Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

Cosiness, peace, high quality treatment and an incredible view of the araucaria trees of Campos do Jordão. These are some of the qualities of a stay at Villa Capuzzo. Want to know more? Keep reading this review ;)

Some places are so unique that, after visiting them, the good memory turns into a desire to revisit them. So it is with Villa Capuzzo, a super charming accommodation, perfect for those traveling as a couple and looking for a serene and cozy space in Campos do Jordão. There, it's the details that make all the difference in the hosting experience.

If you like animals, contact with nature, well-decorated environments, personalized service, and still value a super well-served breakfast, Villa Capuzzo is your best choice in Campos. Prepare to be pampered during the days you spend at the local mansion – in addition to being delighted with everything that is offered there.

Curious to know why guests love Villa Capuzzo so much? Below we will tell you the details of this one of the best rated accommodations in the city, with a score of 9,9 on Booking (and more than 380 reviews). And it's not for less, see? Keep reading to find out more!

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Where is Villa Capuzzo?

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

Click on the photo to make your reservation at Villa Capuzo – Photo: publicity

Villa Capuzzo is close to Capivari, the busiest area of ​​Campos do Jordão. The distance to the center is about 3 km, or 5 minutes by car.

Even close to the liveliest area of ​​the city, the accommodation is located in an area far enough away so that the surrounding environment is pure calm. In other words, it's the best of both worlds: close to the main attractions, but with very quiet surroundings.

Access there is very simple. After the city portal, you need to take Av. Frei Orestes Girardi for about 3 km. Then there are two alternatives:

  • The first is to take the U-turn and take the next left, following Rua Sebastião Damas, Dorival Mendonça, Antonio Silva and, finally, Rua Comendador José Schafer (the one in the Villa).
  • The second option is to walk for another 1 km on Av. Frei Orestes Girardi, take the return to Av. Dr. Januário Miraglia, walk 400 meters and turn left, arriving at Rua Comendador José Schafer.

The paths are 1 km apart, but both are direct and well signposted. With the help of Waze or Maps, it's no secret to find the location.

Villa Capuzzo is on the driver's right side, on a slope with a steep entrance. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted personally by the host, Silvio.

The full address of Villa Capuzzo:

  • Rua Comendador José Schafer, nº 1480 – Jardim Primavera, Campos do Jordão (SP).

How are the rooms at Villa Capuzzo?

There are only six suites at Villa Capuzzo, all unique. Each one is named after destinations in Italy, and the amenities also differ depending on the option chosen.

The accommodations' commonalities include attention to detail, cozy decor, retro furniture and high-quality trousseau. There is also a welcome honey bread for guests, and each room has its own aroma, including the amenities. A charm that only.

Below you can check more details of each suite at Villa Capuzzo.


Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

queen bed | Electric blanket | Hair Dryer | Garden View | Exclusive amenities | fridge

The simplest in the house, but with comfort as incredible as the other rooms, the Amalfi suite is spacious, measuring 35 m². The furniture consists of a queen bed, a sideboard, a small TV, a fridge and a window overlooking part of the inner garden.

As with all rooms at Villa Capuzzo, the toiletries in this accommodation have their own scent, and the bedding is of high quality, including a thermal duvet. The bathroom is spacious and has a shower and gas-heated faucets.

Rates from BRL 300 – SEE PRICES

See accommodation details.


Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

Fire on the ground floor of the Positano room? – Photo: Adriana Siqueira

queen bed | Electric blanket | Hair Dryer | Ground porch | Single floor fire | Closet | exclusive amenities

The Positano suite is also 35 m² in size, but it has an extra detail that adds to the charm of the accommodation: a patio with an individual fire pit. In this open-air space there is firewood, which guests can use at will, and sit on the benches around, with blankets, to warm up on the coldest days. You can even roast marshmallows right there.

The room itself is a little smaller, but it is big enough for a couple to get comfortable. It has a queen bed with a thermal duvet, a large closet, a dresser and a TV, as well as an armchair with pillows. The bathroom is spacious and has a powerful, super hot shower.

