Lagunas Boutique Hotel

Set in a private nature reserve, Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel is by far the best option for exploring the Petén region of northern Guatemala, known for its Mayan archaeological sites.

A top-notch eco-lodge, surrounded by fascinating lagoons, abundant fauna and flora, in the heart of the "Mayan World": The Lagunas Boutique Hotel  takes the “luxury eco-tourism” experience to the next level. If you're looking for where to stay in Guatemala to have an unforgettable experience, write down the tip there.

The care for each guest is visible from the moment of booking: as soon as I was invited to spend two nights there, I received by email a series of questions dedicated to making my stay memorable – the questions ranged from the ideal temperature to the jacuzzi from the room, to my favorite drinks and dishes. The expectation of getting to know the hotel grew with each new email and each photo shared on their instagram (@laslagunashotel).

Difficult task to exceed such high expectations, no? Well, not for the Lagunas Boutique Hotel. From the moment I was met at the airport in Flores, Petén, to the moment I was dropped off at the hotel in the next city by the driver provided by the hotel (Mr. Pedro, of a kindness outside the curve), every detail was thought to make me dream that place to this day.

Let's get to the facts:

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The hotel

Lagunas Boutique Hotel

The hotel has 19 stilt-style suites, where each one occupies a bungalow over one of the two ponds on the property. The suites, perfectly integrated into the natural landscape, are extremely comfortable.

Each one has its own jacuzzi, shower with panoramic view, table to enjoy a delicious Breakfast with the wonderful view of the lagoons, own wifi, L'Occitane amenities…. besides, of course, the natural soundtrack of the locals: the birds and the monkeys. Believe me, waking up watching the sunrise from your bed and with this trail is indescribable – and very romantic.

Lagunas Boutique Hotel


O Lagunas Boutique Hotel located in the north of the country, in Petén, 15-20 minutes from Mundo Maia airport, in Flores. The region is very visited by tourists who want to know the Tikal, the Mayan city considered the center of this civilization.

when to visit

This paradise can be visited throughout the year. I went during the rainy season, which runs from May to October. In fact, it usually rains almost every day, but it only rains for a few minutes, usually in the middle to late afternoon.

Rained? How about having a drink in the jacuzzi in the room watching the rain fall outside? Oh if all rainy days were on Guatemala...


Lagunas Boutique Hotel


Many tourists visiting Guatemala opt for the “day tours” offered by travel agencies in Guatemala City until Tikal, which I consider valid only for those who have only a few days there. 

The experience of staying at Lagunas Boutique Hotel, in itself, was much more worthwhile than a day trip. In addition, the region offers much to be explored: there are other Mayan complexes worth a visit, as well as several delightful lakes and villages.

the north of Guatemala, is not to be missed: although it is not a country of continental proportions, the north and south are completely different – ​​in the north are the immense plains of dense forest and many rivers and lakes, with a hot and humid climate, which resembles as north of Spain, in the south, the landscape is marked by more than 30 volcanoes and the climate is drier and less hot.

For those who want to explore the region, the Lagunas Boutique Hotel offers numerous private tours with extremely qualified guides. I took the tour of Tikal with Érik, a Mayan descendant, and it was a unique experience.

In addition to having a lot of knowledge about the complex of Tikal and the culture and Mayan tradition, Erik puts a lot of feeling and respect for his ancestors into each explanation, making the tour truly exciting. The tour costs USD 120,00 per person and includes transportation, a private guide and driver, a cooler with the non-alcoholic drinks of your choice and a simple and (delicious!) Tikal.

Among other tour options are the archaeological complexes of Uaxactún, Yaxhá and Topoxte, also very popular, as well as a tour of the island of Flores, the largest city in the region.

In addition, the hotel itself is an attraction that deserves to be explored calmly: daily – if it doesn't rain – two tours are offered. One of them visits the two monkey islands, where it is possible to feed the spider monkeys rescued by the hotel from captivity, in addition to taking a very pleasant walk along one of the lagoons.

And the other tour Forest reserve of the hotel itself, whose objective is to preserve the species typical of the Guatemala – I couldn't do this one because of the rain. Tours are paid, cost an average of 20 dollars, and you just have to book at reception.

Lagunas Boutique Hotel

O Lagunas Boutique Hotel also offers free bikes for guests to cycle around the property – there is a trail leading to the lookout, as well as kayaks to tour the lagoons – swimming is not possible as the lagoons are home to crocodiles (I didn’t see any during my stay , and I looked a lot!).

Another option is to visit the hotel's museum, which presents several pieces from different archaeological periods from all over the Guatemala. For those who want to relax, it is possible to schedule delicious massages, which are offered in a gazebo in the middle of the largest lagoon – the view could not be more incredible.

The gazebo can also host a romantic dinner for two, with its own decoration and a special menu – just book in advance – for these and others, spending a honeymoon here is an excellent option.


Lagunas Boutique Hotel

Restaurante Shultun and Pool Bar

Meals can be taken in the room, in the delicious Shultun Restaurant, or by the pool.

With the exception of Breakfast, the other meals are not included in the daily rate, but the prices are very inviting, especially considering the quality of the dishes and drinks.

The most expensive dishes cost around R$70,00 – I strongly recommend the white fish “Petenia Splendida”, one of the best fish I've ever tried in my life! Everything is very well done – be it the dishes, the desserts, the sandwiches from the pool bar.

Lagunas Boutique Hotel

Lagunas Boutique Hotel

Drinks cost around R$15,00 – be sure to try the mojito – wonderful! Incidentally, the rum from Guatemala is one of the most traditional in the world #ficaadica. The Guatemalan Gallo beer is also very tasty and my suggestion is: try the Guatemalan Michelada, it is made with tomato juice! To have our traditional Michelada, just with lemon and salt, order the Chelada.


Daily rates start at R$829 with breakfast. All suites have a panoramic view of the lagoons and jacuzzi. if you are looking where to stay in Guatemala with luxury and comfort, you already know that this is the place.

Lagunas Boutique Hotel

Contact Us

    Laguna Quexil, Development of Tayasal – Flores, Petén, Guatemala. AC
  • Telephones: (502) 7790 – 0300 / (502) 3009 – 5578
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Instagram: @laslagunashotel

Have you already visited this paradise or do you intend to do so soon? Deciding where to stay in Guatemala? Share with us by leaving your comment!!

Clarissa Moliterno stayed for two nights at the invitation of Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel.

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