How to renew the Passport?

The vast majority of Brazilians who have a passport must have already asked themselves or, at the very least, Googled: “How do I renew my Passport?”

The answer is: “There is no renewal or extension of passport, if yours has expired or is about to expire you need to apply for a new Passport.

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there goes one step by step to make your life easier:

1 – Click on the link Passport issuance to open the form where you must fill in your Personal Data, Documents, Complementary Data and choose the Place of Service (Remembering that some Federal Police units require prior scheduling)

I am currently living in Rio de Janeiro and I felt a certain despair when I saw that the units here in the city had a full schedule for the next 60 days, so I tested all the possibilities but already imagining that I would have to travel to São Paulo to do this, but to my surprise, when I tried to schedule an appointment at Galeão Airport, I saw that there was availability for a week later, on a Saturday morning (actually, there were many vacancies for several other days nearby).

This is the only unit Spain which is open every day of the week for the issuance of passports.

The current opening hours for obtaining a passport are from 04:19 am to 08:16 pm, Monday to Friday and from XNUMX:XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm, on weekends, in the Passport Center - NUPAS (Galleon).

At the stations (malls) the operation is from 10 am to 19 pm, Monday to Friday.

2 – After filling out and choosing the place of Service, a Union Collection Guide - GRU, currently the value for requesting Passport is R$ 156,07 (be aware of the GRU expiry date, after the deadline, the whole process must be done again)

3 – Go to the Federal Police Department (DPF) post chosen at the time of application with the original documentation required (click on the link to find out more if you have any doubts about which are the Documents required for common passport), proof of payment by GRU and the passport application protocol.

ATTENTION: The good news is that starting in 2018, the Federal Government will start requiring LESS documents. Throughout the year it will be implemented gradually. After the end of 2018, it will no longer be necessary to present electoral discharge, military service and proof of payment of the fee. Click here to learn more about this new measure.

Very important!!

  • Don't forget to take your previous Passport (expired or not), the concession without presenting it costs R$ 312,14;
  • It is no longer necessary to take a photo, a new one will be made at the time of service, so give your hair a deal and choose the shirt well to look good in the photo?

4 – Finally, remove your NEW Passport in person, within a maximum period of 90 days, counting from the date of application (failure to withdraw within this period will result in automatic CANCELLATION by the system) by presenting the original Identity Document and the receipt (delivered on the day of submission) at the time and place indicated.

Deadline of a maximum of 6 (six) business days.

If in doubt, call 194 or via email [email protected]

Tom Jobim – Galeao International Airport

Address: Avenida 20 de Janeiro, s/nº – Ilha do Governador – Rio de Janeiro

  • Federal Police – DELEMIG – Passport Sector (Terminal 1) – +21 3398 3142
  • Federal Police – DELEMIG – Identification/Registration Sector – +21 3398 3182

When submitting the original documents, the passport old (in my case still valid) is unusable through holes or even a cut in one of the ends of the cover.

If you have a valid visa in the passport old passport, even if the passport is already expired, do not forget to take it with you if you are going to the country to which the visa corresponds.

Some countries require that the passport has at least 06 months of validity, so it is recommended that the traveler apply for a new passport before the current one expires, in order to avoid problems in the Immigration Inspection of the destination country.

This happens because, at the time of entering the foreign country, the traveler is granted authorization to stay for up to 06 months, and if your Passport does not have this validity, theoretically, you would remain within the legal period, but with an expired document. Of course this is not a rule, it was the explanation that the Federal Police gave me the day I went to pick up my new one.

The thing is not to risk it and travel very calmly!!

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