Cell Phone Chip in Portugal – Where to Buy?

A trip to Portugal calls for the best internet possible. That's why we've put together a complete guide for you to choose the international cell phone chip option for Europe

If you're looking for where to buy your cell phone chip for Portugal or you don't know which one to choose or which plan, you've come to the right place.

Here in this post, we analyze the pros and cons of each cell phone chip company and the advantages and disadvantages of buying online here in Spain or directly in Portugal. And, at the time of purchase, we tell you how to get a discount on the internet chip.

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In this post you will read:

Cell Phone Chip in Portugal – Where to Buy?

City of Porto, in Portugal | Photo: Roya Ann Miler, via Unsplash

Our experience with the Vodafone chip in Portugal

On any trip to Portugal or any other destination, the internet is an item that needs to be in your planning. Surely you will want to post that photo to family or friends, use maps to locate yourself, send messages. Even in the most urgent cases, how to activate your international travel insurance.

Therefore, it is very important that you always travel with a quality cell phone chip. After several experiences with operators, we evaluated the chip da Vodafone and it offers the best coverage in Europe.

Vodafone prepaid cell phone chips resold here in Spain offer internet 4G unlimited in plans that last from 5 to 30 days. In this way, it is possible to use the internet without worries about the data limit at any time of the day and with any application:

  • Instagram, Facebook and other social networks
  • WhatsApp Unlimited
  • Waze e Google Maps
  • Spotify
  • Youtube
  • And all your mobile apps

Already on Vodafone prepaid chips sold directly in Portugal, it is necessary to choose the moment of purchase which applications you want to use and also to pay attention to the data usage limit, which is a maximum of 5 GB.

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Click here and buy your cell phone chip and arrive in Portugal with unlimited internet.

Cell Phone Chip in Portugal – Where to Buy?

How does the International Cell Phone SIM work? in Portugal

Regardless of the type of cell phone, the Vodafone chip works like a prepaid SIM card. It is adaptable to three chip sizes to suit all cell phone models.

The chip purchased here in España, offers internet 4G unlimited e até voice calls to countries within the European Union. The internet works through international roaming, so it is important that your cell phone is enabled for this function. But don't worry, you don't pay anything extra for this, unlike what is done by Brazilian operators (VIVO, Claro, Tim etc.).

O chip from internet Portugal da Vodafone is resold here in España by America Chip, EasySim4U and Connected Travel. These are authorized companies serving Europe and over 40 countries and territories.

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Cell Phone Chip in Portugal – Where to Buy?

Porto, Portugal | Photo: Kristina Tamasauskaite, via Unsplash

Where to buy your mobile SIM card in Portugal?

Buy online

Buying your mobile SIM card for Portugal online, directly on the website of one of the resellers is the fastest and simplest way. The chip will go straight to your home and you will have unlimited 4G internet throughout Europe, not just Portugal. 

There are several brands that offer the international cell phone chip in España. We set up a small table with the three main sellers and comparing products and prices:

Voice and DataDATANotes
America Chipstarting at $ 52starting at $ 554G Internet and unlimited calling
EasySim4Ufrom 55
starting at $ 50 4G Internet with franchise
Connected Travel-from 69,99
Limited Internet

Values ​​referring to February/2020, check the websites for updated values.

We at Dicas de Viagem have already used the chip from each of these resellers, we had no problems with any of them. But we recommend America Chip. It is the main chip dealer Vodafone here in España, and also offers the best value for money in addition to great service and coverage.

>> Learn more about America Chip in our full post.

Click here and buy your America Chip cell phone chip

Cell Phone Chip in Portugal – Where to Buy?

Buy direct in Portugal

Those who prefer to buy the international SIM card directly in Portugal have the advantage of choosing the cheapest option. However, you will need to dedicate some hours of the trip to find a store, wait in line to be served, register and wait up to 24 hours for the chip to be activated. 

For a 5 GB SIM card (limited internet) for 30 days and that supports all mobile applications, you have to pay around 20 euros (around 25 dollars). However, if you run out of data, you need to buy more credit along the way. After all, there is no option for an unlimited SIM card in Vodafone's physical stores in Portugal.

Cell Phone Chip in Portugal – Where to Buy?

Vodafone Travelers International Cell Phone Chip | Photo: Disclosure

Purchase of the Portugal Aeroporto cellular chip

The purchase of the SIM card at the airport tends to be the last option because it is the most expensive option, it is a good option only for those who need to make a last-minute trip.

It is important to keep in mind that not all airports have a convenience store that makes this type of sale, and as we have already mentioned, it is usually more expensive.

Step by step on how to buy the cell phone chip online and

  1. Enter our America Chip site
  2. Choose which plan suits your destination: Europe ou Mundi
  3. Choose the number of days of your trip
  4. Enter the number of chips you want to buy
  5. Click on the button "Buy"
  6. Report to "Activation date”– start date of your trip
  7. type your CEP
  8. Add coupon 10% discount: FORTRAVELOVERS
  9. Provide your personal data and payment information
  10. Confirm all information before completing your purchase
  11. Finalize your order.

Discount coupon international cell chip

Using the coupon FORTRAVELOVERS you guarantee 10% discount when purchasing your internet chip for Portugal.

