Maceió – Know everything about the capital of Alagoas

Ready to discover Maceió? Whatever your answer, this post will make you even more excited to go. The city has all the prerequisites to be your favorite destination. And, we'll tell you all of them next. Let's go?

The coast alone is already a great invitation to take you to Alagoas. Now, line the beautiful beaches along more than 40 km of waterfront surrounded by historic districts, craft fairs, well-structured kiosks and modern hotels. All this you will find in Maceió, the capital of Alagoas full of charm and fascinating beauties.

Without much ado, below, we will present you with all the information: what to do, when to go, how to get there, best beaches and restaurants. Now, it's up to you to take advantage of all these tips to have the best experience possible at the destination. Let's go together?

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Maceio Attractions

Maceió – Know everything about the capital of Alagoas

Pedra Virada and Ponta Verde Lighthouse at low tide – Photo: Tissiana Sousa via Wikimedia Commons

The shore that connects Praia da Pajuçara to Praia de Ponta Verde and Praia de Jatiúca is a very pleasant place to start your itinerary. In fact, pleasant is not enough. There, it is a mixture of crystalline beach, with urban and busy streets. This is because on one side there are sandbanks with blue seas, and on the other side there are modern buildings distributed among restaurants, hotels and shops.

One of the advantages of Maceió is precisely the fact that it has great beaches right in the center to spend the day. Even in this region, Praia da Pajuçara has craft fairs and rafts that take you to the natural pools.

And, to spice up the trip, there are beach clubs with a very attractive infrastructure to enjoy the beaches, such as swimming pools, hammocks, live music, restaurant and bathrooms available.

Apart from that, the capital of Alagoas still has the historic center with old buildings, museums and a church to visit. And, if you feel hungry during the tours, there are also restaurants with a diverse and very appetizing cuisine to add even more flavor to your experiences.

In addition to all this, the municipality is also the gateway to other incredible cities in the state. Very close, in Marechal Deodoro, is Praia do Francês and Praia do Gunga, which attracts many visitors due to the stunning nature of the region.

So you don't forget anything, write down this handy list of things to do in Maceió:

  1. enjoy the beaches
  2. Go by raft to the natural pools of Pajuçara
  3. Spend the day at some beachfront beach club
  4. Walk on the main waterfront
  5. Discover the craft fairs
  6. Church of Our Lady of the Rosary of Blacks
  7. Historical and Geographical Institute of Alagoas
  8. Bom Jesus dos Martírios Church
  9. Floriano Peixoto Palace Museum (MUPA)
  10. Praia do Francês and Praia do Gunga (in Marechal Deodoro)

Best beaches in Maceio

Maceió – Know everything about the capital of Alagoas

Ipioca Beach – Photo: Cicero RC Omena via Wikimedia Commons

The most famous and urban beaches in Maceió are Praia de Pajuçara, Praia de Ponta Verde and Praia de Jatiúca. With a beautiful waterfront connecting one to the other, the region has well-structured kiosks, plenty of handicrafts to buy as souvenirs and an area suitable for practicing sports, both at sea and on the sand.

An interesting detail of these beaches is that when the tide goes out, you can walk to Pedra Virada and Farol da Ponta Verde, which are miles into the sea and can only be seen up close when the sandbars are formed. In addition, the lower the sea level, the better it is for you to go by raft to discover the natural pools of Pajuçara.

For those looking for a quieter place, Praia de Ipioca and Praia de Pratagy are perfect. Then, still in Maceió, there are other beaches that you can also visit, such as Praia de Riacho Doce, Praia da Sereia and Praia de Cruz das Almas.

You may have already noticed that there are many beaches in the region. In fact, about half an hour from Maceió, in Marechal Deodoro, there is also Praia do Francês and Praia do Gunga, other very famous among travelers.

Finally, if your intention is to find the best beaches in Alagoas, it is also worth going to neighboring places, such as Maragogi, São Miguel dos Milagres, Porto de Pedras or Japaratinga.

Check out some of the main beaches in Maceió:

  • Pajuçara beach
  • Ponta Verde Beach
  • Jatiúca Beach
  • Ipioca beach
  • Pratagy beach

Where to stay in Maceio

The Ponta Verde, Pajuçara and Jatiúca neighborhoods are the best for you to stay. In them, it will not be difficult to find an accommodation that suits you and, above all, fits your budget. In fact, Maceió has a wide variety of modern, simple or more sophisticated accommodations.

These neighborhoods have a privileged location by the sea, making it possible, in addition to beautiful views, to walk to shops, handicraft fairs, beaches and restaurants. But, to help you define the ideal, it is worth noting that Jatiúca has the most agitated sea and is suitable for those who want to be closer to nightlife or Parque Shopping Maceió.

Pajuçara, in turn, has a handicraft fair and is the gateway for rafts to the natural pools. The Ponta Verde neighborhood is where one of the main beaches is located and with plenty of leisure for you to enjoy a sunny day or a hustle at night.

