Viaje Conectado – Know everything about your travel chips

Viaje Conectado is a new reseller of international internet chips for the United States, Europe and other destinations. Check out our company review.

If you still don't know Viaje Conectado, or have questions about the Yes España chip, this is the post for you. We separate information about the company Viaje Conectado, about how the Yes España chip works and even a very nice discount coupon for your purchase. 

Viaje Conectado presents Yes España, an internet chip for international travel. There are six options for internet plans, some for data and voice. Like the ones that offer local calls to the United States and even to landlines in España.

Despite being little known and without a presence on Reclame Aqui, the Viaje Conectado – Yes España chip has attracted Brazilian tourists who go mainly to the United States. Here you will find out why. Oh, and be sure to take the opportunity to also take out your travel insurance. After all, during your trip you need to stay connected and also stay safe.

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In this post you will read

Viaje Conectado – Know everything about your travel chips

About Connected Travel

Viaje Conectado is the result of the growth of the Yes España Orlando brand. Specialized in assisting and advising Brazilian tourists in Orlando, even those who dreamed of visiting Mickey's land. The company grew and when it saw other needs of these tourists, it began to offer the Yes España chip. 

The YesEspaña international travel chip is a success and Viaje Conectado is reliable. The company has gained this trust from travelers and still offers plans for South America, Central America, Europe and other countries. Currently known as Viaje Conectado, it maintains its headquarters in Orlando, being also a store of American products and tourist services for Brazilians.

Purchase your YesEspaña international SIM card through Viaje Conectado.

Viaje Conectado – Know everything about your travel chips

The Yes España chip in the United States is covered by T-Mobile and AT&T.

Travel Connected do not claim here 

Viaje Conectado still has no complaints registered on the Reclame Aqui website. Even when we looked for the Yes España chip we couldn't find anything. Perhaps even because of the confusion there is with the chip brand Yes España and a stationery line of the same name. 

Therefore, if you still feel a little insecure, it is worth clearing up all your doubts on the Viaje Conectado website. Chat with them online, they take a while to respond but they do. Or maybe, this post will help you with your doubts. 

Viaje Conectado – Know everything about your travel chips

Access Viaje Conectado and clear all your doubts by Whatsapp before making your internet chip purchase.

Is shopping at Viaje Conectado reliable?

If you're a little wary of online businesses, this is a great option. This is because Viaje Conectado is a company that has its store in Orlando, Florida. In addition to partnerships with many travel agencies. 

It has also been in the market for about 30 years, positioning Viaje Conectado as a serious and safe brand. No wonder, after years of being just Yes España Orlando, it positions itself as Viaje Conectado in an attempt to expand its service to Brazilian tourists.

And, for any questions or assistance, they also make contact online and via whatsapp available. All in Portuguese.

Access Viaje Conectado now and check which plan is best for you.

Viaje Conectado – Know everything about your travel chips

The company has been in business for over 30 years, now offering specialized services to the Brazilian public.

What are the advantages of the Viaje Conectado chip?

Perhaps the best advantage of Yes España is the fact that it is a company with experience in the United States. In fact, it is one of the strengths of this international chip. 

The Yes España chip usually works very well in the United States and has an option for landline calls in España, which is a good differential. Being the best choice for parents who send their children for a trip to the United States.

Now, for those going to Europe and other countries, the Yes España chip may not be the best option. This is because there is no specific partnership with a European telephone company, therefore, coverage coverage is not yet guaranteed. Even for other countries, it is necessary to confirm that the Yes España chip works. This is because Viaje Conectado is in the process of expanding its international chip.

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Oh, and for those who like a router, to share the internet, there are few options in the plans, in addition to charging separately. But, they are very transparent when it comes to limited internet, informing how much data is available.

Don't waste time and buy your Viaje Conectado travel chip now.

Viaje Conectado – Know everything about your travel chips

Viaje Conectado has 6 international internet chip plans. Click on the photo and see what they are:

What are Viaje Conectado's plans? 

Viaje Conectado offers six types of international SIM plans. The choice will depend on the destination you are going to. And, the services you want to enjoy, as some plans have calls. 

