Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

A haven of peace and quiet, Santo André da Bahia has won over travelers for being a calm place without much movement. And, to stay there, nothing like a super complete resort, like Vila Angatu.

Located on the edge of Santo André beach, south of Bahia, Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa is a perfect place for those who want to travel to a preserved and very peaceful paradise. With a super conducive environment for rest, the resort has complete infrastructure and is ideal to go with the family. In addition, the attentive treatment and the unique landscape of the region complete the tour with a golden key.

Those who go to Vila Angatu can enjoy swimming pools, spa, half-board restaurants (breakfast and dinner), rooms with beautiful views and a beachfront location, which is irresistible. In addition, the striking colonial architecture is another highlight. Those who stay there are always in doubt between spending more time on the beach or enjoying the resort's amenities.

If you are considering visiting the village of St. AndrewOn Santa Cruz Cabralia, Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa is a good indication for your stay. In this review we are going to tell you the whole experience of staying there – so you can guarantee that the decision will be right.

The resort underwent a renovation in August 2019 and is now part of a German group, very focused on good service with Bahian hospitality.

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Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

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Where is Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa?

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Vila Angatu seen from above

Just 30 meters from Santo André beach, Vila Angatu is located in the village of the same name, which is located in the small town of Santa Cruz Cabrália. There, the shore is deserted and the landscape is paradisiacal, perfect for those who travel in search of tranquility.

The fastest route to the resort starts in Porto Seguro. Upon arriving in the city, it is necessary to walk along Av. Beira-Mar for 25 km, heading north, until reaching the municipality of Santa Cruz Cabrália. This journey takes about 45 minutes, and the road is well signposted.

Then, to reach the accommodation, just cross the João de Tiba River by ferry and continue on the main road for another 6 km. Transport over the river costs R$18 for cars, and around R$5 for those on foot (Valor de Maio/21) – the fee charged both on the way out and on the way back. The crossing takes less than 15 minutes and the ferry runs from midnight to 23pm.

Arriving in Santo André, the scenario changes completely. The roads in the village are sandy, with slightly bumpy streets. Despite this, the remaining path is short and relatively quiet.

It is also possible to travel all the way from Porto Seguro to Vila Angatu by helicopter, in a 7-minute flight between BPS airport and the resort's helipad.

The full address of Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa:

  • Av. Beira Mar, nº 2000 – Vilarejo de Santo André, in Santa Cruz Cabrália (BA).

How are the rooms at Vila Angatu?

There are five categories of accommodation available at Vila Angatu. They are called Standard, Chalet, Luxury Suite, Luxury Family and Master Suite, respectively from the smallest to the most complete and spacious.


Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Double bed | Hair Dryer | Garden View | Pool View | Closet/Closet | Amenities | Air conditioning | fridge – SEE PRICES

The Standard apartments are located in the Casario, in the Mosteiro, and in the other main buildings of the resort. They have 37 m² and have a sophisticated decor, full of pieces of regional creation, but also with a contemporary touch.

Each Standard room can accommodate up to three people, making it an option for couples with just one child, or even groups of friends. The lighting makes the space cozy, and the complete furniture ensures the comfort of everyone in the room.

The view from there overlooks the property's well-kept gardens, or the pool area. It is possible to book an apartment of this category both on the ground floor and on the upper floor.

A point of attention in this category is the lack of sockets next to the beds, which are needed when charging the cell phone, for example. However, it is worth mentioning that the bedding and towels are of excellent quality, and there is also a bathrobe available in the room.

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

A treat upon arrival – is there anything better than being welcomed like this?


Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Double bed | 2 single beds | Hammock on the balcony | Hair Dryer | Garden View | Pool View | Closet/Closet | Amenities | Air conditioning | fridge – SEE PRICES

Amidst the coconut groves that frame the Vila Angatu Eco Resort, the chalets are a differentiated accommodation option. The proposal here is a homestay accommodation, with constructions inspired by fishermen's houses.

The ambiance of these spaces perfectly combines simplicity with elegance, in the best of rustic-chic style. Here, it is possible to host from couples to larger groups, with six people – an incredible alternative for families traveling together.

