Is Reliable and Safe? See the full review

Found a really cool hotel on and want to know if the platform is reliable and safe? We weigh the pros and cons and tell you everything here. Check out!

There are so many ways to book a hotel online that you might get confused when choosing which platform to use. After all, among so many options, how do you know which one is the best? To get you out of this impasse, we've prepared a complete guide to show you whether is reliable and safe.

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In this review, we will show the advantages and disadvantages of the platform, its reputation on Reclame Aqui, and all other relevant information for you to check for yourself if is really reliable.

Read on and discover EVERYTHING about the ?

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Is Reliable and Safe? See the full review

Want to know if is trustworthy? We tell you everything in this guide! – Photo: @hoteispontocom
  • Is it really reliable?
  • It's safe?
  • What is the reputation on Reclame Aqui?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Comparison with other sites
  • How to make your reservation
  • Conclusion

Is Trustworthy?

For you who are wondering this, before closing your hotel reservation, know that the platform is reliable, yes! The site is one of the leading accommodation search engines around the world, and helps travelers find affordable accommodations. has over 25 million verified guest reviews on the site and 70 million app downloads.

There are more than 90 websites in 41 different languages, spread throughout the internet, and serving as a bridge between people from all over the world looking for good hotels. In España, it has been operating for years offering accommodation services of the most varied types and serving different audiences.

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Is safe?

Besides the be reliable, it is a very secure platform, which has a dedicated call center to resolve any queries that may arise regarding reservations. Contact can be made online, or by phone.

The site is part of the international group Expedia, which brings together other tourism platforms such as, HomeAway,, Travelocity, Trivago and Orbitz. This fact makes even more secure.

Is Reliable and Safe? See the full review is a great alternative for online hotel reservations – Photo: FB on Complain Here

The overall reputation of the site on Reclame Aqui is classified as good. Registered for nearly a decade on the complaints portal, has received more than 5700 complaints during this period.

Taking stock of the data available, which analyze the period from 2016 to 2019, we can say that the statistics – compared to the market – are good, since there are about 160 complaints per month. This number of complaints is to be expected on a site with millions of users a month making reservations.

In the last year, more than 2000 complaints have been received, the majority dealing with payments or false advertising issues (eg, hotel saying it has breakfast but not offering it). However, it is worth mentioning: these errors and complaints are common on all booking sites, just see the Reclame Aqui on each platform.

All complaints have been answered, but the reputation score for that particular period is evaluated only as regular, with a score of 6,7.

However, according to Travel and Leisure magazine, Expedia is implementing a new way of displaying hotels, which promises to prevent hidden fees being charged. Thus, in the first places in the search, full-price accommodation is prioritized, which helps when choosing a hotel and should reduce the number of complaints.

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Is Reliable and Safe? See the full review

The general note of no Reclame Aqui is 7.3/10, not bad for a platform of this size – Data from November/19 pros and cons

One of the main advantages of are the payments, which are made in reais and can be paid in up to 12 interest-free installments on the credit card. This is one of the site's differentials in relation to competitors such as Booking, for example.

If you're looking to see if is reliable, you'll be pleased to know that the site has a really cool rewards program for its customers – the Rewards, another great advantage of the platform.

The promotion is for loyal customers (just register directly on the site), who earn a free stay for every 10 nights booked through The price considered is the average amount paid in the last 10 stays made by the site. So, depending on your choice, you may need to top up with some amount – but even so, it's a discount. ?

However, please be aware that not all accommodations are participating in the Rewards program. So, if you want to participate, make sure the chosen hotel is part of it before making your reservation – or those nights won't count towards the bonus! Those who have the loyalty program also have access to Secret Prices, which guarantee good discounts.

One of the disadvantages of the site is the service that, according to data from Reclame Aqui, has fallen in the notes due to customer dissatisfaction. This may weigh on some people, but is still reliable and a valid choice for booking accommodation.

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Is Reliable and Safe? See the full review Rewards is pretty cool for those who travel a lot to save a little money after 10 stays made through the site – Photo: FB or

If you already make hotel reservations online, or are starting to research the best platforms to choose your accommodation, you must be wondering which is the best: ou

Both are great choices and have good advantages. At, however, the highlight is the possibility of paying in up to 12 interest-free installments, while Booking requires full payment in a single installment.

This can be a decisive factor for many travelers, as the possibility of paying in installments makes it easier to plan the trip. Both Booking and are trustworthy. Therefore, any of the sites is a good choice, depending more on your profile when it comes to closing accounts.

Check the price on both, and confirm which one is paying off more. A good thing about is also the promotions, which are very frequent on the site or with discount coupons made available by them.

On Booking, stay tuned for “Smart Offers” and also sign up for the “Genius” loyalty program, which allows upgrades and even more discounts.

Don't know which site to choose? Compare and prices!

How to book with

O it is reliable and a super safe and easy to use site. The homepage is very intuitive, simple to navigate, and makes the hotel reservation experience very quick. The most time consuming part is your choice, lol?

To book your hotel on the platform, go to and fill in the fields in the “Where are you going?” box, which appears in the upper left corner of the main page. You will need to enter the city, country or region of destination, what are the departure and return dates of the trip, and how many people are being considered (adults and children).

With this information, the site automatically curates and presents you with the options available during the indicated period. Thus, you can select filters to further refine your search – by price, guest rating, facilities offered, among others.

Selecting your hotel, a new tab will open for you to check detailed features and proceed to finalizing the reservation. You can choose whether you want to pay directly for the accommodation at check-in, or you can leave everything right through the website itself.

Oh! And it's worth checking if the accommodation you've chosen is part of the site's loyalty program – most hotels participate. Also check the number of installments accepted to split the payment, as some hotels limit it to less.

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Is Reliable and Safe? See the full review

home page of, with easy navigation to search for hotels

The verdict on whether is trustworthy

One of the main active hotel booking sites on the market is, which is reliable and quite secure. If you are still in doubt whether you can book your accommodation there, know that you can yes Bet on him, and everything will be fine. ?

The platform offers accommodation around the world, in diversified accommodation. You can opt for a room in large hotel chains, resorts, guesthouses, apartments, choose whether you want a meal included, among other options.

So you can trust to be safe and great for booking hotels for your trip. Check prices, take advantage of promotions, and join the rewards program Rewards, which is really worth it.

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Is Reliable and Safe? See the full review it's safe yes and a great way to book hotels online you can trust! – Photo: @hoteispontocom

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