all about this paradise destination

Click on the photo and make your reservation at Arowana Chalets

If you want the most private accommodation option, there are also cozy chalets and bungalows for your stay, a good option for those who go as a family. Check it out below:

  • Arowana Chalets – Daily rates from R$ 200 – Grade 8,9
  • Pontal bungalows – Daily rates from R$ 359 – Grade 8,6
  • Casuarina Chalets – Daily rates from R$ 320 – Grade 9,6

See all chalet options in Japaratinga

Resorts in Japaratinga

Japaratinga – Learn all about this paradise destination

Click on the photo and make your reservation at Japaratinga Lounge Resort

Can you imagine staying in a place with a breathtaking view of the sea and with the advantage of having menus from renowned chefs in the region? The Japaratinga Lounge Resort offers you exactly this type of service and should be an option to be considered for you to enjoy this and much more. 

  • Japaratinga Lounge Resort – Daily rates from R$ 1.500 – Grade 9,5

See all resort options in Japaratinga.

Vacation rentals in Japaratinga

Japaratinga – Learn all about this paradise destination

Click on the photo and make your reservation at Frenchman's House

In addition to the vast options of hotels, inns, resorts and chalets, vacation homes are ideal for those looking for value for money. Check out the vacation home options that we have separated for you below.

  • Frenchman's House – Daily rates from R$ 230 – Grade 9,6
  • Casa Japa Beach – Daily rates from R$ 95 – Grade 9,4
  • House by the Sea Japaratinga – Daily rates from R$ 342 – Grade 9,3

See all vacation rental options in Japaratinga

Where to eat in Japaratinga

Japaratinga – Learn all about this paradise destination

Lobster, specialty of the restaurant “O Lagostão” – Photo: Disclosure via Facebook

If you love seafood, Northeastern cuisine will make your mouth water. The city has many restaurants that offer a very regional menu so you can try the best of local cuisine.

Many have a privileged view of the sea and a very nice value for money. So, be sure to try the lobster, which is considered the head of the restaurant O Lagostão, for example. Be sure to try it It's also worth getting to know the sururus, crabs, octopus and shrimp.

For those of you who are not a fan of this type of food, the city offers pizzerias and restaurants with more common dishes, such as the delicious Italian pasta at Mamma Pereira restaurant, with prices for all types of budget. For dessert, the recommendation is the Alagoas petit gateau, a regional adaptation that has become a reference in the state and which you can find at the Caiuia restaurant.

Below are some good pointers to try:

  • Nica's Restaurant
  • Caiuia Restaurant
  • Mamma Pereira Restaurant
  • Company of the Lobster Restaurant
  • Restaurant O Lagostão

When to go to Japaratinga

Despite having a tropical climate all year round, the best time to visit the northeastern coast is from September to March, when the rains and winds are less frequent. That is, during the high season months in summer, when the temperature hits, on average, 26ºC.

It is interesting to note that in high season the summer festival and sporting events such as the surfing championship take place, giving you many more options to put in your itinerary.

The months of May, June and July, the winter period in Spain, the chances of rain are higher. 

A valuable tip for you to enjoy the tour to the natural pools is to pay attention to the website of tide table.

How many days to stay in Japaratinga

The ideal number of days to stay in Japaratinga is four, so you can get to know and enjoy all the beaches and walks with ease.

If you're looking for more excitement, head to the famous neighbor Maragogi which offers more options for night tours, as it is a more popular city.

How to get to Japaratinga

The best way to reach this destination, especially if you are coming from afar, is through the Alagoas airport, located in Maceió, or by the capital of Pernambuco, Recife. Then you need to follow the road to Japaratinga by car.

By airplane

If you are coming from another state in the country, you will certainly need to travel by plane. As the city is located between two capitals, Recife and Maceió, you have the option to choose which airport to descend from and from there, depart by land.