With 40 m², there is a balcony with a hammock in these accommodations, in addition to greater proximity to the sea. The transition between the indoor and outdoor environment was thought to be a unique experience, and all the furniture promotes great comfort for travelers.

Luxury Suite

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Queen Size Bed | Hair Dryer | Garden View | Pool View | Closet/Closet | Amenities | Air conditioning | fridge – SEE PRICES

The Luxury Suites at Vila Angatu are in the perfect location for those who want to have a view of the sea or the gardens, and relax to the fullest during their stay. From the outside, the accommodation is already different, with colonial architecture inspired by Brazilian cities of the XNUMXth century.

The interior of the houses enchants with sophisticated details and an unparalleled cosiness, in addition to the surrounding gardens making the environment even more inviting for rest. It's a great choice for trips as a couple.

In this category, the space is 42 m² and the beds are queen size, but there is the possibility of adding a single bed if the couple has a child. In addition, the space is fully furnished, for the total comfort of guests.

Luxury Family

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Double bed + 2 single beds | Hair Dryer | Garden View | Pool View | Closet/Closet | Amenities | Whirlpool | Air conditioning | fridge – SEE PRICES

Those who go to the resort with their children and want to enjoy a more spacious and complete environment can stay in the Luxury Family category. These accommodations are larger, with 44 m², and are divided between different environments.

Here, a couple and two more children can comfortably accommodate themselves, with plenty of space. Among the differentials, it is worth mentioning the exclusive whirlpool bathtub of the suites of this type. The view from there opens onto both the gardens and the pools – with the sea in the background.

From the outside, the colonial architecture, even though it is present throughout the property, further marks the facade of the accommodations. The inspiration in the colonial period of España refers to the elegance and nobility of the time, making the ambiance even more special.

Master Suite

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Queen Size Bed | Private balcony | anteroom | Hair Dryer | Garden View | Pool View | Closet/Closet | Exclusive amenities | Whirlpool | Dry sauna | Air conditioning | Fridge | Coffee machine – SEE PRICES

Travelers who want to enjoy Vila Angatu fully enjoying all that the resort has to offer can book the Master Suite without fear. With 87 m² completely exclusive, this accommodation is the highest category in the place – and also the most complete.

In addition to all the extra space, guests staying in the Master Suite can enjoy the different environments as if they were the true residents of a colonial house on the beach. There is a living room, bedroom, large bathroom, hydro bath, dry sauna and a charming balcony in this option.

The decor harmonizes the retro style with modern amenities, which ensure the greatest comfort for visitors. Despite all the space, this category is reserved for only two people, which makes it super suitable for special trips for two, such as a honeymoon in Bahia.

Restaurants and breakfast

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Dendê Restaurant, where breakfast and dinner are served.

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & SPA has two restaurants on the property, as well as a poolside bar and beach service – the latter two with drinks and varied portions.

Their forte is Brazilian cuisine, with that special taste of Bahian spices. It is possible to taste from seafood dishes to international cuisine options. But be patient, the service can be a little slower.

To complete, the vegetables and fruits served at the resort are mostly harvested at the Vila Angatu farm, which values ​​national production and makes the dishes much fresher.

Breakfast is served in a very satisfying buffet, with cakes, cold cuts, cereals, fruits, juices and yogurts. There is also an a la carte menu with a few options available. Tapioca, scrambled eggs, omelet, cheese bread and curd cheese with molasses are some examples.

The hotel offers alternatives for feeding children, adapting requests as suggested by parents. There are kids dishes on the lunch and dinner menu, as well as fruit that can be ordered even by the pool. To make it even easier, there is a pantry, open all day, where filtered water, fridge, sink and microwave are available.

Dende Restaurant

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

The resort's main restaurant is Dendê, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. In times of low occupancy, the dinner service is a la carte, but it is more common for the meal to be served as a buffet, serving visitors better.

The menu is varied, with meat, pasta and vegetarian options. According to the resort, the chefs use regional techniques to prepare the dishes, and there is a preference for ingredients from the coast.