Now that you already know details about the best regions to stay in Maceió, keep reading to know some hotels, inns, resorts and vacation homes.

hotels in Maceio

Maceió – Know everything about the capital of Alagoas

Click on the image and make your reservation at Hotel Brisa Suites.

The hotels in Maceió are modern and have enough infrastructure for you to relax close to the main beaches.

Check out some suggestions with great reviews:

  • Best Western Premier – Daily rates from R$ 399 – Grade 9,4
  • Hotel Brisa Suites – Daily rates from R$ 359 – Grade 8,8
  • Holiday Inn Express Maceio – Daily rates from R$ 278 – Grade 8,8
  • Hotel Praia Bonita Jangadeiros – Daily rates from R$ 275 – Grade 8,6

See all hotel options in Maceio.

B&Bs in Maceio

Maceió – Know everything about the capital of Alagoas

Click on the image and make your reservation at Pousada Residencia Duna Paraiso.

The inns in Maceió are more economical, however, they do not leave anything to be desired in terms of comfort, infrastructure and location. There are beautiful options with swimming pools, cozy rooms, delicious breakfast and beachfront.

See these recommendations for staying in Maceió paying less:

  • Pousada Residencia Duna Paraiso – Daily rates from R$ 450 – Grade 9,5
  • Pousada Praia Pajuçara – Daily rates from R$ 125 – Grade 8,9
  • Mermaid's Inn – Daily rates from R$ 225 – Grade 8,8
  • Pousada Eco Maceio – Daily rates from R$ 190 – Grade 8,5

See all the B&Bs in Maceio.

Resorts in Maceió

Maceió – Know everything about the capital of Alagoas

Click on the image and make your reservation at Salinas Maceio Resort.

The resorts in Maceió are more sophisticated accommodations for travelers looking to spend more time inside the accommodation, enjoying full board, swimming pool or more secluded beaches.

Check out these resorts to stay in the capital of Alagoas:

  • Salinas Maceio Resort – Daily rates from R$ 1.200 – Grade 9,3
  • Jatiúca Hotel & Resort – Daily rates from R$ 958 – Grade 9,0
  • Pratagy Acqua Park Beach Resort Wyndham – Daily rates from R$ 1.600 – Grade 8,0
  • Villas to Pratagy – Daily rates from R$ 360 – Grade 7,3

See all the resorts in Maceio

Maceio vacation rentals

Maceió – Know everything about the capital of Alagoas

Click on the image and make your reservation at Sun Paradise JTR.

Renting a house or apartment to stay in Maceió is the best cost-benefit option, as there are cheap, comfortable and even swimming pools.

See suggestions with the best ratings to settle in:

  • Time Home Service 1411 – Daily rates from R$ 260 – Grade 10
  • Sun Paradise JTR – Daily rates from R$ 169 – Grade 9,7
  • Open Door Apartments – Daily rates from R$ 557 – Grade 9,5
  • Beira Mar Apartment 306 – Daily rates from R$ 171 – Grade 9,2

See all Maceio vacation rentals

Where to eat in Maceio

Maceió – Know everything about the capital of Alagoas

Hibiscus Beach Club – Photo: reproduction of the kiosk via Facebook

Maceió will really please your taste buds. The tapiocas – a very typical recipe from the northeast – the famous shrimp gum (prepared with five types of cheese), the sun-dried meat with cream and, of course, the dishes made with fish and seafood will make your meals delicious. become a separate attraction in the region.

The best places to taste Northeastern food are mainly around the more urban beaches, in Ponta Verde, Pajuçara and Jatiúca. It is even a good idea to eat in these places with the incredible view of the sea. In addition, there are some well-structured kiosks for a good snack by the sea.

On the more distant beaches, such as, for example, in Ipioca, there are some beach clubs with a good infrastructure to eat with your feet in the sand and still enjoy the pool, hammocks, bathroom and live music.

Check out some restaurants to eat in Maceio:

  • Sertão Winery
  • Emperor of Cameroon
  • Lopan
  • Hibiscus Beach Club
  • Janga Praia Restaurant
  • Parmigianno Restaurant

When to go to Maceio

Prefer to travel to Maceió between September and March, due to less chance of rain. These months also coincide with summer and high season (especially December), so if you want to avoid high prices and crowds, November is a great place to go. In general, it is practically always hot there, however, from April to August it usually rains much more than in other seasons.

A very important detail for you to decide when to go to the capital of Alagoas is to analyze the tide table. Some tours can only be taken when the sea level is low. In addition, when the weather is clear and with a beautiful sun, the appearance of the sea is more paradisiacal. Winter, for example, is the period when the sea is cloudier, you probably won't like the beaches very much these days.

In short, for you to find low tide and the most crystalline sea: go in summer, preferably on full moon and new moon days. It is also recommended to check the tide table before going. In case you can't understand the numbers on the board, at the end of this post there's a very practical explanation for you to understand the graphics properly.

How many days to stay in Maceio

To get to know the attractions of the city it is necessary to stay at least four days. But it is worth noting that Maceió is a capital, therefore, full of municipalities, towns and tourist attractions around it. Therefore, we also suggest increasing your stays to be able to visit some really cool neighboring places.

