Malmaison Hotel Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Malmaison Hotel Belfast combines the city's rich architectural history with a contemporary, cool and graceful style in its design. Any resemblance to the current features of the modern city of Belfast - no - is purely coincidental...

Located in a building built in the 1800's right in the center of the city, the Malmaison Hotel Belfast it is a boutique hotel with 62 stylish rooms. The property tastefully mixes the incredible history of the city, with a contemporary decor composed of small surprises – such as the ammenities that are worth mentioning for their packaging full of good humor.

There is no way to describe the hotel without making an analogy with the current Belfast: a city that knew how to reinvent itself, use its history in modern constructions and that pulsates in a lively and optimistic atmosphere.

Malmaison Hotel Belfast It is a four star hotel that is close to the main attractions of the city. The city's vibrant scene enters the property, whether it's the friendly staff and service or the always-lively Malbar.

Malmaison Hotel Belfast, Northern Ireland

Facade of Malmaison Hotel Belfast – Photo: Disclosure


One of the main highlights of Malmaison Hotel Belfast is its location, which is adjacent to the Cathedral and Titanic Quarters. The hotel puts guests on the doorstep of one of the largest seaports in the world, just minutes from the Victoria shopping center and the Titanic Quarter, and steps away from the city's best bars and clubs. 


If you are going with a rental car to the Malmaison Hotel Belfast, it is important to know that the hotel does not have its own parking. However, there are parking lots next to the hotel, such as:

  • Hi Park Centre, High Street, Belfast BT1 2JZ
  • Q-Park Victoria Square, 1 Victoria Street Belfast BT1 4QG W:

Services and Facilities

It is worth mentioning the hotel service, which has a well-trained and very attentive staff. They were excellent: friendly, attentive and professional. Everything in the right measure (without excessive formalities, as is the service in some luxury hotels). Check-in was quick and efficient.

The hotel has a small gym, the busy Malbar, a good restaurant and room service.

The rooms 

As it is a boutique hotel, there is more space for rooms. The accommodations are large and well distributed, all with a modern and different decor.

Beds are comfortable and have Egyptian linens. One of the funniest surprises was the ammenities, which are packed with humorous phrases, like “The Best Shampoo you will ever steal”.

Bar, Restaurant and Breakfast

The hotel has a wonderful breakfast, with a la carte options, served in a charming brasserie. Called Chez Mal Brasserre, the charming restaurant also offers lunch and dinner for hotel guests and visitors.

Malmaison Hotel Belfast, Northern Ireland

Chez Mal Brasserre – Photo: Publicity

What kind of traveler is it a good choice for?

The Malmaison Hotel Belfast is a good option, especially for couples. Families – and dogs – are also welcome.

Make your reservation and learn more about the hotel HERE

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