Pitanga Restaurant

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

The Pitanga restaurant is a more refined environment, with few tables and serving only dinner, being highly recommended for romantic nights. Even those who are not staying at the resort can access it. You need to make a reservation, it's pretty cool for a gastronomic experience of the reinterpretation of regional and international dishes.

Tip for Pitanga: to start, order the octopus Carpaccio, add the restaurant’s “chief car”, the fish fillet in coconut crust (which comes with a plantain muslin). Finally, the banana crepe with ice cream. The order is right, with super light dishes that are delicious. Another flagship dish of the restaurant is Lobster, but for those who eat a lot it may not be enough.

Pool Bar

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

View from the pool towards the Pitanga Restaurant and the outdoor area where you can have lunch enjoying the view

The pool bar is the area where snacks, snacks and drinks are served throughout the day, for those enjoying the resort's leisure area.

It has a covered area, overlooking the pool, where you can have lunch and still enjoy the beautiful view of the resort. It's worth ordering a cheese or meat pie, squid vinaigrette and of course coconut water with a super charming slice of orange.

This area is where things happen during the day. The waiters are very helpful and always on hand.

The leisure area of ​​Vila Angatu

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

The main attraction of Vila Angatu

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

The entire leisure area of ​​Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa is right in front of the beach, which is practically an extension of the resort. In the pool area it is possible to see the coconut trees that separate the property from the waterfront – and even hear the waves crashing a few meters away.

The swimming pool is the central point of leisure options. It is extensive and has different areas, with a part with a more organic format, with an “island”, and another part with a more classic style, including stripes. Both are connected by a water corridor, making it possible to go from one end to the other without stopping swimming.

Little ones can enjoy the children's pool, play area or playground. Vila Angatu has a diversified program that always offers guests news, with playful and interactive games, as well as challenges for visitors of all ages.

For family outings, the resort offers bicycles and tricycles, which can be used both inside the property (a very cool tip to get to know the architecture of the place), as well as to go for a ride outside it (however, in this case, a fee is charged ).

Other highlights of the resort's leisure are the multi-sport, tennis and beach tennis courts, where athletes of any age can spend long hours having fun. Those who like to exercise can also do functional training in the accommodation's fitness center.

To end the day, the spa is the perfect option, with a wide variety of relaxation and beauty sessions. Hydromassage and yoga classes are other invigorating leisure tips at the resort. It is also worth noting that there are many rest points scattered throughout the place, such as a room with TV, sofas and games.

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Beach Tennis Court

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

The Academy – well equipped and with a view

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

The Resort's shop

Village Spa

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa does not have “spa” in its name by chance, being recognized for its relax services. Other than that, coming from the Tupi-Guarani, the word “Angatu” means well-being and happiness. Thus, it is clear that those who choose to stay there with the intention of renewing themselves make a very good choice – and the sessions offered by Spa da Vila are incredible, complete and highly praised.

A tip for you to make the most of your rest at the resort is to visit the spa in the first few days. The 50-minute relaxing massage is an excellent indication. When you arrive at the place, you are welcomed with hibiscus tea (delight!), and the experience is very calming. It is worth it!

There are several massages on the menu, from the most common ones, which involve oils and hot stones, to more different alternatives, such as Ayurvedic or Abhyanga Baiana – super exclusive, mixing concepts from Bahia and India in a unique style.

Among the beauty treatments, exfoliation and “fabulous feet” (feet scalding with deep cleaning and hydration) are good indications. There are even drainage, face masks and various baths to choose from.

Other options that make the Spa da Vila different are individual therapies, therapies for two and Spa Kids sessions. The little ones from 5 to 10 years old can enjoy a massage, a relaxing bath or a face mask.

Finally, there is also the possibility of booking just the jacuzzi and sauna, participating in a mystical consultation, soundhealing or taking a yoga and meditation class.

Anyone who wants to see more information about the treatments offered at Spa da Vila can follow the brand on instagram (@spadavila) or call (73) 99140-9406.

