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Japaratinga is a less frequented destination than Maragogi, ensuring greater peace of mind on the trip, despite being a neighboring city to this famous tourist location. If you want to relax, this is the ideal place.

Japaratinga is one of the beautiful cities on the coast of Alagoas, located very close to Maragogi. The journey between the two destinations takes about 20 minutes, but even with such proximity, the good tip is to stay in one of the inns in Japaratinga to enjoy everything the place has to offer – even more so if you are looking for a quieter trip, to rest a lot.

Like neighboring Maragogi, the sea in Japaratinga is also worthy of being named among the most beautiful stretches of the state's coast. However, because it is less visited, the city has several empty beaches, perfect for paradisiacal trips and pure peace in front of the sea. It is even a sister of Maragogi, including natural pools, but it is recommended for those who want to avoid large movements of visitors.

If you are looking for a good pousada in Japaratinga to enjoy your days there in style, the indications below will fit perfectly with your travel planning. Keep reading to find out.

In this post you will read:

  • Best B&Bs in Japaratinga
    • 1 – Pousada Porto Manguaba
    • 2 – Pousada San Giovanni
    • 3 – Pousada Vila Cobé
    • 4 – Sollaris Ecopousada
    • 5 – Caiuia Inn
    • 6 – Pousada Paraiso dos Coqueirais
    • 7 - Pousada Yapara-Tyba
    • 8 – Pousada Mama Pereira
    • 9 – Pousada Humaitá
    • 10 – Pousada Villa Minduba
    • 11 – Bitingui Praia Hotel
  • Luxury hostels in Japaratinga
  • Pousadas on the sand in Japaratinga
  • Cheap hostels in Japaratinga
  • Hotels in Japaratinga
  • Resorts in Japaratinga
  • Vacation rentals in Japaratinga
  • Japaratinga – Complete Travel Guide
  • national travel insurance
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Best B&Bs in Japaratinga

1 - Pousada Porto Manguaba

To really notice all the beauty of the Pousada Porto Manguaba, the tip we give is to click on the link and take a better look at the photos of the place. In addition to staying in a charming property, with a colorful garden and a delightful pool, the place also has a sensational view of the sunset, with the Manguaba River making the scenario even more charming. The rooms are also amazing, equipped with good beds, TV, air conditioning and fridge. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from BRL 420
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,7 / 266 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation and up to 2 installments (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“In one sentence: I wanted to extend my stay. I chose it because of the great review on Booking and it couldn't have been better. Super friendly staff, great food and a great price. Swimming pool overlooking the river providing a great afternoon. Congratulations on the whim!” – Bruno in Feb/2021 – see all reviews

2 - Pousada San Giovanni

the rooms of Pousada San Giovanni they are simple, but more than comfortable for you to have good days by the sea in Japaratinga. And when we say by the sea, we mean literally at the foot of the shore. The inn is in a privileged location, just a few steps from the ocean from the practically private beach – it is constantly deserted, has crystal clear green water, and a calm tide. Other than that, the staff at the place is a sweetheart and the restaurant is great. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from BRL 420
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,4 / 232 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“Great guesthouse. It is located in a secluded spot in front of a wonderful sea in Japaratinga, close to Maragogi. The owners of the inn as well as all their employees are extremely attentive! Excellent stay!” – Milestones in Jan/2021 – see all reviews

3 - Pousada Vila Cobe

Foot in the sand, the Pousada Vila Cobe is another good recommendation for a paradise stay in the destination. You will sleep in super spacious and well-equipped rooms at this accommodation, with a soft bed that helps to lull you to restful sleep with the sound of the waves very close by. In addition, the inn also offers a relaxing leisure area, with a garden and a swimming pool overlooking the sea. The restaurant is also highly recommended, with delicious dishes. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from BRL 810
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,4 / 137 reviews
  • NO offers free cancellation (read more)

Featured rating:

“I couldn't have stayed in a better place. Charm, coziness, great facilities, kindness and helpfulness of the staff, delicious breakfast, peace and intimacy.” – Mercia in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

4 - Sollaris Ecopousada

the backyard of Sollaris Ecopousada it's basically the edge of the beach. Want a better location than this? The accommodations at the inn are amazing, with large beds, mosquito nets, adjoining bathroom with bathtub or double showers, and some units even have a balcony overlooking the sea. Breakfast is à la carte, served in an outdoor area right in front of the beach – there is no better way to start the day in Japaratinga. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from BRL 720
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,4 / 218 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

"Everything perfect. From the attention of the owner/host, to the staff. Wonderful food. An inn with a differential in the Northeast. We will come back many times, because a true paradise. Congratulations!!!!" – Malu in Feb/2021 – see all reviews