How to get to Maceio

It is not difficult to get to Maceió. It has an airport right in the capital, just over half an hour from Ponta Verde Beach. If you are going from further away, you can disembark in the city and go by car, bus, taxi or Uber to the center.

Another alternative is to leave from other nearby capitals, such as Recife, which is 257 km away, and come by car, taking the opportunity to discover other places in the region.

By airplane

The capital's airport is Zumbi dos Palmares International, located just over 22 km from the center of Maceió. After disembarking, you can go to your accommodation by car, transfer, Uber or bus. The journey can take an average of half an hour, depending on the location of your accommodation.

By car

It's also a good idea to go by car, especially if you rent it and leave the airport driving. The main access roads are BR-101 (it passes through Alagoas) and AL-101, which passes along the coast and requires more attention due to potholes and lack of road signs.

A tip for those who like to take the road is to leave neighboring states driving and stopping in other cities to visit, such as, between Recife and Maceió, there is Porto de Galinhas, Maragogi and São Miguel dos Milagres.

From Recife to Maceio

Recife is the capital of Pernambuco and, in addition to having several villages and neighboring cities to visit among the metropolises, there is an airport that you can also disembark, before arriving in Maceió. It is 256 km away and takes almost four hours by car to go from one destination to another directly. The BR-101 and the Governador Mário Covas Highway are the main accesses.

Transport in Maceio

If you stay in the region of Ponta Verde, Pajuçara and Jatiúca, you will be able to do many walking tours. The city is small, so several attractions are close by. Other than that, taking an uber or renting a car is the most practical and cost-effective way.

It is also possible to take private tours with tourist agencies or get around by bus in Maceió. But, in these cases, it is worth planning to not miss the scheduled times and, in the case of public transport, the journeys can take longer and be more tiring.

Tips about the tide table in Maceio

In addition to knowing the best beaches, tours, restaurants and accommodations, it is essential to identify the best tide table before heading to the capital of Alagoas. This is because the natural pools can only be visited when the tide is low, and you will only be able to get closer to Pedra Virada and Ponta Verde Lighthouse when the sea is low.

Therefore, we will explain to you how to understand the numbers on the table. It is worth noting that it is necessary to monitor weekly, as the tides change constantly.

You can see the chart on the website Clima Tempo or Tideschart. In both, there are daily tables with the extreme values ​​(high and low) of sea level and the times they peak. Try to go to the city on days when the height is closer to 0.0 (lowest tide) and schedule your tours, especially to the natural pools, at the time that is at the lowest level.

Travel insurance for Maceio

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Flights to Maceio

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Maceio?

Enjoy the beaches a lot, go by raft to the natural pools of Pajuçara, walk along the main shore, visit the handicraft fairs and the historic center. see more what to do in maceio.

What are the main tours in Maceio?

Going by raft to the natural pools of Pajuçara and spending the day on the beaches, enjoying the sun of Alagoas, are the main attractions of the capital. Check out others tours in Maceio.

Where to stay in Maceio?

Ponta Verde, Pajuçara and Jatiúca are the best neighborhoods to stay in the capital of Alagoas. Read more details of where to stay in Maceio.

What are the best hotels in Maceio?

Best Western Premier, Brisa Suítes, Holiday Inn Express Maceió and Praia Bonita Jangadeiros are some of the best-rated hotels in the city. see others hotels in Maceio.

Do you have B&Bs in Maceio?

If you are looking for inns, Residencia Duna Paraiso, Praia Pajuçara, Pousada da Sereia and Eco Maceio are great options. check out more inns in Maceio.

What are the best vacation homes in Maceio?

Some options for rent in the capital of Alagoas: Time Home Service 1411, Sun Paradise JTR, Open Door Apartamentos and Beira Mar Apartmento 306. Find out more Maceio vacation homes and apartments.

How many days to stay in Maceio?

At least four days. If you want to visit neighboring municipalities, it is recommended to stay longer in the capital of Alagoas. Check tips for how many days to stay in maceio.

How to get to Maceió?

There is an airport in the capital of Alagoas and from there to the center you can go by car, Uber, taxi or bus. read how to get to maceió.

When to go to Maceio?

November is the best month to go to the capital of Alagoas. In addition to being the period with less rainfall, the city is not crowded or with high prices. See tips for when to go to maceió.

Best time to go to Maceio?

Between September and March there is less chance of rain and the sea becomes more paradisiacal. However, it is worth researching the tide table before going, as the natural pools can only be visited when the sea level is low. Read more about best time in maceio.

What are the best beaches in Maceio?

Praia de Pajuçara, Praia de Ponta Verde, Praia de Jatiúca, Praia de Ipioca and Praia de Pratagy are some of the main ones in the capital. Check out others beaches in Maceió.

Where is Maceio?

Maceió is the capital of the state of Alagoas. read tips for your trip to Maceio.

How to get around in Maceio?

Riding by car or Uber are the most cost-effective transport in the capital of Alagoas. Other than that, you can take walks in the downtown area, take a bus, taxi or transfer. Read more as if get around in Maceió.

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