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa Services

To make the days of those staying at Vila Angatu even easier, the resort offers a series of quality services, which aim to make the stay super comfortable and relaxing for the guest.

Those who are going to stay there for a few days will also be pleased to know that there is a complete laundry room on site. For an extra cost, clothes are washed and dried without the visitor having to worry about anything else.

For use of the pool, all guests receive a card that allows the collection of a clean towel for daily use. On the beach, in addition, there are sun loungers exclusive to the property, and a menu with portions and drinks.

The resort also has a vending machine, which provides drinks, water, sunscreen, sanitary pads and other facilities for guests.

Another great facility that Vila Angatu has is the transfer service. It is possible to book this transport both to and from the nearest airport, which is Porto Seguro. This possibility already simplifies one of the travel procedures, which is the locomotion to the village where the resort is.

Experiences available at Vila Angatu

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

The charming little streets and houses of Vila Angatu

Being in the village of Santo André in Bahia is, in itself, a memorable experience – especially for those who decide to stay at Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa.

Even close to all the hustle and bustle of Porto Seguro, this region of the south coast of the state still retains the bucolic characteristics of a preserved paradise. Thus, one of the experiences that visitors to Vila Angatu have is to enjoy a deserted beach, with dark waters and an exotic landscape.

Thus, there are a series of differentiated experiences that the resort itself has for travelers. Those who are interested can embark on a kayak tour and explore the region's sea in a different way than usual. Those who don't want so much involvement with the water have the option of playing a lot of beach tennis on the resort's exclusive court, which is right in front of the sea.

Another tip is to opt for a bike ride through the village, to discover unique nuances of the small town. The resort even provides guests with bikes, both regular and tricycles, which are suitable for riding with the family. However, there is a point of attention: as the roads in the region are potholed, cycling around there may not be very advantageous.

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa with children

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa proves to be the perfect accommodation for families traveling to the south of Bahia. The infrastructure of the place is complete, pleasing travelers of all ages. In particular, children tend to really enjoy the attractions available there, being able to enjoy the day in the resort's leisure area or even participating in the activities programmed by the team.

In fact, each day's schedule is sent to the reservation holder every night the day before. Thus, it is possible to plan in advance what will be done the next day, and parents already know which recreations their children will participate in. Recreation is included in the rate for children from 5 years old.

Another highlight for those traveling with little ones is the ample space available at the resort. The pool also features a very child-friendly structure, with areas of shallow water that they can safely enjoy.

The restaurant also helps to deal with children in a more peaceful way. On the menu there is an exclusive part, with children's dishes, but it is also possible to request modifications according to the meal plan defined by the parents.

Accessibility of Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa

A very positive point of Vila Angatu is the facility that the place provides for the elderly, people with reduced mobility, or any type of disability, to use the resort's spaces.

The property's accessibility is remarkable with access ramps, wide sidewalks, ground floor and adapted rooms, among other details. The entire team is also attentive and willing to help anyone with specific needs that arise.

Another interesting detail is that the resort itself provides special chairs so that wheelchair users can go to the beach with comfort and freedom.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the destination itself, which is super inviting for people of all ages and physical conditions. Praia de Santo André is quiet and quite empty, being ideal for calm walks and full rest.

Historical/differential facts about Vila Angatu

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review

The architecture of Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa is one of the highlights of the place. Along the 50 m² of the property, the buildings that house the rooms, common areas and restaurants are all of colonial architecture, inspired especially by the houses of Paraty and Ouro Preto. There are also buildings called monasteries, with a touch of Italian influence, but following the same style as the others.

An unmissable tour at the accommodation itself is to take one of the resort's tricycles and stroll between the buildings, closely observing the charm of the architecture. Photos in any corner of the property are also a great tip, with incredible results (and that turn into great memories of the trip).

Apart from the external beauty, the highlight for Vila Angatu's differentials extends to the helpfulness of the team. One of the facilities is the service by WhatsApp, super fast and very assertive. With it, you don't even need to call the reception, or look for employees on the premises – just send a message, and within a few minutes someone answers. Too much, huh?

