Symphony of the Seas: What It's Like to Travel on the World's Largest Cruise Ship

Travel Tips spent two days aboard Symphony of the Seas - the largest cruise ship in the world. Here we tell you all the details, tips and special places.

In April of 2018, the Symphony of the Seas, da Royal Caribbean, it became the biggest cruise ship in the world. Its 24 floors surpassed the brand's sister ship that previously carried the title, the Harmony of the Seas. The Symphony's greatness begins with the addition to the Oasis Class, which has sports and adventure on a ship as its hallmark. In addition, a lot of entertainment with shows in the air, on the water and on the ice delight those who sail on it. The vessel also has world-class designer stores, international chain restaurants with hundreds of options from haute cuisine to snack bars and much more.

“Our focus is the travel experience provided to each guest. In this we spare no effort and invest a lot in research and development of innovations. In this launch, we will use virtual and augmented reality, high-resolution video mapping, applications, robotics, internet of things, state-of-the-art engineering and artificial intelligence to drive the flow inside the ship and we won't have to queue for activities”, reveals Ricardo Amaral, CEO of R11 Travel, Royal Caribbean's exclusive distributor in Spain.

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Symphony of the Seas – Photo: publicity

The Symphony of the Seas in numbers

That the Symphony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world, you now know. But can you imagine the real size of all this? Let's go to the numbers so you can get into the mood of this incredible ship.

Symphony has capacity for more than 6 thousand guests and more than 2 thousand crew members, working at full speed. Symphony of the Seas has big crowd numbers. It is 365 meters long from bow to stern with a height equivalent to a 24-story building, all of which weighs more than 230 thousand tons.

And the numbers don't end there, you can enjoy 20 restaurants inside the ship. It has something for everyone. Between them, Crazy of Mexican food, the famous Jamie’s Italian e o Hooked with great seafood options.

Are 24 pools and hot tubs. More than 40 bars. Among them, one of the most famous, the Bionic bar, where a robot prepares its drinks. and still have 300 menu options, 18 decks, 24 elevators, all spread over 7 “neighborhoods” it is a "Central Park” with more than 12 thousand plants inside the ship. Phew, it's something that never ends!

Como embarcar no Symphony of the Seas

O Terminal A, at the Port of Miami, built exclusively for Royal Caribbean, is where you will board the Symphony of the Seas.

Like Chegar ao Porto de Miami – Terminal A

There are several options to get to Terminal A departing from Miami Airport. Among them, by rental car, Uber or taxi, transfer, public transport and even a limousine, if you want to spend a little more.

On the website of Miami International Aeroport you will find all the options and values ​​to get to Porto by public transport. The easiest and most recommended option is Uber. Prices are very affordable, from $12 to $18, and it takes about 15 minutes.

Terminal A at the Port of Miami, built exclusively for Royal Caribbean – Photo: publicity

A hint It's really cool to stay in Miami at least one day before boarding. So you don't run the risk of flight delays or any other unforeseen event. And you can still go for a walk and get to know the beautiful beaches of Miami Beach and do some shopping on Lincoln Road.

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Check-In no Symphony of the Seas

you can do the check-in online up to three days in advance. If you can't, don't worry. You can do this directly in Terminal A, at least two hours before the announced departure time of the cruise.

The check-in process is very quick, just present your passport and you will receive your “ticket” to start your adventure on Symphony of the Seas.

Stay tuned for schedules and all important information. In case of doubt, if you are a beginner in this cruise life like me, you can consult the Royal Caribbean website, there are all the tips for you to plan your trip.

How to plan your day on Symphony of the Seas

With such a size, choosing what to do in Symphony seems like a challenge. But don't worry, there is a solution for everything! Daily you receive in your cabin a newspaper with all the information of the ship. In it, the day's schedule, entertainment, shows, restaurant hours, weather forecast, health information, music and dance venues, information about shops, spa, etc. In addition, there is also an application that you can download on your cell phone, with all the ship's information for you to program yourself.

