What to Pack: 17 Items You Can Never Forget

There are items that are so basic, but so basic, that we always forget to take them on trips. Check out the checklist that we separate with what to pack in your travel bag.  

What to pack in your suitcase is always a dilemma. Packing a suitcase means having to remember a lot in a short space of time. It is necessary to check the climate of the place of travel, think about the amount of clothes to match the days you will be away, the space in the suitcase, the weight of the luggage for the plane. In addition, of course, to separate all the clothes and utensils you will need during the period away from home.

After many trips, always forgetting some of these items, we prepared a check list with everything you need to take in your suitcase. These items may seem basic, but they make all the difference after boarding. With this list, you can rest easy, as you won't feel that “I forgot something, but I don't know what” feeling when it's time to leave.

Ideally, you should think about how many days you will stay, think about the options for each day and each trip – clothing for winter, summer, adventure travel, more chic, casual, etc. All this thinking about saving space.

If you don't have any of these items, we've separated good places to buy them online and don't even have to leave your house.

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Check what to bring:

1. Paste with Documents

Cria | R$ 60,00

2. Dollar

I got sick | BRL 79,00

3. Baggage Identifier

Cria | R$ 20,00

4. Sleep Mask

Renner stores | BRL 15,90

5. Scarf / Scarf

Dafiti | BRL 69,99

6. Backpack

Billabong | R$ 299,00

The tip is: if you are going to travel outside the country, it is worth buying one abroad.


7. Travel Pillow

Imaginarium | Kit with Pillow + Sleep Mask | BRL 139,00


8. Socks in the handbag

* Because the air conditioning on planes is freezing! 

Puket | R$ 19,90

9. Jacket (Waterproof, denim, leather: depends on your destination)

Decathlon | R$99,99

10. Remedies / Recipes

Medicines for the flu, stomach, headache, controlled (in this case, don't forget to bring your doctor's prescription) etc | Onofre Delivery


11. Nail pliers

Onofre | BRL 45,00

12. Sunglasses

*If you are going to travel abroad, it is worth buying there!

Ray Ban | R$ 500,00

13. Cell Phone Charger / Plug Adapter

American | BRL 129,00

14. Sunscreen

15. Necessary

I got sick | BRL 64,00

16. Hand Sanitizing Gel

Onofre Drugstore | BRL 9,72 


17. Swimwear/underwear

Flow Girls | R$ 159

To complete, our columnist Fernanda Madureira made a video for the Youtube channel – Travel Tips  which explains everything she took in her suitcase for a trip around the world. Check it out there:

Is that you? Do you already know what to pack in your suitcase? Have something more to add? Comment here!

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