5 - Caiuia Inn

super charming, the Caiuia Inn It is yet another accommodation alternative by the sea for your days on the coast of Alagoas. The rooms are spacious, equipped with a minibar and TV, in addition to being air-conditioned and having a balcony with a hammock for pleasant late afternoons. In all, there are only six accommodations, all themed, available there – which makes the stay unique, very boutique-style. It is also worth mentioning the good breakfast and the restaurant. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from BRL 670
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,4 / 171 reviews
  • NO offers free cancellation (read more)

Featured rating:

“The inn is very nice, both the rooms and the outside, the beach is beautiful! We loved the breakfast and the restaurant, it is probably one of the best restaurants in the Maragogi and Japaratinga region, a big hug to Fernanda, we will probably return soon!!” – Guilherme in Dec/2020 – see all reviews

6 - Pousada Paraiso dos Coqueirais

Surrounded by a forest of coconut trees, the Pousada Paraiso dos Coqueirais could not even have another name. The space around the accommodation has a unique charm, with the green of the trees contrasting with the soft palette of the beach. But the quality of the accommodations is one of the great surprises of the place – there, in addition to the spacious, comfortable and well-equipped rooms, you will still be able to enjoy the good swimming pool and a breakfast full of varieties. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from BRL 332
  • Overall Guest Rating: 8,9 / 369 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“Tranquility of the place, spacious room, attentive staff, good pool structure and also the viewpoint that is inside the property. The location is good for those who want to visit both Maragogi and the cities further south.” – Luiz in Feb/2021 – see all reviews

7 - Pousada Yapara-Tyba

A Pousada Yapara-Tyba is already pleasing on the outside, with a very pleasant grassy area to spend time, in addition to a good pool, surrounded by sun loungers and chairs with parasols. The facilities offer all the necessary comforts for visitors to have a cozy stay, and the hearty breakfast guarantees their sustenance in the mornings. It is a great option for a hostel for couples or families, with a children's playground. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from BRL 480
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,4 / 362 reviews
  • NO offers free cancellation (read more)

Featured rating:

“It's the second time we've stayed at the Pousada! I highly recommend, all the staff were super attentive! Very good value for money! Great breakfast and with all the care and protocols!” – Beatriz in Feb/2021 – see all reviews

8 - Pousada Mama Pereira

If you want to be well located, close to the beach, but the other options are far beyond the budget reserved for the trip, bet on Pousada Mama Pereira to ensure an excellent stay. Simple but super comfortable, the rooms are equipped with TV and air conditioning, guaranteeing guests a good night's rest. One of the best qualities of the inn is the location, practically on the sand – there are even rooms with a view. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from BRL 180
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,3 / 203 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“Yummy breakfast with plenty of variety, room with comfortable bed, nice shower and adjustable temperature. Amazing location, right on the beach. Very helpful and friendly staff. It has a very nice deck on the first floor.” – Alice in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

9 - Pousada Humaitá

A Pousada Humaitá is one of the most sought after options among inns in Japaratinga. In fact, the comfort of the rooms and the leisure area justify the popularity of accommodation in the destination. When staying there, you will enjoy spacious rooms, with large beds and TV. Some options also include a hot tub. There is also a swimming pool with heated water, the inn's own restaurant, as well as being close to the beach. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from BRL 395
  • Overall Guest Rating: 8,9 / 1.017 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation and up to 10 installments (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“The hotel is beautiful, breakfast amazing and staff promptly attended to a problem we had with the shower. The photos do not do justice to the beauty of the place, I wish I had spent more time in this paradise, but unfortunately we only stayed one night” – Ana in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

10 - Pousada Villa Minduba

A Pousada Villa Minduba is a super cute option for your trip to Japaratinga. In the common area, a swimming pool is available for guests to use, surrounded by a very inviting lawn for moments of relaxation. The accommodations are located around this leisure space, all with a hammock at the entrance. Inside, they offer quality furniture to ensure everyone's rest, and breakfast is also worth mentioning. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from BRL 390
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,6 / 70 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

"All! Super quiet place. Large room, hearty breakfast with many options. The beach is a spectacle and very reserved. Staff always in a good mood. I recommend it to everyone!” – Sanlai in Feb/2021 – see all reviews

11 - Bitingui Praia Hotel

In terms of hotel recommendations, the Bitingui Praia Hotel is a highlight in the region. The property works on a large plot and in a great location, right in front of the beach. Depending on the room you stay in, you will have a view of the sea in the distance, on the horizon. All accommodations are equipped with air conditioning, simple decor and comfortable beds. At leisure, four swimming pools are available on site, and there is also a restaurant there. – SEE PRICES

  • Rates from BRL 318
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,2 / 760 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“Perfection starts at breakfast. The team is a 1.000, always solicitous and cordial. The accommodations are comfortable, and the hammocks on the porch are all good. Location is perfect, right in front of the coral bank. Real paradise." – Wilker in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

See all the options for hostels in Japaratinga.