There is still an international chip option for any type of cell phone. Check out more information about each Yes España chip plan:

  • USA DATA – data only: Unlimited 4G/LTE internet throughout the North American territory. Accept recharge.
  • USA UNLIMITED – data and voice: unlimited 4G/LTE internet and local calls within the United States. Accept recharge and router option.
  • US 5GB – data and voice: 4G/LTE internet limited to 5GB. It also accepts recharge, valid for up to 30 days. Unlimited calls within the United States and to landlines in Spain. No router option.
  • USA, CANADA & MEXICO: plan option compatible with ALL cell phones. Limited 4G/LTE Internet. It does not offer a router, but it accepts recharge. That's 8gb of data up to 13 days or 20gb from 14 up to 30 days.
  • EUROPE: internet limited to 12gb of data valid for 30 days. It covers the entire European territory in several operators. Does not accept recharge or router.
  • OTHER COUNTRIES: Compatible with all cell phones. This chip covers some countries in South America, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Sri Lanka, among others. Internet limited to 12gb for up to 30 days. Does not accept recharge or router.

Access Viaje Conectado now and check which plan is best for you.

Viaje Conectado – Know everything about your travel chips

Click on the photo and get the best internet plan for your trip

How to buy your SIM card on Viaje Conectado

To buy Yes España international SIM card, just enter the Viaje Conectado website. The process is done all online and there's not much of a secret. Check out a very practical step-by-step guide to secure your Yes España:

  • On the main page, select one of the six internet plans that meets your needs;
  • Select the start date and end date of your trip. That is, the dates must coincide with the day that is at your home destination. Not in Spain;
  • Choose how many international chips you want and click 'buy agora';
  • In the shopping cart, check your purchase and apply the DISCOUNT COUPON;
  • Select your Yes España chip DELIVERY preference and click on 'continue';
  • In this step, enter the data for billing and delivery address. Then complete your purchase.

Viaje Conectado – Know everything about your travel chips

Remember to check which devices are suitable for each type of internet plan.

How to pay

Payment can be made by PayPal, bank slip, credit card in cash or in 5 installments with interest. The amounts will be charged in dollars, but in the case of installments, currency conversion will be carried out at the time of purchase so that the installments are in reais. However, as it is a company in the United States, the your card needs to be enabled for international transactions

Forms of Delivery

You can still choose to receive at home, by mail or motoboy. Or check the Viaje Conectado website if there is a tourist agency near you for pick up. Remembering that the sooner you buy, the better the shipping values ​​and you are less nervous with anxiety. It is also possible to pass data of a delivery address in the United States, in case you want to receive there.

Viaje Conectado discount coupon

After reading these tips and information about the international SIM card you will probably want to buy your SIM card. So, we separate a special discount coupon for your purchase to be cheaper. 

Just enter our discount coupon FORTRAVELOVERS for you to receive 10% discount in the final purchase price. In this way, you not only travel connected with Yes España, but also guarantee 10% off your international internet chip.

Access Viaje Conectado and enjoy 10% off your international SIM card.

Viaje Conectado – Know everything about your travel chips

Click on the photo and get your travel chip with 10% off by entering the discount coupon FORTRAVELOVERS

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy two chips for a trip to different destinations?

Depends on the destination. For example, if you are going to travel to multiple destinations in the United States, there is no need for multiple SIM cards. Now, with the US chip you don't have coverage in Europe. For this reason, if it is a multi-destination trip, talk to the staff at Viaje Conectado. More details here.

Does the chip size fit any cell phone?

The chip comes with an adapter for the main cell phones. However, if your cell phone is not listed on the Viaje Conectado website, ask online. Know more.

List of countries that Yes Spain works.

The Yes España chip serves the main countries in North, Central and South America. It still works in countries in Europe, Oceania and Africa. However, it is worth checking, via whatsapp, if your destination has coverage. Check out the full list here.

How and where to buy Yes España?

On the Yes España website you can make online purchases in a practical and fast way. Be sure to check out our step by step. Buy now.

How to activate Yes España?

In general, just put the Yes España international chip on your device and check if mobile data is active. See more information.

Yes España Delivery Time.

Depends on your choice of delivery, it can vary from 4 to 15 business days. Buy your international chip.

How much does the Yes España chip cost?

There are six internet plans. US Unlimited starts at US$35,90, US 5GB costs US$49,99 and NEW US data only starts at US$33,99. The USA, CANADA & Mexico plan starts at US$55,99. And the Yes España chip for EUROPE and OTHER COUNTRIES costs US$69,99. I want to buy!

Yes España discount coupon.

Enter the discount coupon FORTRAVELOVERS before finalizing your Yes España purchase to receive a 10% discount on your Viaje Conectado SIM card. Buy it right now.

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