Cell Phone Chip in Portugal – Where to Buy?

click on the image and discover all America Chip plans

Does the chip arrive before the travel date? How to know?

The cell phone chip America Chip It is sent to your home by the Post Office within 10 working days or by Sedex within five working days. In order for the chip to arrive before your trip, all you need to do is organize yourself to buy it in advance.

However, there is another way of delivery, which can help you a lot. For the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, purchases made before 14 pm, America Chip makes express delivery and you receive the chip in less than 24 hours at your home.

A tip, if you are at one of these airports: Guarulhos, Santos Dumont ou Galleon, you can schedule an appointment and America Chip delivers in less than 24 hours directly to these airports.

How much does shipping cost?

It is important to note that shipping is charged in US dollars.

  • Standard Shipping: $4,99
  • Fedex: 13 dollars
  • Guarulhos, Santos Dumont or Galeão Airport: 25 dollars
  • Purchase until 14 pm for the capitals SP and RJ: 15 dollars
  • Same-day deliveries in Greater SP and RJ: 23 dollars

Cell Phone Chip in Portugal – Where to Buy?

What is the Portugal international cell phone chip plan offers

A America Chip for example, it offers two different plans for use in Europe with the Vodafone chip.

  • O map europe serves all European Union countries with 4G internet and voice calls to other European countries.
  • O the plane of the world serves more than 140 countries around the world, covering all continents. It only offers high speed 4G internet service, no voice connection.

Click here and compare America Chip plans

Cell Phone Chip in Portugal – Where to Buy?

Applications that work with the SIM

The 4G internet of America Chip's plans is not restricted to any type of applications and social networks. So, feel free to use Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Waze and Google Maps, among others, as many times as necessary during your entire trip in Portugal.

how to use whatsapp in Portugal

There is no secret to using Whatsapp in foreign lands with your internet chip. Even removing the Brazilian SIM card, it is possible to keep the same phone number without having to reconfigure the application on the cell phone.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is if your device is dual-chip. In this case, it is better to remove the SIM card from España and leave only the Vodafone SIM card in slot 1 for better operation.

How to activate the chip international cell phone

Activation of the international SIM card needs to be enabled in data roaming mode on your device, whether Android or iPhone, just follow the instructions below:

  • Android – Go to Settings > More Settings or Connections > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming > On > Press OK.
  • iPhone – Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Data Roaming > Enable Voice & Data > Select 4G.

TIP: It is worth noting that the SIM card comes with a PIN code for activation of your product. Therefore, it is important that you save this number, because whenever the cell phone is restarted, this PIN number will be requested.

And if you still have doubts, America Chip has made this informative video available on how to activate your international chip:


Why an international cell phone chip in Portugal is worth it?

You will need to use the internet to search for information about tourist attractions, translate a word or expression, access the bank or credit card application or even activate your travel insurance Portugal are just a few examples that demonstrate the need to have internet on your cell phone while traveling.

That's why buying an international cell phone chip in Portugal is very worthwhile for these needs or eventualities.

Portugal has two major cities, Lisboa e Porto. In big cities, it is essential to have unlimited internet – it makes it easy to find, guides, maps or “Google” to understand the context of each historical attraction.

This happens, for example, walking in Sintra, Cascais and Estoril, on the outskirts of Lisbon, or even to see what's on at the Centro Cultural de Belém, one of the most important museums in the Portuguese capital. Also, depending on the tour you take, you may need to present a digital ticket, as in Lisbon Oceanarium.

There are also Portuguese towns and villages further away, surrounded by nature, such as Setubal e Vincentian Coast. Places like this can have reduced internet coverage, so choosing a good chip is crucial. The operator Vodafone has one of the largest data coverage in Europe and works well in these more remote cities.

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Problems with America Chip, what to do?

If there is a problem or malfunction of the Vodafone chip on your cell phone, the America Chip reseller offers specialized service for Brazilians.

Channels are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. That way you have complete freedom to report your problem or offer a compliment about the service provided. Check contacts at link here

What's up? Ready to buy your new internet chip for Portugal? If you still have any questions, write them in the comments so we can help you. 

Mobile SIM Frequently Asked Questions for Portugal

What is the best international chip in Portugal?

Vodafone chips resold by America Chip It has the best cost benefit and coverage. See values ​​here.

Where to buy SIM card in Portugal?

We recommend purchasing online at America Chip directly through the website. See plans and prices here.

How to get discount on America Chip cell phone chip?

Using the coupon FORTRAVELOVERS you guarantee 10% discount when purchasing your internet chip for Portugal.

Is it better to buy an internet chip in Spain or Europe?

The best way is to make your purchase online directly through the website while you are in Spain so you don't waste time on vacation…read more here.

How much does an international SIM cost in Portugal?

America Chip plans start at $55 and vary by plan and number of travel days. See plans and prices here.

How does the international chip work?

The Vodafone chip works like a prepaid SIM card, adaptable to three chip sizes …keep reading.

How to activate your cell phone chip?

Activation of the international SIM card must be enabled in data roaming mode on your device, whether Android or iPhone …read more here.

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