Ecological Route in Alagoas – Travel Guide

A complete guide to plan your trip along the Alagoas Ecological Route. Write down the tips and enjoy a lot!

The Coral Coast is one of the most incredible regions to discover in Alagoas. With a sea of ​​impressive color and an atmosphere worthy of a relaxing vacation, there is a more secluded portion of this area that is super inviting for peace. It is the Ecological Route, a part of the state that goes from Japaratinga to Camaragibe, passing through beautiful places.

If you are looking for information to get to know Alagoas, but want to enjoy moments of tranquility and escape the tourist crowd, you will like the Ecological Route. Get ready for an itinerary that includes Porto de Pedras, Praia do Patacho, Praia do Toque and, of course, São Miguel dos Milagres – all small Alagoas paradises. See further below.

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What to do on the Ecological Route

In Alagoas, there is a highway that follows the edge of the state, facilitating transport between one city and another on the coast. However, at a certain point this route is diverted into the continent, leaving a portion of land on the coast more isolated. And it is precisely in this part where the Ecological Route is located.

In this region, coconut trees dominate the scenery and the roads are mostly ground. Thus, the places that are found in the midst of destinations such as Maragogi and Barra de Santo Antônio (limits where the road deviates away from the sea) are with empty beaches, almost untouched paradises, and less popular villages than other famous Alagoas cities.

The Ecological Route is ideal for enjoying the sea away from agglomerations. For those who have peace of mind, the region is a full plate for days of great tranquility. Paradise destinations such as Praia do Patacho, Praia da Lage, Porto de Pedras and Praia do Toque are part of the itinerary, as are Japaratinga and the Tatuamunha River, where dozens of manatees live.

São Miguel dos Milagres is also part of the Ecological Route. Despite being less visited than the capital Maceió or the bustling Maragogi, it is a destination as incredible as they are and, therefore, it has become increasingly popular with travelers, who also end up visiting these other points in the surroundings.

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Where to stay on the Ecological Route – Our hotel recommendations

As the Ecological Route is made up of fishing villages with a more rustic atmosphere, the highlight of the accommodations found there are the charming inns – and their offer is large and varied. It is worth looking for more renowned accommodations, and the more foot in the sand, the greater the charm provided during the stay (here's a tip).

Some inns dedicated to couples do not accept children, such as Pousada Xuê, Aldeia Beijupirá, or Abaetetuba Pousada. Others equally incredible, but with a more familiar atmosphere, also guarantee a great stay, such as Pousada da Amendoeira, Pousada Borapirá and Pousada Riacho dos Milagres.

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Hotels on the Ecological Route

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Inns on the Ecological Route

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Airbnb on the Ecological Route

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Ecological Route in Alagoas – Travel Guide

Praia do Patacho, framed by coconut trees – Photo: Wikimedia

Where to eat on the Ecological Route – Restaurant tips

As is the case in much of Alagoas, the offer of seafood is what dominates most of the menus on the Ecological Route. As it is a region with many fishing villages, the dishes of the restaurants there are fresh and super tasty.

Take the opportunity to taste fish, lobster, crab, shrimp, squid, and other maritime delicacies, in addition to typical dishes from the northeast, such as sun-dried meat with fava, also common to find there.

Among the restaurants in the region, the ones that work in charming inns, common on the beaches of this part of the state, stand out. the da Pousada Xue, from Praia do Patacho, is a highly recommended option. An independent worth mentioning is the Not Quintal, which is located in Praia do Toque. In Porto da Rua, the Enildo's Restaurant worth a visit.

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Ecological Route in Alagoas – Travel Guide

Crystal clear waters at Tatuamunha Beach – Photo: Mauricio Mercadante via Flickr

Car hire in Alagoas

Renting a car in Alagoas is a great idea. In addition to optimizing your time a lot, you will be able to enjoy it more without having to depend on public transport.

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Flights to Alagoas

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Ecological Route in Alagoas – Travel Guide
The Ecological Route has several turquoise beaches – Photo: Rodrigo Soldon via Flickr

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