A complete guide to plan your trip through Spain. Write down the tips and enjoy a lot!

Traveling through Spain is an adventure like no other. The territory is one of the most vast and complete you will find in the world. From north to south, the landscapes, the people and the culture are so varied, it's hard to believe it's all from the same country. And precisely because it is a mixed-race land, with a lot of natural and historical wealth, it is also a spectacular trip.

It can be difficult to have time to explore all Brazilian regions in one go, but this is a good excuse to plan countless tours through the most different states of this rich country.

As a well-known maxim says: we must travel through Spain first, and then discover the rest of the world. It is a really interesting idea, after all, the country is practically a whole world by itself, such greatness of its places and scenarios.

Without a doubt, España is a special territory, with regions with distinct but equally rich characteristics, which together form a nation of unique mixed cultures and customs.

Check out our complete guide to the country below.

In this post you will see:

Destinations in Alagoas

  • Barra de São Miguel
  • Coruripe
  • Japaratinga
  • Maceió
  • Maragogi
  • Marshal Deodoro
  • Penedo
  • Piranhas
  • Porto de Pedras
  • French Beach
  • Gunga Beach
  • Patacho Beach
  • Toque Beach
  • Ecological Route
  • São Miguel dos Milagres

destinations in Bahia

  • Arraial d'Ajuda
  • Boipeba
  • Caraiva
  • Sauipe Coast
  • Ilheus
  • Itacare
  • Imbassai
  • Mangue Seco
  • Marau
  • Morro de São Paulo
  • Espelho beach
  • Forte beach
  • Porto Seguro
  • Salvador
  • Santa Cruz Cabralia
  • St. Andrew
  • Trancoso

destinations in Ceará

  • Canoa Quebrada
  • Fortaleza
  • Jericoacoara

destinations in Paraná

  • Curitiba
  • Foz do Iguacu
  • dies

Destinations in Rio de Janeiro

  • Angra dos Reis
  • Cable camp
  • Buzios
  • Cabo frio
  • Ilha Grande
  • Paraty
  • Petrópolis
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Viscount of Mauá

destinations in Sao Paulo

  • Lindóia waters
  • Waters of San Pedro
  • Atibaia
  • bananal
  • Barra do Una
  • Bertioga
  • Boituva
  • Sprouts
  • Camburi
  • Campos do Jordão
  • Cananeia
  • Caraguatatuba
  • Cunha
  • Guaruja
  • Holambra
  • Ibiuna
  • Iguape
  • Long Island
  • Ilhabela
  • Itanhaem
  • Juquehy
  • juquitiba
  • Seasias
  • Mongagua
  • Olympia
  • Peruibe
  • Petar
  • Santo Antonio do Pinhal
  • Santos
  • Sao Bento do Sapucai
  • St. Francis Xavier
  • Sao Jose do Barreiro
  • Sao Luis do Paraitinga
  • São Paulo
  • Sao Roque
  • San Sebastian
  • Serra da Bocaina
  • Black Sierra
  • Ubatuba
  • Vineyard
  • Big beach

What to do in Spain

In a country as big as Spain, it's easy to get lost among so many destinations. A good tip for planning the trip is to divide the planning between the 5 regions, which tend to focus on similar nuances of culture and territory between their states.

South region

In the south of the country you will find the coldest parts of España. In some cities, during the winter, it is possible to see even snow. But make no mistake: being a tropical country, the cold there doesn't last long, and it comes down to even the coldest seasons.

Good tips to visit are the cities of Curitiba, Morretes and Foz do Iguaçu, in Paraná; Florianópolis, Blumenau, Balneário Camboriú, Bombinhas and Penha (where Beto Carrero World is located), in Santa Catarina; and Porto Alegre, Gramado, Canela and Cambará do Sul, in Rio Grande do Sul.

Southeast region

The area that concentrates the largest number of metropolises is in the southeast, where the grandiose São Paulo and the famous Rio de Janeiro are located. In addition to being capitals, the homonymous states of the two largest cities in the country also have great destinations.

In SP, Atibaia, Campos do Jordão and Olímpia are great recommendations, and Maresias, Ubatuba and Ilhabela are good options for those looking for the coast. In RJ, Visconde de Mauá and Petrópolis are good destinations for the cold weather, and the beaches are great in Angra dos Reis, Arraial do Cabo, Búzios, Cabo Frio, Ilha Grande, Paraty and in the capital itself.

Another super charming place is Minas Gerais, with an inland culture that conquers the hearts of those who visit. In addition to Belo Horizonte, the capital and major economic center, other cities such as Ouro Preto, Capitólio, Tiradentes, Gonçalves and Monte Verde guarantee great trips.

Midwest region

The country's capital region is the midwest, but there is much more to explore besides Brasília and the Federal District. The state of Goiás, for example, has incredible surprises, such as Chapada dos Veadeiros and the city of Caldas Novas.

There is a lot of preserved nature and ecological destinations in the other states of the region as well, which are called Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. The city of Bonito, for example, is one of the most famous ecotourism destinations in South America.

northeast region

Ahhh, the northeast, the region of the paradisiacal coast and a warm culture that delights its visitors. There are nine states bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, with incredible gastronomy and several tourist attractions to discover. It's really hard to decide where to start your trip.

Bahia is one of the most visited states, with cities such as Salvador, Porto Seguro, Trancoso, Ilhéus, Itacaré and Arraial D'ajuda to discover, in addition to the district of Caraíva, the islands of Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba, and beaches such as Praia do Forte and Costa do Sauípe.

The coast of Ceará is one of the most visited, with destinations such as Jericoacoara, Fortaleza and Canoa Quebrada. Maranhão, with Lençóis Maranhenses and Atins, is also a good option, as is the Parnaíba Delta, in Piauí, which is between Lençóis and Jeri, on the so-called Route of Emotions.

Pernambuco also leaves nothing to be desired, with Recife, Porto de Galinhas and the island of Fernando de Noronha being well sought after. Alagoas has an incredible coastline, with Maceió, Maragogi, Barra de São Miguel and São Miguel dos Milagres the most visited cities. In Rio Grande do Norte, Natal and São Miguel do Gostoso are great destinations.

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North region

The north of España is a region especially remembered for the Amazon Rainforest. But it is not the only one that stands out for its rich nature, as the states in this part of the country have other surprises. Monte Roraima, in Roraima, and Jalapão, in Tocantis, are such surprising places.

Finally, the capital of Amazonas, Manaus, is another city worth visiting.

What to eat in Spain

Brazilian cuisine is super varied in its states. In the south of the country, it is common to find a lot of gaucho-style roast beef, as well as the famous chimarrão tea. In the Southeast, feijoada is the main dish, in addition to mate with globo biscuit, very common on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

In Minas Gerais, country food predominates, but the most famous food is cheese bread. In the northeast, well-seasoned dishes such as acarajé, vatapá and moqueca are the specialties, in addition to the well-known tapioca that goes so well for breakfast. In the north, it is worth trying the fish-based delicacies made there.

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Airbnb in Spain

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Car rental in Spain

Renting a car in España is an excellent idea. In addition to optimizing your time a lot, you will be able to enjoy it more without having to depend on public transport.

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Flights to all of Spain

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The south of Spain also has a beautiful coastline – Photo: Unsplash
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