Is America Chip Trustworthy? – Pros and cons of the company

Still not sure whether to trust America Chip travel chip company? Then read our full post about one of the top international SIM card companies.

America Chip is one of the main international cell phone chip sales companies here in Spain. However, not everyone knows the brand and you, as one of those people, are wondering if this is a trustworthy company. Well, that's why we researched, tried the chip, and put together this guide to the company's reliability.

Here we talk about the pros and cons of America Chip, we tell you how the service provided works and we even give you a 10% discount with our coupon FORTRAVELOVERS, if you have already decided to make your purchase.

Check out our assessment of whether America Chip is trustworthy below:

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    • America Chip is reliable – Cons
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    • America Chip discount coupon
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Is America Chip Trustworthy?

America Chip is reliable for being a company that has been operating in the travel chip market for over two years and has been gaining more and more space with its work. 

It is one of the main cell phone chip resellers in Vodafone and T-Mobile. These telephone operators are giant companies that operate around the world with high quality and excellent internet coverage, mainly in the United States and European countries.

In addition, America Chip also has an online service 24 hours a day, every day of the week, specialized for our Brazilian public. In other words, everything is spoken in Portuguese.

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About America Chip

America Chip offers cell phone chip service for international travel on any type of device, whether smartphone or iPhone. This internet chip works so that the user has unlimited internet, router and voice calls throughout the trip. 

Just choose which package best suits the number of days you want to spend abroad, with the possibility of renewing the plan without having to buy a new SIM card to use. There are different packages, with 4G internet services and/or unlimited voice calls, if the trip is to the USA or Europe.

Interestingly, despite the name “America Chip” and the company's headquarters residing in Miami, it is a company managed by Brazilians and serves more than 200 countries around the world. Not just limited to the Americas, as many imagine! ?

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America Chip in Reclame Aqui

Within these two years of operation, America Chip registered very few complaints in the Complain here. There are, in all, only 11 issues reported and in all of them the company responded. 

A good example of this happened with consumer Thomas Hojo who after 4 days of use had a problem with the chip, which stopped working. The company offered the necessary assistance and ended up refunding the full value of the purchase – even though he enjoyed the plan for 4 days.

In addition, according to the America Chip website, for any and all problems reported with the product and/or service, it offers 24/XNUMX assistance in Portuguese via Whatsapp, phone and email.

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America Chip evaluation on the Reclame Aqui portal – February 2020 data

Worth to buy?

It is indeed worth buying America Chip's international travel chips because they offer good performance in the service provided through Vodafone and T-Mobile chips, in addition to having few complaints and claims made.

Another important point that makes the purchase worthwhile is the more affordable value of the product. After all, internet chips abroad are sold in US dollars and are not always cheaper prices, unlike America Chip.

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America Chip is reliable – Pros

America Chip's cell phone chip, in addition to offering more affordable prices, and even promotional values, also allows free use of any social networking and/or location application without charging extra for it. Whatsapp, for example, works normally on the device, without having to reconfigure the application or even change the number – being able to keep the same number as España.

The product also provides the opportunity to extend the days of the plan, as previously mentioned, and depending on the plan chosen, it also offers the use of a router to share the internet with whoever wants to.

In addition, the plans for the United States also offer the possibility of adding, for a symbolic value of five dollars, 4G coverage of 5GB for the entire territory of Mexico and Canada. 

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America Chip is reliable – Cons

For travel to the United States, Motorola smartphone holders need to pay close attention when purchasing their plan. This is because these devices work through a specific package for that brand. 

The 4G internet is the same, but the voice calls and the router are disabled. However, this only occurs when traveling to the United States. For other destinations around the world the plans work normally, regardless of the cell phone brand.

Another negative point is for dual chip cell phones, since it is necessary to remove the old sim card and use only what was purchased in the first position of the chips. This is a measure recommended by the company to facilitate the best performance of the product.

And just like any phone carrier service, America Chip's chips don't work on the high seas. So if you're looking for a SIM card for a cruise trip, unfortunately America Chip won't be able to help.

