Travel to Iran: Everything you need to know

You've already convinced yourself that Iran is a charming country in our last posts, haven't you? Now, it only remains for you to know how to plan your trip to Iran. Check out the tips from our columnist Fernanda Madureira.

First of all, #ParaTudo: Have you seen how wonderful Iran is in the first two posts of the series? If not, it's worth taking a look at everything the ancient persia offers to convince himself to put the country on his travel list.

>> Check out why to travel to Iran and then learn what to do in Iran: discover what is essential in a visit to the country.

Now that you are well informed about everything the country has to offer, it is worth paying attention to the tips to enjoy a trip to iran and know how to plan for a trip to this exotic country for some.

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Travel to Iran: Everything you need to know

When to visit the country

The high season, between March and May, is the best time to go to Iran, since it is hot, in a way that is still bearable. Be aware: prices can be more expensive, especially during the Persian New Year, which runs from March 21 to April 3.

The low season is between November and February, it is quite cold, especially in the cities to the north.

Avoid making your trip to iran in July! I went in May and took the beginning of June and I was already very hot. The further south, the hotter it is. In Yazd for example it was 40 degrees.

Visa to enter Iran

It is possible to apply tourist visa at the entrance to the main Iran's airports. It's the easiest and fastest way to get permission to enter the country.

Another option is to apply in advance, but it is necessary to first request authorization through tourist agencies. I did it through the company Key2Persia and I was very well attended.

After issuing this authorization, it is possible to apply for the visa at the consulate. The authorization costs 30 euros.

How much money to take on a trip to Iran?

Although there are several banks and ATMs in the cities, cards issued outside the country are blocked. It is necessary to bring dollars in cash and exchange them at the exchange offices. My trip cost an average of 35 dollars/day (hostel accommodation + transport + food).

how to dress there

Women must use the scarf to cover their hair and neck. Opt for loose-fitting clothes that cover the curves of your body.

Travel to Iran: Everything you need to know

Enjoy every moment of your trip to iran, this country full of culture and history. Be open to discovering Iranians and their stories, it will be a totally different trip, but very special.

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