Distance from Vila Angatu to tourist attractions

Praia de Santo André is the biggest attraction near the resort. And its location is one of the great advantages of Vila Angatu – the sea is just 30 meters away, with a direct exit on the sand from the facilities to the sand.

Apart from the beach, the village center may be of interest to some travelers, if they want to look for shops, a restaurant outside the resort, or even discover what is there. It is at a distance of 7 km, less than 8 minutes by car.

What is the experience of staying at the hotel like?

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa proves to be a perfect option for those who want to fully rest on the trip. The place offers personalized treatment and spacious, super comfortable accommodations to really renew your energies – apart from being located in a paradisiacal region.

The destination itself is pure peace, ideal for peaceful and family trips, especially for those traveling with small children. The property aligns perfectly with those looking for a quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle.

In addition, the hotel has a very complete infrastructure and quality services, especially the spa. In other words, if you want days of pure relaxation, Vila Angatu is an excellent indication in Santo André, Bahia.

Another point worth mentioning is the receptivity of the entire team towards PCD travelers – there are access ramps in all areas, among other details that guarantee the accessibility of the place.

Summary of everything Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa has to offer

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa – Our review




  • Large pool with loungers, umbrellas, and bungalows
  • Multisport court
  • Tennis court
  • Recreation
  • Beach Tennis Court
  • Academia
  • Slack line


  • Laundry*
  • Transfer*
  • Babysitter*
  • Kayak tour*
  • Functional training*
  • Wi-fi
  • Parking
  • Games Room
  • Pool table
  • Beach service


  • beach in front
  • Bike ride
  • Village Spa*
  • Sauna
  • Yoga and meditation class*
  • Evening entertainment – ​​live music

For those traveling with children:

  • Daily recreation schedule
  • Babysitting service*
  • Copa baby
  • kids menu
  • Playground


  • Low sink in the bathroom
  • elevated toilet
  • grab bars in the bathroom
  • Access ramps for wheelchair users
  • ground floor rooms

* Additional values, not included in the daily rate

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Where is Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa?

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa is located in the small village of Santo André, in Bahia, in front of the beach of the same name, in the city of Santa Cruz Cabrália. See more about the resort.

Does Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa accept pets?

Yes, Vila Angatu Eco Resort accepts pets - however there are rules for pet friendly and harmonious coexistence between guests. Find out more about the resort.

What is in the leisure area of ​​Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa?

Leisure facilities at Vila Angatu have a swimming pool, sports court, tennis court, beach tennis area, spa with sauna and hydro, among other amenities. See more about the resort.

How many restaurants are there in Vila Angatu?

Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa has two restaurants, Dendê and Pitanga. In addition to them, there is the pool bar, but around the property there are other places to dine.

What are the room types at Vila Angatu?

There are five room categories at Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa. From the smallest to the largest and most complete, these are: Standard, Luxury Suite, Luxury Family, Chalet and Master Suite.

Is Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa child friendly?

Yes, the resort is highly recommended for those traveling with little ones. There is recreation and games with the team every day, as well as infrastructure for children to have fun safely. Find out more in our review of Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa.

Is Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa a good choice for honeymooners?

Yes, Vila Angatu Eco Resort is also an option for honeymoon trips for two. The Master Suite is a good tip for special occasions like this.

How far is Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa from the beach?

Only 30 meters separate the area of ​​Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa from Praia de Santo André da Bahia. The resort is right on the sand, and has a super privileged location.

Does Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa have a shuttle service?

Yes, Vila Angatu also offers transfers, both on arrival in Bahia and on departure from the resort – however there is an extra cost for this service.

Do you have parking at Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa?

The resort has a large parking lot right at the entrance, exclusive for guests and included in the daily rate. Check out more details about Vila Angatu in our full review.

Is Vila Angatu Eco Resort & Spa all inclusive?

Not. Vila Angatu has a half-board system, with breakfast and dinner already included in the rate. There are good lunch options at the pool bar and great restaurants at other inns near Vila Angatu.

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