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Where to buy at a discount?

The internet chip America Chip can be purchased on the company's own website, by clicking here. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to make your purchase:

  1. Enter the site and choose which plan suits your destination
  2. Set the number of days according to your trip
  3. Choose the number of chips you want to buy
  4. Click on the button "Buy"
  5. Enter the “Activation Date” of the SIM card for the same day as the start of your trip
  6. write your zip code
  7. Add 10% off coupon: FORTRAVELOVERS
  8. Describe all your personal data
  9. Enter payment information
  10. Confirm everything before completing your purchase
  11. And complete the order

ATTENTION: Don't forget to enable roaming data from your cell phone!

  1. Android: Go to Settings > More Settings Or Connections > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming > Enable > Press OK
  2. iPhone: Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Data Roaming > Enable Voice & Data > Select 4G

America Chip discount coupon

Just insert FORTRAVELOVERS in the area of Discount coupon from the shopping cart and you will have 10% discount do valor total.

Plans and coverage

America Chip sells six types of international travel sim card plans that last between 5 and 30 days of use. The plans are:

  • United States
    • $36 to $61 (US dollars)*
    • Internet 4G LTE Unlimited
    • Router
    • 4G Internet with 5GB in MEX and CAN (optional)
  • Europe
    • $52 to $77 (US dollars)*
    • Internet Unlimited 4G
    • Unlimited calls within the EU
  • United States (internet + links)
    • $45 a $70 (American dollars)*
    • Internet 4G LTE Unlimited
    • Unlimited US, MEX and CAN calls
    • 4G Internet with 5GB in Mexico and Canada (optional)
    • Router
  • South, Central America and the Caribbean
    • $49 to $74 (US dollars)*
    • Unlimited Internet
    • United States (optional)
  • United StatesMotorola
    • $45 to $70 (US dollars)*
    • Internet 4G LTE Unlimited
    • Mexico and Canada (optional)
  • Mundi
    • $55 to $100 (US dollars)*
    • Unlimited Internet
    • 4G high speed

*Prices vary according to the number of days contracted in the plan.

Another option is the promotional plan for 30-day trips to the United States with a fixed price and limited internet:

  • United States 30 Days*
    • $32 (US dollars)
    • Internet 10Gb Ultra Rápida 4G+
    • Unlimited Calls to USA, Mexico and Canada
    • 4G Internet with 5GB in Mexico and Canada (optional)
    • Router

*Plan with promotional value for an indefinite period, only available on this link.

Photo: Robin Worrall, via Unsplash

Now that you know that America Chip is reliable and you're ready to buy your international cell phone chip on your next trip, don't forget to comment here what you think of our review! And if you still have doubts, send us your question and we will help you in whatever is necessary.


Is America Chip good?

Yes, because the company works in partnership with two giant telephone operators: T-Mobile and Vodafone. Buy your chip here

Where can I find America Chip discount coupon?

We have a partnership with the company and we have a 10% discount coupon on the total amount of any plan get yours here.

Is America Chip Trustworthy?

The company is considered reliable since there are very few complaints registered and in Reclame Aqui…continue reading

What is America Chip's assessment on Reclame Aqui?

All complaints, a total of 11, were answered and/or resolved…continue reading

How does the America Chip travel chip work?

The America Chip SIM card works so you have unlimited internet throughout your trip…continue reading

Does America Chip work in Europe?

The America Chip sim card works in more than 40 countries in Europe alone, find out here if your destination is one of these.

How do I activate America Chip on android?

Go to: Settings > More Settings Or Connections > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming > Activate and press OK… continue reading

What are the advantages of America Chip??

You keep the same Whatsapp number, without having to reconfigure the app on your cell phone …continue reading

How do I activate America Chip on iphone?

Go to: Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Data Roaming > Enable Voice & Data > Select 4G…continue reading

Does America Chip work on Motorola devices?

Yes, but for trips to the United States there is a specific plan that can be found here.

Why is America Chip worth it?

The company offers cheaper value plans compared to its competitors. Check the values ​​here.

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