Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

Choose the best internet chip for the USA and check where to buy the most suitable SIM card at a discount.

Ah, the American dream has never been so close to being realized! All that's left now is to buy the cell phone chip for usa ideal for your vacation. But there's a little problem: which one to choose?

To help you, we created this complete guide on which is the best US cell phone chip. So don't worry, because here you will clear all your doubts and find out where to buy the best unlimited internet chip to use in the United States at a discount!

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In this post you will see:

  • What is the Best International Chip?
    • T-Mobile
  • Where to buy? Online, at the Airport or in the USA?
    • How to Buy: Step by Step
    • Discount coupon
    • Shipping
  • How it works?
    • Plans and Coverage
    • How to Activate the Chip?
  • Why is it worth buying Internet Chip?
    • What Applications Work on the Chip?
  • Customer Service and Assistance
  • FAQ

Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

What is the Best Cell Phone SIM in the USA?

The best international internet chip for your trip to the USA is the one that offers unlimited voice calls and 4G internet, even in the most remote places of the country.

After several experiences with different operators, we evaluated that the chips from T-Mobile, are the ones that offer the best 4G/LTE coverage throughout the North American territory – including Canada and Mexico.

These T-Mobile chips are prepaid and resold here in España by authorized companies: America Chip, Connected Travel e EasySim4U. The plans offered last between 5 and 30 days, to use anytime and with any application.

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Click here and buy your cell phone chip for the USA with unlimited internet.

A T-Mobile in the United States

The company is the first and only company in the United States to offer nationwide 5G reach. T-Mobile has coverage in more cities than any other North American carrier, even reaching Mexico and Canada (no roaming fees).

In addition, 4G LTE internet coverage is much higher in speed compared to the service offered here in España. The company has received numerous awards for wireless service quality and work environment in recent years.

Even on domestic flights or through North America, airlines such as Delta offer free Wi-Fi for those who have a cell phone chip from T-Mobile.

Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

Where to Buy an International Cell Phone Chip?

To buy online

The simplest, fastest and safest method is to purchase your international cell phone chip online, directly on the website of one of the resellers. The chip is sent directly to your home in Spain by mail within 10 business days.

There are several Brazilian brands that offer the 4G internet chip to be used in the USA. We set up a small table with the three main sellers and comparing products and prices:

DATAConnections and DataNotes
America ChipStarting at $ 36Starting at $ 45Unlimited Internet
EasySim4UStarting at $ 37Starting at $ 47Unlimited Internet
Connected TravelStarting at $ 49,99Starting at $ 35,99Internet the 5GB

Here, at Travel Tips, we recommend America Chip. It is not only the main reseller of T-Mobile chips in Spain, but also offers the best value for money on the market.

>> Learn more about America Chip in our full post.

Click here and buy your America Chip cell phone chip

Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

Buy in the United States

If you prefer, you can choose to buy the American chip. This option is the cheapest, but it can end up costing a few hours of travel between finding a store that sells the product, being served, registering and only then, after 24 hours, having the chip activated in the cell phone.

T-Mobile offers 3 prepaid travel plans to customers: Travel 10GB, Travel Unlimited and Travel Unlimited Plus. The cheapest sim card is the 10 GB for 30 days with 4G/LTE internet for about 40 dollars. 

If the internet ends before 30 days, it is necessary to recharge with more credit in one of the operator's physical stores. Another option is to pay between 50 and 60 dollars on other plans that offer unlimited internet for 30 days.

Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

Planos T-Mobile: Travel 10GB, Travel Unlimited e Travel Unlimited Plus.

Buy at the Airport

Buying the internet chip for the US at the airport is usually the last option chosen. Since not all airports offer a convenience store that carries out this type of sale, in addition to the value, it is usually more expensive.

However, if you travel at the last minute, buying a SIM card at the airport can be your salvation. So it's worth a Google search on which stores could sell this product at the national or international airport where you are.

How to Buy Step by Step Cell Phone Chip for USA

  1. Enter our America Chip site
  2. Choose which plan suits your destination
  3. Set the number of days according to your trip
  4. Choose how many chips you want to buy
  5. Click on the button "To buy"
  6. Report to "Activation date”– the day the journey begins
  7. Enter your zip code 
  8. Add coupon 10% discount: FORTRAVELOVERS
  9. Inform your personal data and payment method
  10. Confirm the information before completing the purchase
  11. finalize your order

Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

Step 1: Enter the website and choose which plan suits your destination.

Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

Step 2: Set the number of days and chips you want. Click on the “Buy” button.

Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

3rd Step: Inform the date of when you will start your trip and your zip code.

Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

4 Step: Add the 10% discount coupon: FORTRAVELOVERS.

Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

Step 5: Enter all your personal data.

Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

Step 6: Inform the payment method and confirm all information before finalizing your purchase.

Discount coupon for US Cell Phone Chip

Enter our America Chip discount coupon with the word: FORTRAVELOVERS and receive 10% discount on your US cell phone SIM card purchase.


America Chip's US travel chip is sent to your zip code by the Post Office within 10 business days or by Sedex within five business days. The amount charged is standard for any region of Spain and does not change, regardless of where you live. However, there are other forms of delivery that can help. 

For the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, purchases made before 14 pm, America Chip makes express delivery and you receive the chip in less than 24 hours at your home. And if you are at one of the Guarulhos, Santos Dumont or Galeão airports, you can schedule an appointment and America Chip will deliver it by hand, in less than 24 hours straight to these locations.