Luxury hostels in Japaratinga

In Japaratinga you will find great inns with excellent service, as well as super cozy accommodations, which offer the best in the comfort of a lodging. Below we indicate the options that we consider to be the most exquisite of the destination, with differentials that are worth booking.

  • Sollaris Ecopousada
  • Pousada Vila Cobe
  • Caiuia Inn

See all the options for hostels in Japaratinga.

Pousadas on the sand in Japaratinga

If Japaratinga is already a paradise, to improve the trip only if you stay very close to the sea, right? We have selected the options closest to the beach, and with more cozy accommodations, to indicate in this section. Check out our recommendations and choose your favorite ?

  • Caiuia Inn
  • Pousada Vila Cobe
  • Pousada San Giovanni
  • Pousada Mama Pereira

See all the options for hostels in Japaratinga.

Cheap hostels in Japaratinga

Saving money and traveling well to Japaratinga is a super possible reality. If you're on a budget for the trip, you can enjoy a good economy by choosing the accommodations below, which offer great service, super comfortable rooms, as well as cheaper rates.

  • Pousada Mama Pereira
  • Bitingui Praia Hotel
  • Pousada Paraiso dos Coqueirais

See all the options for hostels in Japaratinga.

Hotels in Japaratinga

Prefer a hotel instead of inns in Japaratinga? There are also good hotel options there, differing a little from the more intimate service of an inn. Some of the most recommended hotels are listed in this section to help you choose. O Bitingui Praia Hotel is our favorite, but there are others that are worth it as well.

  • Bitingui Praia Hotel
  • Villa de Taipa Exclusive Hotel
  • Albacora Praia Hotel
  • Lotus Flower Hotel

See all hotel options in Japaratinga.

Resorts in Japaratinga

Those looking for accommodation in an all-inclusive resort will do well in Japaratinga. There is an excellent recommendation in this region of the coast of Alagoas – the Japaratinga Lounge Resort – All Inclusive. Check out the amenities offered by the accommodation and, if they meet your expectations, make your reservation now to guarantee a room.

  • See also: Resorts in Alagoas – Perfect spots by the beach

See all resort options in Japaratinga.

Vacation rentals in Japaratinga

One form of accommodation that has grown in popularity is vacation homes. If you are interested in this type of stay, the residences below are available for rent for short periods, and are super ideal for a trip with your family or with a group of friends.

  • Japa Bed House
  • House by the Sea Japaratinga
  • Beach House in Japaratinga-AL
  • Beach house

See more vacation home options available on Booking.com.

Japaratinga – Complete Travel Guide

Every destination on the coast of Alagoas really looks like a piece of paradise. It is difficult to avoid these clichés even to describe the beauties of these places, bathed by waters of an incredible color that are unbeatable in any other corner of the country. Japaratinga, as a good city on the coast of the state, is no different: there are also crystal clear beaches, with fine sand, many, even, very empty and reserved, being more than ideal for relaxing trips.

Neighboring Maragogi, Japaratinga is a less crowded alternative than the famous tourist destination next door. It is really the ideal choice for travelers looking for beautiful beaches to contemplate in total peace. The city's advantages are numerous: in addition to being more empty, the prices are, in general, much more attractive, and the sea is still beautiful, just like in Maragogi, with the right even to natural pools.

To get to this secluded corner full of natural beauties to be appreciated, you can take the Ecological Route path, passing through Porto de Pedras and, on the Manguaba River, take the ferry that goes straight to Japaratinga. In the destination, the ideal is to enjoy the beaches, with the same name of the city, or the famous Bitingui.

Check out more about Japaratinga and surroundings:

  • Maragogi
  • B&Bs in Maragogi
  • Honeymoon in Maragogi
  • Alagoas

national travel insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best B&Bs in Japaratinga?

A Sollaris Ecopousada, Pousada Vila Cobe and Caiuia Inn are great recommendations for accommodation in the region. Check out more hostels in Japaratinga.

What are the cheapest hostels in Japaratinga?

Save and stay well at Pousada Mama Pereira, do not Bitingui Praia Hotel ou na Pousada Paraiso dos Coqueirais, or see even more options for your stay.

Which inns in Japaratinga are located by the sea?

A Caiuia Inn, Pousada Vila Cobe and Pousada San Giovanni are recommendations with a super privileged location in Japaratinga. See more featured locations.

What are the most recommended hotels in Japaratinga?

The hotel sector in Japaratinga is well served with the Bitingui Praia Hotelthe Villa de Taipa Exclusive Hotel and the Albacora Praia Hotel. Also check out the inns in Japaratinga.

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