Now let's go to the most awaited part of this post and find out all about what to do on Symphony of the Seas. Get ready, and don't forget to bring comfortable shoes, because you're going to walk a lot on this ship on the high seas.

What to do on Symphony of the Seas

When I got aboard the Symphony of the Seas the first thing I thought was – “Will I be able to see everything!” – And that's really what happened, there are so many attractions and things that call your attention, that I soon realized that two days would be little.

Just for you to understand and locate yourself, the Symphony of the Seas ship is divided into 7 neighborhoods or neighborhoods (neighborhoods), each with their own characteristics and attractions. The neighborhoods are: Central Park, Boardwalk, Royal Promenade, Pool and Sport Zone, Vitality at Sea Spa & Fitness Center, Entertainment Place and the Youth Zone.

The central part of Symphony is the Royal Promenade. It's the first neighborhood you'll see when you get on the ship. Over there you will soon find the Bionic bar – where you choose ingredients on a digital screen and two robotic arms prepare your drink, it's pretty fun to watch. Also in this same neighborhood is the Rising and Vide Bar, it goes up and down 3 floors every hour and you can enjoy a drink in the heights. There are also the main stores (clothing, for children, jewelry, perfumes and clothes), a Starbucks, pizzeria, cafes and other things.

Bionic Bar – Symphony of the Seas | Travel tips

O Central Park it's one of the areas you really can't imagine seeing on a ship. There are more than 12 thousand plants, super well cared for. You can relax, have a coffee and enjoy the view. There are also some of the restaurants, such as the famous Jamie's Italian and the Chops Grille with meat options.

Boardwalk It is a mix of entertainment for children and adults. In this neighborhood the kids will freak out with the The Sugar Beach, a super colorful store full of sweets and M&M's. O Playmakers Sports Bar with hamburger options, diverse beers and many basketball and football games going on throughout the day. In this neighborhood is also the AquaTheater, an outdoor aquatic theater where aerial acrobatics shows take place and right next to it are two climbing walls – a Rock Wall 

The AquaTheater – aquatic theater where Hiro – Symphony of the Seas takes place | Travel tips

Central Park Top View – Symphony of the Seas | Travel tips

Sport and Adventure Tips on Symphony of the Seas

It has options for all ages and courages. Right behind the Mexican restaurant Crazy there is an area for those who like a lot of adventure. There you will find the Zip Line, a zip line at 30 meters high. O FlowRider two surf simulators for you to test your balance. And last but not least, the Ultimate abyss a 10-story toboggan slide that “drops” the guest onto the Boardwalk – the busiest area on the ship.

A Perfect storm it's a waterslide with an electronic ballad effect, in some spots they are transparent and others are super colorful. They are 3 floors high, from the upper deck to the pool area. From up there you have the best view of the ship.


Tips for couples on Symphony of the Seas

When you think of Cruzeiro, the first image that comes to your mind is swimming pools full of children and lots of loud music, right? For on Symphone of the Seas there is an area reserved for adults only with a more romantic and intimate touch.

O Solarium it is a refuge for adults (under 16s are not allowed). This was one of the areas of the ship that I liked the most, and where I ended up spending most of my time. The place is beautiful, the structure is all with tiles that change color during the day and night.

Here you find the Solarium Bistro The restaurant is delicious, the decor is charming, super clean and comfortable. The buffet-style restaurant has many options for salads, pasta and light dishes.

Solarium – My Favorite Area on the Ship – Symphony of the Seas | Travel tips

Solarium during the night

Solarium Bistro – Symphony of the Seas | Travel tips

You can spend the evening at one of 10 whirlpool pools of the Solarium, two of which are suspended overlooking the ocean. Ideal place to enjoy the late afternoon, having a drink and still watching the sunset. Want something better in life!

My favorite spot on the Symphony of the Seas. Have a better view? | Travel tips – Photo: publicity

After relaxing a lot and enjoying the look of the Solarium, the night promises. THE Red Level it's a ballad that takes place in the same place where the ice skating show takes place. The place is completely transformed and the DJ plays a lot of pop, rock, electronic and even Brazilian music. It also has the Silent Disc, No. The Attic – a silent ballad, quite different! Each one receives a headset at the entrance and dances “silently”. Unfortunately I couldn't go, but I think it's worth knowing, isn't it?

