The best cities in Europe to visit

The renowned guide publication Lonely Planet released this week a list of the best cities in Europe to visit this year.

Europe is a continent with incredible travel experiences, one more interesting than the other. This makes choosing the script a very complicated task. To help those looking for must-see cities in Europe, in 2017, Lonely Planet gave its columnists a mission: to find the best places on the old continent to visit.

The result is a list full of rich surprises, cities that are far from conventional tourism, with a lot of culture and attractions and that give a lot - but a lot - itching to travel through this continent full of hidden treasures. Check out the video or read the full article below:

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The 10 best cities in Europe to visit:

zagreb, croatia

Travelers visiting Croatia tend to take a trip to the wonderful Adriatic islands and the country's sprawling coastline, but its vibrant capital is not to be overlooked. Zagreb is both cosmopolitan and frenetic, with incredible architecture and Austro-Hungarian squares full of wonderful surprises.

gotland, sweden

Gotland is a special and unexpected part of Sweden as it is not very well known despite having beautiful sunny days and a lot of local history. It is the place with the most restaurant per capita in the country, according to Unesco. This former Baltic island also boasts stunning landscapes, ranging from pastures to mysterious forests, fishing villages and tranquil sandy beaches. In summer, the island comes alive – as Swedes flock to it.

The best cities in Europe to visit

Flickr: Christopher Hägglund

Galicia, Spain

Hundreds of people cross the beautiful landscapes of Galicia every year, with a final destination to Santiago de Compostela, on the world famous Camino de Santiago. But few are aware that this corner of northwestern Spain is a breathtaking cultural, scenic and gastronomic backdrop!

The best cities in Europe to visit

Fickr: Domingo Leiva

Northern region of Montenegro

The south of Montenegro is a very popular region for cruise ships to Europe. But the neglected northern region of Montenegro also has much to explore. Adventures in the midst of nature, without crowds and great country roads make this destination more prepared for tourism than you imagined.

The best cities in Europe to visit

Fickr: nickgibsonphotography



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Leeds, UK

Recent investments in the location have boosted the Victorian city center, attracting stylish boutiques, cafes and innovative restaurants. In addition to many people looking for an alternative destination to London.

This year will also mark two major events: the reopening of the city's main art gallery and the 50th anniversary of the Leeds Carnival, the oldest in western Europe after Notting Hill.

The best cities in Europe to visit

Fickr: Yousef AlSudais

Alentejo, Portugal

Dazzling cliff-top castles, a stunning coastline and a treasure trove of culinary wonders: the Alentejo is truly a fascinating destination. This vast region is also home to several buildings listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Historic buildings and many hidden wonders (like a Roman temple – photo – and a mysterious chapel made of bones). However, despite its easy access from Lisbon, the Alentejo has remained off the radar of conventional tourism.

>> Check out all the Alentejo tips in our Portugal Tour post.

The best cities in Europe to visit

Diana's Temple in Évora

Northern Germany Region

Travelers to Germany tend to choose to visit Berlin or picturesque Bavaria, but those interested in exploring a still-unknown part of the country should head north. The opening of Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie concert hall may be the big news, but aside from its architectural and acoustic brilliance, the region is a true natural wonder!

The best cities in Europe to visit

Flick: kadege59


This country of secret wineries and hidden monasteries is truly Europe's last frontier: little visited, lost in time and always surprising. In Moldova's capital, Chişinău, spacious boulevards intertwine with architectural buildings. The cafes are Parisian style, with many people sitting in the street enjoying a good wine.

The best cities in Europe to visit

Flickr: Frans Sellies

Paphos, Cyprus

The first capital of Cyprus in Roman times, Paphos once again bears that title: the European Capital of Culture. The award brings with it good worldwide attention, significant cultural investment and the opportunity to showcase Paphiot culture. And there's a lot to admire.

The island of Aphrodite has withstood so many occupations that history has piled monuments on top of monuments such as: catacombs, temples, medieval castles, Roman mosaics and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Kato Paphos and the tombs of kings.

The best cities in Europe to visit

Flickr: Michał Kniotek

Le Havre, France

One of the best places to go this summer is the city of Le Havre, which is celebrating its 500th anniversary with a five-month-long party with a rich, music-filled art scene. The port city will host concerts, outdoor art installations, street parades, parties and spectacular fireworks.

The best cities in Europe to visit

Flickr: Damien Patard

And you, do you agree with this list of the best cities in Europe to visit? Comment here!

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