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A trip to Alagoas is only complete if the accommodation is up to what the experiences in the destination can provide. We've selected the best from across the state so you can plan the ideal trip.

A walk through Alagoas should always be full of joy and good times, something easily attainable with the incredible landscapes, delicious cuisine and the friendliness of the local population. Those who book a trip to the state of the most impressive beaches in Spain also enjoy great accommodation, including options on the sand and full of refinement. If you are looking for accommodation like this, you need to see our indications of inns in Alagoas.

Accommodation throughout Alagoas is varied. You will find several charming seaside inns, as well as large luxury properties and differentiated amenities. Whatever your preference, the best inns in Alagoas will certainly please you during your time in this corner of España, which is among the most beautiful in the country.

Read on to check out our selection of the most recommended inns across the state, and also to learn more about inns in specific destinations, such as Maragogi, Maceió, Barra de São Miguel and others. Can you guide yourself through the menu below to make it easier to read ?

In this post you will read:

  • Best B&Bs in Alagoas
    • 1 – Pousada Samba Pa Ti
    • 2 – Odoiá Maragogi Restaurant and Inn
    • 3 – Peixe do Mato site
    • 4 – Ecohar Yoga (Vegetarian & Vegan)
    • 5 – Sollaris Ecopousada
    • 6 – Pousada Casotas
    • 7 – Blue Viking Inn
    • 8 – Pousada Praia Pajuçara
    • 9 – Pousada Borapirá
    • 10 – Pousada Rota Ecológica
  • B&Bs in Maragogi
  • B&Bs in Maceio
  • Hostels in Barra de Sao Miguel
  • Hostels in Japaratinga
  • Pousadas in Praia do Patacho
  • Hostels in Sao Miguel dos Milagres
  • Hostels on Antunes Beach
  • Cheap hostels in Alagoas
  • Hostels in Alagoas with pool
  • Luxury B&Bs in Alagoas
  • Hotels in Alagoas
  • Resorts in Alagoas
  • Vacation rentals in Alagoas
  • Alagoas – Complete Travel Guide
  • national travel insurance
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Best B&Bs in Alagoas

1 - Pousada Samba Pa Ti

The city of Porto de Pedras is one of the most charming in Alagoas, and the Pousada Samba Pa Ti lives up to the reputation of the place. With rustic-style bungalows on the outside, and a super cozy space inside, the place is the perfect option for a romantic getaway – but there is also a family-sized unit. There, you will be able to book accommodation with a private pool, or enjoy the communal pool of the place itself – in addition to a divine breakfast. – SEE PRICES

  • Daily rates from BRL 1.109 (2021 quote)
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,5 / 209 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“From the architecture of the Bungalows, the comfort of the bed, the wonderful breakfast, the swimming pool in the late afternoon, the concern for the environment (reduction of plastics, solar energy) and the friendliness of the staff. Congratulations! We feel truly welcomed..” – Gustavo in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

2 - Odoiá Maragogi Restaurant and Inn

On the edge of the sea, the accommodation Odoiá Maragogi Restaurant and Inn offers spacious accommodation, with large and super comfortable beds, for nights of sleep rocked by the sound of waves nearby. In addition to all the comfort of the rooms, the space offers tables and chairs for a differentiated breakfast, right in front of the beach, to start the day in the best possible way. In addition, the on-site restaurant is delicious and super worth it. – SEE PRICES

  • Daily rates from BRL 280 (2021 quote)
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,5 / 273 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“Breakfast was exceptional, especially the tapioca and the egg on top of Odilene's bread! All the staff were very receptive and attentive, it was the best place we stayed during the trip, I highly recommend it.” – Felipe in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

3 - Peixe do Mato site

the hosting Peixe do Mato site It is one of the best rated in the state, and in addition to offering an excellent infrastructure, it also has super friendly prices for its guests. Located in Milagres, it is in an area full of forest on all sides, providing a differentiated experience of contact with nature, and at the same time it is relatively close to the sea. The place offers a wonderful breakfast and very comfortable rooms. – SEE PRICES

  • Daily rates from BRL 150 (2021 quote)
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,6 / 262 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation and no credit card required for booking (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“Too amazing to be true! Perfect place, looks like a movie. I had a breakfast that had the best bread and the best carrot cake I've ever had in my life! Luca is very hospitable, and I felt at home during my stay.” – Janine in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