And even if you're feeling super lucky, on the way to Red you can try your luck at Cassino Royale, at night it is one of the busiest places on the ship.

Restaurantes no Symphony of the Seas

As I already told you a little bit, places to eat are not lacking in this “floating city”. I'm sure you'll gain a few extra pounds when you get back from your trip. The ship has 22 restaurants, some of which are paid separately (from US$ 19 dollars) and are called “specialties”. There are 11 specialty restaurants, including the Jamie's Italianthe Wonderland, o Chops Grille (meat), Izumi (of Japanese food), o Hooked (Seafood), Costal Kitchen (Mediterranean cuisine), the Playmakers Sports Bar among others.

One of the most famous and popular is also the Wonderland. The restaurant is all based on the movie Alice in Wonderland. Everything is very creative, from the decoration with chairs with rabbit ears, a beautiful golden door at the entrance of the restaurant, lots of light and color. Even the menu, based on molecular cuisine, with lots of dry ice and surprises at all times. Tip: try to book this restaurant as soon as you arrive on the ship, it's really worth knowing!

Shows no Symphony of the Seas

Are you thinking it's over? There's still a lot to do. Symphony of the Seas offers 4 shows for free, some of which are exclusive to this ship. The average duration of each is 40 minutes. Try to program yourself to watch them all, I'm sure you won't regret it.

I only managed to watch 2 of these shows. O Hiro, which takes place in the AquaTheater. The show is a show of music and aerial and water acrobatics, the costumes are all Japanese-inspired. I was impressed with the quality and concentration of the dancers, not to mention the Olympic jumps – Incredible! Tip: don't feel too close, that's because you run the risk of getting wet. Also, to get a better view of the show the upper chairs are better.

Another show that I watched and really enjoyed was the 1977 Ice Show. It's a really fun ice skating show. The most incredible part of the show is right at the beginning with 40 drones in a synchronized ballet over the ice rink.

Symphony still offers two other shows in their schedule, which unfortunately I didn't have time to see. One of them is one of the most successful musicals on Broadway – the Hairspray. Besides the Flight – Dare to Dream, a Royal Caribbean original production that tells the story of aviation.

Roteiros do Symphony of the Seas

As of November 2018, Symphony of the Seas began sailing in the Americas, with itineraries for various destinations in the Caribbean.

The vast majority of itineraries are 7 nights, but there are also options for 3 to 4 nights. Departures always take place in Miami, with itineraries to Roatan (Honduras), Bay Islands (Honduras), Costa Maya (Mexico), Cozumel (Mexico), Nassau (Bahamas), Basseterre (Saint Kitts and Nevis) and Charlotte Amalie (Virgin Islands). American). From May 2019, the Symphony will also have in the script the CocoCay (Bahamas), Royal Caribbean's private island.

Perfect Day Island CocoCay in the Bahamas – Symphony of the Seas | Travel Tips – Photo: publicity

Preços do Symphony of the Seas

The values ​​vary according to the time of year, itinerary, number of days and type of cabin. As a reference, here are some values ​​- they can vary from R$ 2.600 per person (3-night itinerary | Miami – Nassau – Miami, in an inside cabin) to R$ 9.000 (7-night itinerary | Miami – Roatán – Costa Maya – Cozumel – Coco Cay , suite-type cabin).

And if you want to spend more and stay in a super exclusive suite, there are super luxury suites like the Ultimate family – two floors that even have a slide. Or the suite overlooking the AquaTheater – watching Hiro from there must be spectacular. However, the values ​​are quite salty, some reach more than R$ 80 thousand a day.

For more information about values ​​and itineraries, you can consult the website of Dream Lines.

This was my suite for two days, with this beautiful view of the sea

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***Juliana Moreira traveled at the invitation of R11 Travel and Royal Caribbean

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