Rates from BRL 380 – SEE PRICES

See accommodation details.


Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

queen bed | Electric blanket | Hair Dryer | Covered porch | Garden View | Closet | exclusive amenities

Portofino is one of the newest suites on the property, and has an incredible covered balcony area with tables, benches and a privileged view of nature in front of the Villa.

The entire space of the room is 35 m² and is furnished with a queen size bed, electric duvet, TV and a sideboard. The bathroom is spacious, with a rustic wooden sink and a large mirror over the countertop.

Rates from BRL 540 – SEE PRICES

See accommodation details.

Radda In Chianti

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

queen bed | Electric blanket | Hair Dryer | Covered porch | Garden View | Closet | exclusive amenities

Another room with a covered balcony at Villa Capuzzo is the Radda In Chianti. Just like the Portofino suite, this accommodation has this cozy and unique space for moments of relaxation enjoying the surroundings.

In the bed area (queen size, by the way), the decor is cozy, and the electric duvet is an incredible plus to warm travelers on the coldest nights of the destination. There is also a dresser, an armchair and a TV in the bedroom. The bathroom also has wooden countertops and a large mirror.

Rates from BRL 540 – SEE PRICES

See accommodation details.

Polignano a Mare

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

queen bed | Electric blanket | Hair Dryer | Garden View | Closet | Exclusive amenities | coffee machine

Another option at Villa Capuzzo is the Polignano a Mare suite. The decoration of the room is charming, with framed mirrors and touches of color in red, bringing a more romantic atmosphere to the environment.

There is, in the bedroom, a queen size bed, an electric duvet, a large TV, a Nespresso coffee machine, in addition to a masonry cabinet, all covered in burnt cement, contrasting with the rest of the space. The bathroom is spacious with a great shower and gas heating.

Rates from BRL 540 – SEE PRICES

See accommodation details.


Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

queen bed | Electric blanket | Hair Dryer | Garden View | Closet | Exclusive amenities | Fridge | Coffee maker | Fireplace

Rates from BRL 660 – SEE PRICES

The largest suite at Villa Capuzzo is the Montalcino, which is twice the size of the others and has a king-size bed to differentiate itself. The decor of this accommodation is elegant and conveys warmth, with neutral colors and romantic motifs decorating the place.

The masonry cabinet of this option is all white, and has hangers and an umbrella, if necessary. In front of the bed, there is a fireplace and a large TV. To help warm up the very cold days in the mountains, this suite also has an electric duvet. Other than that, there is a coffee maker and a fridge available.

See accommodation details.

Breakfast and restaurants

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

The breakfast table is ready and waiting for guests – Photo: Adriana Siqueira

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

Fruit salad with pitaya, different and very tasty – Photo: Adriana Siqueira

Breakfast at Villa Capuzzo is one of the highlights of the accommodation. Served at the table and with extended hours until noon, the meal is super complete, with fresh and delicious delicacies, many of them prepared on the spot. Everything served is already included in the daily rate.

Upon waking up, the guest finds a table waiting for them, with coffee, milk, breads, homemade jams, honey, butter, yogurt and an incredible fruit salad with pitaya. Then cold meats and warm cheese breads are brought.

There are also a la carte options. You can order pancakes (banana with dulce de leche or strawberry with chocolate ganache), scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon, as well as tapioca with different fillings.

On days of good weather, breakfast is served in the garden, on tables with umbrellas. The atmosphere is relaxing, with the presence of birds near the deck. On rainy days, however, the meal takes place inside the house.

In the main room, there are various cakes, nespresso coffee and teas available, which guests can enjoy at will, whenever they want – they are great for that little surprise, even at dawn.

There is no restaurant at the accommodation, but the kitchen is open until late at night. It is possible to request meals, however in advance, and these are charged separately.

Check availability from Villa Capuzzo.

The lazer area of ​​Villa Capuzzo

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

Villa Capuzzo is a place for those looking for silence and peace. There are not many leisure items in the accommodation itself. The proposal is precisely to offer a relaxing place, for those who want to spend peaceful days and recover energy at the top of Serra da Mantiqueira.