  • Standard Shipping (10 business days): $4,99
  • Fedex (5 working days): 13 dollars
  • Guarulhos, Santos Dumont or Galeão Airport: 25 dollars
  • Purchase until 14 pm for capital SP and RJ: 15 dollars
  • Same-day deliveries in Greater SP and RJ: 23 dollars

Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

How does Cell Phone SIM work in the USA?

The internet chip T-Mobile is a prepaid sim card, triple size adaptable to any cell phone, which offers unlimited 4G LTE internet, router and voice calls. All these functions are within the plan chosen for your trip, and it is not necessary to pay any extra amount – different from what Brazilian operators offer.

The internet on this chip works through international roaming, so it is extremely important to enable this function on the cell phone. In addition to, of course, restarting the device as soon as it lands. In this way, the update occurs for automatic reading to happen.

#Tip: If your device is dual-chip, we recommend that you remove the SIM card from España and leave only the T-Mobile card in slot 1 for better SIM card performance.

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Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

Photo: NASA, via Unsplash

Plans and Coverage by America Chip

America Chip offers 3 different plans for travel to North America. Canada and Mexico can be included in either package. It is only necessary to add the value of 5 dollars to the chosen plan.

  • internet in the USA 
    • From U.S. dollar 36
    • Unlimited Internet USA 4G LTE
    • free router function*
  • Calls and Internet in the USA
    • From U.S. dollar 45
    • Internet Unlimited 4G LTE
    • Unlimited calls to USA, Canada and Mexico
    • free router function*

*The free router function works with a 5G allowance and, after reaching its limit, the speed drops to 3G.

  • Motorola in the USA
    • From $ 45 dollars
    • Internet Unlimited 4G LTE

*Stay tuned: Motorola devices are only compatible with this service package when traveling to the United States

There is also a specific plan for 30-day trips to the United States with a fixed price:

  • Internet in the USA in 30 Days*
    • For $ 32
    • Internet 10Gb Ultra Rápida 4G+
    • Unlimited Calls to USA, Mexico and Canada
    • 4G Internet with 5GB in Mexico and Canada (optional)
    • Router

*Plan with promotional value for an indefinite period, available only at this link.

Click here and compare America Chip plans

How to activate Cell Phone SIM in USA?

Unlimited internet starts working on your device as soon as you manually activate your cell phone. If you don't know how to do this, just follow the instructions below:

  • Android - Go to: Settings > More Settings or Connections > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming > On > Press OK.
  • iPhone - Go to: Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Data Roaming > Enable Voice & Data > Select 4G.

TIP: It is important to note that the sim card comes with a PIN code for activation of product. Keep this number handy, because whenever your device is restarted, this PIN will be requested.

Do you still have doubts? Watch America Chip's explanatory video on how to enable roaming data on your cell phone:


Why is it Worth Buying a Cell Phone Chip for the USA?

The internet on your cell phone can help you with any need that arises along the way. After all, you never know when you will need to contact the USA travel insurance or the company of car rental.

The chip is even worth it for researching tourist attractions, accessing the bank's application or even translating some information or North American expression. It really brings a lot of practicality to the trip.

The United States is a great nation, with bustling metropolises like New York e San Francisco, and small towns in the interior, such as the charming Tuolumne, California, and Sebring, in Florida. That's why it's important to have an international travel chip that has a signal on all of them.

When traveling to New York, for example, it is essential to have subway and public transport maps in the palm of your hand, as well as having the agility to search for good restaurants and even the historical context of attractions in the new york museums.

Another similar situation, for example, is the case of wanting to participate in one of the paid california academy of sciences where are the Aquarium, Natural History Museum and San Francisco Planetarium. To participate in cultural programs and evening events, you must present the electronic ticket, that is, you must have internet access to show it.

On the other hand, when traveling to small towns like Tuolumne and Sebring, the internet is indispensable for researching what to do in the surroundings or even discovering unusual destinations amidst the surrounding nature.

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What Applications Work on the SIM?

T-Mobile chips don't have any application restrictions. Feel free to enjoy unlimited internet on your SIM with the social networks you want:

  • Social networks like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Waze e Google Maps
  • Spotify
  • Youtube
  • Among others.

It is important to remember that when buying a new SIM card, you can choose to keep the same WhatsApp phone number without having to reconfigure the application on your cell phone.

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Cell Phone Chip for USA – How it works and where to buy

Customer Service

America Chip's customer service channels are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. So, if there is a problem or malfunction of your T-Mobile chip during your trip, just contact the team.

Have complete freedom to report any problem or even praise the service provided. You can check all contacts on this link.

Did you like our tips? So don't forget to comment if you still have any questions, so we can help you with whatever it takes! ?


What is the best cell phone chip in the US?

The T-Mobile chip resold by America Chip It has the best cost benefit and coverage. See values ​​here.

Where to buy a cell phone chip in the USA?

We recommend purchasing online at America Chip directly through the website. See plans and prices here.

How much does a cell phone chip cost in the US?

The America Chip with limited internet starts at 36 dollars. See plans and prices here.

How to get discount on America Chip cell phone chip?

Using the coupon FORTRAVELOVERS you guarantee 10% discount when purchasing your internet chip for the United States.

How does the cell phone chip work in the US?

The T-Mobile internet chip is a prepaid sim card, adaptable to any cell phone, which offers unlimited 4G LTE internet, router and voice calls. …keep reading

Is it better to buy an internet chip in Spain or Europe?

The best way is to make your purchase online directly through the website while you are in Spain so you don't waste time on vacation. …keep reading

How to activate your travel chip?

Activation of the international SIM card must be enabled in data roaming mode on your device, whether Android or iPhone …read more here.

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