How to meet an indigenous tribe in the Amazon

I ventured out for three weeks in Brazilian Amazon and I knew its charms and mysteries. I traveled from Manaus to Santarém and explored the surroundings of these two great cities a little. What enchanted me the most there was the visit to an indigenous tribe called 'Dessana Tucana', which is located right on the banks of the Rio Negro, in Spanish Amazon.

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Rio Negro

How to get there?

This visit can be arranged directly in the city of Manaus, capital of the State of Amazonas. Access to the tribe is by boat only. However, there are several tours and daily packages at local agencies that can take you to them. If you choose an independent visit or a longer visit, it is possible to arrange directly with the chief of the tribe.

how is the visit

We had a super friendly reception, we were introduced to the culture and customs of the region. To begin the visit and head into this new universe, we participated in a ceremony and a dance with the Indians.

The tribe has beautiful handicraft works and loves to receive people from outside. No wonder: they depend on tourism to survive.

Dessana Tucana Amazon Tribe

Visit considerations

If you are thinking of going to Amazonas to see wild Indians and unexplored places: this is not the tour. It is possible to have this experience there, but the process is much more complicated.

A Dessana Tucana tribe it is more civilized, but its members still preserve their customs and culture, leaving the experience very rich and without anything to be desired.

Photo gallery

I'll show you why: I share with you some of the photos I took during my visit:

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