Erasmus cover letter: advice, model & example

Erasmus cover letter: advice, model & example

Here are our tips for writing a suitable and successful cover letter to try the Erasmus programme as part of your studies.

Taking part in the Erasmus programme is a very rewarding experience as a student. Going to study in another country gives you a sense of freedom and adventure, far from your comfort zone!

But if life as a student abroad is like a daydream, it is essential to get your entry into the Erasmus programme. When you apply for an Erasmus file, if there is a selection of students, for example, it is compulsory to provide a letter of motivation.

To help you write your Erasmus cover letter, we provide you with a sample letter :


Location, the ... .
Phone number / e-mail




Ma'am, sir,

After inquiring about the opportunities offered to students for further study abroad, I decided to compile an international mobility file. I am very interested and I suggest you examine my application.

Being currently a student in (speciality), I would like to specialise in fields related to the (field). However, it so happens that the University of (place) offers a training course entitled (name) of (level) corresponding to my professional aspirations.

Indeed, this program offers (details of the training). It is therefore a multidisciplinary program that corresponds exactly to my academic profile since I am already a (diploma) holder. This training would thus allow me to reinforce my skills in (specialty), accentuating my success in professional opportunities.

Moreover, the fact that this training is given at the University of (place) is a real chance for me. Indeed, since the beginning of my higher education I have been looking for the opportunity to study a year abroad. I know that this is a considerable advantage on a CV, which will also allow me to integrate more easily into the world of work. Moreover, living in (a) country(ies) for a year will allow me to open up to a different culture, which will also enrich me personally.

Thank you for the attention you will give to my application. Yours sincerely


P.J.: Curriculum Vitae

Our advice for writing your Erasmus cover letter

As you will have understood, a cover letter is also personal and must be adapted to your situation. You must therefore add your own motivations and personal reasons. The Erasmus cover letter should be based on your course of study and the experiences you think you will have on the spot.

Explain how going abroad can be beneficial for you, both personally and academically. Why can an Erasmus year or semester help you in your current course of study?

Don't hesitate to build on the strengths of the country in which you plan to study.

The motivation letter is not always requested in Erasmus for the sole and good reason that many Erasmus student places are not filled and that there are enough places every academic year. However, you will need this letter of motivation if you wish to go to a coveted Erasmus destination (notably the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark...).

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