Where to go out in Salvador de Bahia?

Nightlife in Salvador

Salvador de Bahia is known to be the most festive city in Brazil. Salvador hosts the country's biggest carnival, and the baianos love to dance and party. From the authentic sounds of Brazilian forró and samba to influences of African percussion, reggae and Latin salsa, dance parties and rock concerts, there really is something for everyone. Here are the best places to go out in Salvador and spend lively evenings!

Going out in Salvador - Pelourinho

The historic district of Salvador hosts a lively and very traditional nightlife with Afro-Brazilian music in particular. Tuesday is the day when there is the most animation. This day is known as Terça da Benção (Blessing of Tuesday). After the 6pm mass, in the square of the church of Our Lady of Rosário dos Pretos, there is a concert to the rhythm of African drums. After that, head out into the streets of Pelourinho where the music seems to be pouring from all corners. On the Praça Teresa Batista, the cultural group Olodum gives a show like every Tuesday. In the middle of the week, however, don't be surprised to see people going home before midnight. One bar to remember is the Sankofa African Bar (7, Ladeira de São Miguel) for dancing to live music.

Going out in Salvador - Rio Vermelho

While the historic centre offers a pleasant and rather cool evening, the area called Rio Vermelho (Red River) is the place to be for many night owls who want to go out. The bohemian district is populated by some of the best bars and clubs in Salvador. Here are some addresses of clubs and bars: Club Ego (216, Rua Fonte do Boi), Commons Studio Bar (224, Rua Odilon Santos), 30 Segundos (21, Rua Ilhéus), San Sebastian (gay, 277 Rua da Paciência), Twist (95 Rua João Gomes). In the neighborhood you will find other bars without any problem.

Going out in Salvador - Barra

The Barra district is home to many youth hostels and cheap hotels. You might stay here. Bars and clubs abound in this neighbourhood, which is located on the oceanfront on the southern tip of Salvador.

Nightlife in Salvador

Remember that Salvador is the city where people party the most in Brazil. With perfect weather all year round, you will easily find outdoor places to go out other than the bars and baladas (bars and discos) mentioned above. The ideal is to start quietly at the end of the day in the historic district, the Palourinho, and then head towards the Pointe de Barra or Rio Vermelho. Either way, from Thursday evening, you can party until the first light of the sun. Besides, early in the morning, when you have finished partying, it is customary to go and eat. The Mercado do Peixe or Caminho de Casa are two traditional places where you can grab a bite to eat after a crazy night. When you get there, find out where to go out, as in recent years many clubs have closed their doors in favour of new establishments. So, places change quickly and the locals will be able to help you with that.

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