9 cheap national and international travel ideas

Traveling is always one of the best investments we can make with ourselves. But it is not always that we are able to take a lot of money out of our pockets to get out of our city for a while.

The good news is that there are places in España or even outside the country that have affordable prices (and can be divided into several installments) for the trip to fit your budget.

We've put together some ideas from cheap trips that can leave under R$ 500 for a few days near the main cities of España. Other options can go up to R$1.500 per person in a week of travel.

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9 cheap national and international travel ideas


Check out 9 ideas for cheap national and international travel:

Ouro Preto and Inhotim, Minas Gerais

For the miners on duty, take the car and enjoy a few days getting to know the historic Ouro Preto and the contemporary art of Inhotim. If you go by car, you will spend on accommodation. It is a great hostel there costs an average of R$ 130 a night in a private room, like in Varanda Hostel and Galeria.

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9 cheap national and international travel ideas


Holambra, Sao Paulo

A few hours' drive from São Paulo, Holambra is not named for nothing. Inspired by Dutch architecture, the city is a charm for couples and families looking to escape the city for a bit. Accommodations there are excellent options for cheap trips, such as at Parque Hotel Holambra. 


9 cheap national and international travel ideas

Ilha do Mel, Paraná

Ilha do Mel, in Paraná, is a perfect destination for those who want to escape to nature just a few hours from Curitiba or São Paulo at an affordable price.

Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goiás

For the adventurous on duty, it is possible to find affordable airfare prices from several cities in the country to Brasília. Then, just rent a car and drive to discover the incredible Chapada dos Veadeiros. There, there are several options of affordable campsites or affordable inns.

Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro

A beautiful escape from the city for cariocas, Arraial do Cabo is two hours from the wonderful city and has affordable options for food and accommodation. Besides having paradisiacal beaches for free ;).

Gramado & Canela, Rio Grande do Sul

Gramado e Canela is a beautiful travel option for couples and families looking for an alpine climate in Spain. It is possible to find affordable accommodation in Gramado out of season and enjoy the wonderful local cuisine and nature. Hotel Alameda Paradiso offers accommodation for about R$130 a day.

9 cheap national and international travel ideas

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Cambara, Rio Grande do Sul

Few people know, but the Cambarazinho Canyons are one of the wonders of our country. Since the place is not very visited, the prices are also very affordable. There, it is possible to find accommodation in season for around R$ 100, as is the case of the Refúgio Cambará Lodge Rústica.

9 cheap national and international travel ideas

Photo: Refúgio Cambará Lodge Rustica

Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you have your air ticket promotion alert activated, you probably already know how often there are promotions for tickets to Buenos Aires. Enjoy one of them and spend 4 days among our Argentine brothers.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Another destination that has been gaining a lot of accessibility in terms of air tickets is Montevideo, in Uruguay. It is possible to find tickets for less than R$800 to visit our neighbors. And it's worth it! The country is amazing!

And do you already know which of the cheap trips you are going to take? Leave your comment!

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