4 - Ecohar Yoga (Vegetarian & Vegan)

Those who have food preferences will fall in love with Ecohar Yoga (Vegetarian & Vegan), but we have already stated that even those who have not abolished food of animal origin will also be delighted with the gastronomy of the accommodation. The location of the space could not be better: right in front of Maragogi beach. The whole space is charming, the rooms are cozy (some with sea views), and they even offer yoga and meditation classes. – SEE PRICES

  • Daily rates from BRL 680 (2021 quote)
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,5 / 159 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation and no credit card required for booking (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“Great access to Maragogi beach, close to the center. Breakfast was delicious, and all the staff were super polite and receptive. I highly recommend it.” – Joyce in Jan/2021 – see all reviews

5 - Sollaris Ecopousada

Following a more sustainable footprint, the Sollaris Ecopousada It is a very well located accommodation on Japaratinga beach, a region bathed by a surprising sea and framed by an extensive coconut grove, which also surrounds the property of the inn. The rooms are new, very comfortable, and complete, with large beds, mosquito nets and even a whirlpool bath. The view from there is beautiful, and the space is plentiful, in addition to the delicious breakfast. – SEE PRICES

  • Daily rates from BRL 730 (2021 quote)
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,4 / 244 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

"Comfort room. Full and delicious breakfast. Comfortable bed. Very good service, polite and helpful staff. Pleasant environment. Delicious pineapple caipirosca. Beers always cold.” – Beatriz in Jan/2021 – see all reviews

6 - Pousada Casotas

With a clean and rustic style decoration, but which emphasizes the charm of the place, the Pousada Casotas is one of the main indications of Praia da Laje, located in the city of Porto de Pedras. Rooms are bright and spacious, with comfortable beds, and there are units for couples or small families with up to two children. The space is by the sea and the breakfast, in addition to the other foods in general, are wonderful, one of the highlights of the place. – SEE PRICES

  • Daily rates from BRL 566 (2021 quote)
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,5 / 298 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“I really enjoyed the accommodation. Place is paradisiacal the inn helps with a very pleasant, rustic and tasteful atmosphere. Impeccable cleanliness.” – Bruna in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

7 - Blue Viking Inn

With a good swimming pool available for guests, and a common area full of green and very pleasant to spend time, the Blue Viking Inn It is an excellent indication for those who are going to travel with their family and are looking for a more economical place, but with all the necessary comfort for an unforgettable trip. The accommodation is on the famous Praia do Francês, one of the main ones in Maragogi, and the on-site restaurant is great, including the exquisite breakfast. – SEE PRICES

  • Daily rates from BRL 200 (2021 quote)
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,1 / 550 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation and installments in up to 6 interest-free installments (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“The owners of the inn are very welcoming. Very comfortable, really reliable! Close to the frances beach, there is a restaurant inside the inn too top, better food! Very good breakfast, different! Nothing to complain about, perfect accommodation and price” – Lemes in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

8 - Pousada Praia Pajuçara

In a super privileged location in Maceió, the Pousada Praia Pajuçara It is one of the main options in the Alagoas capital. With simple accommodations, but offering a lot of comfort and all the necessary amenities for a good stay, the place is an incredible choice for those looking for budget accommodation. The space also has a swimming pool suitable for the late afternoon, and it is also worth highlighting the breakfast served there. – SEE PRICES

  • Daily rates from BRL 99 (2021 quote)
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,3 / 426 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“The inn is well located close to the center and the beaches, the breakfast is very good, the place is pleasant, comfortable and the staff are super attentive and helpful.” – Danillo in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

9 - Pousada Borapirá

A Pousada Borapirá it's almost like an oasis near Tatuamunha beach. Permeated by green fields, the property where the accommodation operates is charming, and is just a few steps from the sea. On site, there is a toy library for those traveling with the little ones, as well as a swimming pool and a bar to entertain the adults. The accommodations are complete, in a “little house” style, in addition to having few units, to ensure greater privacy. – SEE PRICES

  • Daily rates from BRL 555 (2021 quote)
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,2 / 76 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“The practically exclusive beach, rustic style of the rooms, the peace of the place and the service of the employees, all very clean and very comfortable. I was surprised to have a very pleasant company on this beach by a manatee that passed by when I was diving =) Everything was very good.” – William in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