By car

Japaratinga is exactly 115 km from Maceió, about two hours by car, and 140 km from Recife, around three hours away. If you arrive at Maceió airport, take Rodovia AL-101 to São Luís do Quitunde. If you choose to disembark in Recife, follow the BR-101.

From Maragogi to Japaratinga

As they are very close cities, if you are coming from Maragogi to visit beautiful Japaratinga, a car can be a good option. You can rent a transport or even take a taxi or Uber, after all, it's only about 20 minutes away.

Transport in Japaratinga

One of the easiest ways to get around the city is by renting a car. Other than that, you have the options of taxi or Uber, but a brief schedule is required to use this means of transport. As it is a small city, Japaratinga still has few vehicles that work with the application.

Travel insurance for Japaratinga

Taking out travel insurance for Japaratinga is an excellent tip to ensure a smooth trip and avoid worries. Even without being mandatory, having the assistance of insurance gives you the peace you need to enjoy the destination and know that you have support, if necessary. Also enjoy our Insurance Promo discount coupon. - SEE PRICES

Flights to Japaratinga

Do you want to guarantee a ticket to Japaratinga with super attractive prices? we use the platform Promo Tickets to find the cheapest flights on the market. Check out the promotions of the day and keep an eye out to save on the purchase of your airline tickets. – SEE PRICES

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Japaratinga?

the high point of Japaratinga are the beaches and their natural pools. Whether by buggy or walking along the beachfront. Read more on what to do in Japaratinga.

What are the main tours in Japaratinga?

Walking along the edge of the five beaches that are part of Japaratinga, take a raft ride through the natural pools or even observe the city through its beautiful viewpoints. These are just a few examples of the main tours in Japaratinga.

Where to stay in Japaratinga?

Whether in a hotel, inn, chalet or holiday accommodation. Whether by the sea or in the center of the city, there are many accommodation options in Japaratinga. Read more on where to stay in Japaratinga.

What are the best hotels in Japaratinga?

O Bitingui Praia Hotelthe Albacora Praia Hotel and the Japaratinga Lounge Resort can be considered excellent hotel options in Japaratinga. Check out more about hotels in Japaratinga.

Do you have inns options in Japaratinga?

Certainly! And good options like Pousada San Giovanni, Sollaris Ecopousada and Pousada Vila Cobe. Check out more recommendations at inns in Japaratinga.

What are the best vacation homes in Japaratinga?

A Frenchman's House and Casa Japa Beach are among the best options in Japaratinga with excellent reviews. See more options about vacation homes in Japaratinga.

How many days to stay in Japaratinga?

The ideal is to stay 4 days in Japaratinga so that you can enjoy the beaches well. If you choose to visit neighboring cities, include more days in the itinerary. read more about how many days to stay in japaratinga.

How to get to Japaratinga?

access to Japaratinga takes place through two capitals, Maceió e Recife. After disembarking, you must proceed by land to the municipality. read more about how to get to japaratinga.

When to go to Japaratinga?

The best time to meet Japaratinga it is in the months from September to March, when the rains and winds are less recurrent, that is, at the height of the Brazilian summer. Temperatures average 26ºC. Read more at when to go to japaratinga.

Best time to go to Japaratinga?

The best time to go to Japaratinga It is, without a doubt, the summer, between mid-September and March. Read more about best time to go to Japaratinga.

What are the best beaches in Japaratinga?

the best beaches in Japaratinga are: Japaratinga beach, Bitingui beach and Boqueirão beach. read more about best beaches in japaratinga.

Where is Japaratinga?

Located in the north of Alagoas, on the Coral Coast, Japaratinga is exactly between Maceió e Recife. Neighboring city of the famous and trendy Maragogi e São Miguel dos Milagres. To learn more, read where is Japaratinga.

How to get around in Japaratinga?

Getting around by car can make your stay in the region much easier. But it is possible to do walking tours if you are staying in the more centralized regions of Japaratinga. Uber, taxis and buses can also be good options. Check out more information at How to get around in Japaratinga.

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