The place has a well-kept garden and a super nice deck, with a view of the surrounding nature. You can observe the landscape and rest a little on the benches, hammocks or on the wooden lounger.

Inside the house, in addition to the cakes available at all times, the main room is cozy, with a fireplace lit on the coldest days. Two parrots live there, and there is always a puppy nearby.

By the way, Villa Capuzzo is a super pet friendly accommodation. The hosts, Silvio and Thais, let the pets of the house free around the environments. They are friendly but respect the guest's space. For those who like pets, it's another attraction.

Finally, following the idea of ​​rest, the rooms provide maximum comfort. They're amazing for those who like to sleep in later (and the extended breakfast matches that perfectly).

See the rates at Villa Capuzzo and make your reservation.

Services from Villa Capuzzo

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

If you want to order delivery, the team provides trays for the room – Photo: Adriana Siqueira

Those who want to have a more romantic trip in Campos do Jordão can ask the Villa team for a special dinner. With prices aside, the hosts, Silvio and Thais, offer this service to travelers who want to have dinner or lunch at the property. However, this must be requested in advance.

If laziness hits and you order a delivery, the team also helps to make the meal on the spot as comfortable as possible. They offer a tray with plates, glasses, cutlery and napkins, making it easy to organize your room. Or, if you prefer a table, you can ask them to organize the one in the room for that.

It is also possible to request a massage service from the hosts. This convenience has an extra cost and is provided by a third party. According to the description on, there are several options available: hand massages, massages for couples, neck massages, etc.

Apart from all that, Villa Capuzzo also works as a space for events. Weddings, teas, engagements or other commemorative dates can be celebrated there.

Check the availability of daily rates on site.

Experiences available at Villa Capuzzo

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

If you travel during the festive season, you can find Villa Capuzzo all decorated and with a special program for the nights there. Easter, Valentine's Day, Festa Junina and Halloween are some of the festive dates that transform the accommodation, with typical decoration and special foods.

At night, in the garden, a fire is lit for guests who want to warm up. The atmosphere is very good with a wine and some snacks (however, these are not available on site). If you get carried away, bring cheese, nuts, and even a pack of marshmallows to roast over the campfire. ?

Check the values ​​of stay at Villa Capuzzo.

Villa Capuzzo with children

As it is a more romantic and intimate place, Villa Capuzzo is not very suitable for children. The place has rooms designed for couples, and the quiet environment and without many leisure options can be boring for the little ones.

According to Booking, the indication is that the accommodation only accepts people over 18 years old. Children are not usually allowed in the accommodation. However, it is possible to attest by the comments that there has already been at least one couple staying there with a baby. So, as the hosts are very helpful, if you intend to travel with the little ones, ask them about the availability of an extra bed.

View venue rates for your travel dates.

Accessibility from Villa Capuzzo

In terms of accessibility, Villa Capuzzo is not completely adapted. There is a large staircase to the property's garden, but the steps are wide and the space is quite large, with a handrail to help you climb. Thus, people with reduced mobility may take a little extra time, but can safely reach the top.

There are rooms located on the ground floor of the property, which is very helpful for travelers with wheelchairs.

Campos do Jordão is full of hills, and Villa Capuzzo is on top of one of the city's hills. The entrance itself is a steep climb, however, as it is done by car, it shouldn't cause any problems.

Check the availability of rooms on site.

Historical/different facts from Villa Capuzzo

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

Some of the pets that live in the Villa ♥

One of the great features of Villa Capuzzo is the hospitality of the hosts and the readiness of the entire team. Silvio and Thais, owners of the property, are always present and do everything to provide a very welcoming and comfortable stay.

They even chat with those who want to chat over coffee, give amazing tips for tours around the city, offer treats that make a lot of difference in the stay experience, and even go out of their way to please visitors.

The general feeling of those who stay there is to be at home, but without having to worry about anything. There, the visitor is pampered, with some pampering on arrival, a hearty meal first thing in the morning, and a personalized service from the entire team.

Another highlight of the accommodation is the first-class treatment given to the pets present on site. There are three dogs that live in Villa Capuzzo itself, as well as two parrots, also owned by the owners. Those who travel with their pets are very well received there.

Make your reservation at Villa Capuzzo right now.

Distance from Villa Capuzzo to tourist attractions

Capivari, the center of Campos do Jordão where most of the city's restaurants and shops are located, is less than 3 km from Villa Capuzzo. By car, you can get there in just 5 minutes.

On the outskirts of the accommodation, one of the most relevant tourist attractions is the Ducha de Prata, which is located on a street parallel to the property. The distance between the two places is 1 km.

After the Silver Shower, walking a little further in the same direction as Capivari, you arrive at Bosque do Silêncio, an incredible space of 100 thousand m², perfect for trails and other activities in the midst of nature.

If you like horseback riding, Haras do Itapeva is also on the outskirts of the Villa, 7 minutes away. Further into the neighborhood, Prana Bike Park and Pico do Itapeva are other nearby attractions, perfect for sportspeople or the more adventurous.

Check the availability of the Villa on your dates.

What is the experience of staying at Villa Capuzzo like?

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review

Perfect for trips for two, Villa Capuzzo is a romantic and very peaceful space. Those looking for Serra da Mantiqueira to have a few days of complete rest and who want to breathe the pure mountain air, leaving everyday worries aside for a few days, can book the property without fear.

There, you will have at your disposal a very cozy and warm room, as well as a divine breakfast. Afterwards, you can go on the tours with the guarantee of having a peaceful space to return to. At night, the best option is to go out to dinner at a good restaurant and walk around the center, which is close to the accommodation.

See the availability of suites at Villa Capuzzo.

Summary of everything Villa Capuzzo has to offer

Villa Capuzzo, in Campos do Jordão – Our review



  • Breakfast served at the table
  • Cakes, coffee and teas available around the clock
  • Themed dinners*


  • deck with lounger
  • Garden with tables, hammocks and umbrellas
  • Living room with fireplace


  • Laundry*
  • Massage*
  • Parking


  • Ground fire in the garden
  • Seasonal themed parties*
  • Evening entertainment – ​​live music*


  • There is room on the ground floor

* Additional values, not included in the daily rate

Book your room now to enjoy your stay.

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Where is Villa Capuzzo?

One of the best-rated accommodations in Campos do Jordão, Villa Capuzzo is located in the Vila Inglesa region, about 3 km from Capivari.

Does Villa Capuzzo accept pets?

Super pet friendly, there are some animals that even live on the property of Villa Capuzzo, and visitors can bring their pets with them at will. Learn more about the location.

How is breakfast at Villa Capuzzo?

Highly praised by guests, breakfast at Villa Capuzzo is the star of the stay. The meal includes coffee, milk, juice, yogurt, bread, cold cuts, cheese bread and a series of homemade jams, as well as fruit salad with pitaya, divine pancakes and stuffed tapiocas.

What rooms are available at Villa Capuzzo?

There are six suite options at Villa Capuzzo, all different. They are named after Italian destinations: Amalfi, Positano, Portofino, Radda In Chianti, Polignano a Mare and Montalcino. Learn more about each accommodation.

Does Villa Capuzzo accept children?

It is not possible to stay with children at Villa Capuzzo, as the accommodation is more romantic and fully adapted to receive couples. Check out more information about the place.

Is Villa Capuzzo a good option for honeymooners in Campos do Jordão?

If you are looking for a romantic stay to spend your honeymoon in Campos do Jordão, Villa Capuzzo will surprise you. Check accommodation details.

How far is Villa Capuzzo from Capivari?

It is only 2,7 km away between Villa Capuzzo and the center of Campos do Jordão, called Capivari. By car, this route takes about 5 minutes.

Do you have parking at Villa Capuzzo?

Yes, all Villa Capuzzo guests are entitled to a parking space on the property.

Is there a restaurant at Villa Capuzzo?

There is no restaurant at Villa Capuzzo. However, the accommodation's kitchen is open all day, and if you want a special dinner, you can arrange the conditions in advance with the hosts.

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