10 - Pousada Rota Ecológica

In the village of Lajes, where the homonymous beach in Porto de Pedras is located, the Pousada Rota Ecológica emerges as a renowned accommodation for those looking for a quiet and ideal place to rest. The suites available are incredible, spacious and very well equipped. There is also a good restaurant on site, specializing in typical delicacies from the coast of Alagoas. The swimming pool and the massages offered there complement the stay by the sea. – SEE PRICES

  • Daily rates from BRL 531 (2021 quote)
  • Overall Guest Rating: 9,3 / 249 reviews
  • Offers free cancellation (see conditions)

Featured rating:

“Beachfront guesthouse with good value for money. The social area is very good. The pool bar has great drinks. The beach is paradise.” – Dyener in Mar/2021 – see all reviews

See all the inns options in Alagoas.

B&Bs in Maragogi

One of the main destinations in Alagoas, Maragogi enchants with incredible beaches, tours full of natural beauty and, of course, some of the most outstanding accommodation in the state. If you are looking for good inns in Maragogi, the following indications are among the most relevant.

  • Odoiá Maragogi Restaurant and Inn
  • Ecohar Yoga (Vegetarian & Vegan)
  • Meraki Beach Inn
  • Pousada Barra Velha

See all the options for hostels in Maragogi.

B&Bs in Maceio

Maceió is the capital of Alagoas, in addition to being the gateway to the state for those who go there by plane. Combining the location with the coastline of crystal clear waters that bathes the region, it is a more than perfect destination to start your vacation in style. Check out our main recommendations:

  • Pousada Praia Pajuçara
  • Pousada Pura Vida
  • Pousada das Araras
  • Pousada Aquarela do Espana

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Hostels in Barra de Sao Miguel

Barra de São Miguel is another paradise destination in Alagoas, with the advantage of being located very close to the state capital, Maceió. With a distance of just 30 minutes between the two locations, it is easy to stay in this small town to enjoy the beaches there. See the inns we recommend:

  • Lua Inn
  • Viva Barra Hotel Pousada
  • Pousada Barra Bonita
  • Grandville Hotel Pousada

See all the options for hostels in Barra de São Miguel.

Hostels in Japaratinga

Close to Milagres and also to Maragogi, Japaratinga is a destination that is sometimes overlooked, but deserves more attention than it usually receives. In addition to the beautiful beaches, as is usual in Alagoas, the inns in this municipality are also good choices for your stay. Check out:

  • Sollaris Ecopousada
  • Pousada Paraíso dos Coqueirais
  • Pousada San Giovanni
  • Pousada Yapara-Tyba

See all the options for hostels in Japaratinga.

Pousadas in Praia do Patacho

One of the most exciting beaches in Alagoas is, without a doubt, Praia do Patacho. With a more deserted atmosphere, clear and calm waters, and a strip of sand that makes the day more invigorating, this little piece of the state's coast is perfect for a vacation of total relaxation. Check out some super recommended inns there:

  • Pousada Samba Pa Ti
  • Pousada Rota Ecológica
  • Pousada Vila do Patacho
  • Pousada Xue

See all the inns options in Praia do Patacho.

Hostels in Sao Miguel dos Milagres

São Miguel dos Milagres is a quieter destination in Alagoas, especially when compared to other places that are most popular when traveling there. Those looking for peace and quiet will love staying at the inns of the destination, and here you can check out some of our favorites:

  • Peixe do Mato Site
  • Pousada Maresia
  • Pousada Riacho dos Milagres
  • Ricoco Inn

See all the options for inns in São Miguel dos Milagres.

Hostels on Antunes Beach

Praia de Antunes is another good choice for those looking for tranquility and peace to enjoy the sea in Alagoas. When the tide goes down, sandbanks usually appear between the clear waters that bathe the place, making it possible to walk into the sea. Enjoy this paradise in one of the inns we recommend in the region:

  • Antunina Pousada and SPA
  • Pousada Rangai
  • Village Miramar
  • Pousada Tapitanga

See all the options for inns in Praia de Antunes.

Cheap hostels in Alagoas

Who wouldn't want to save money while traveling in comfort, right? In Alagoas there are amazing inns for super attractive prices in the main destinations of the state. Below we have selected our favorites to indicate. Check out:

  • Pousada Praia Pajuçara
  • Pousada Praia Bonita In Milagres
  • Camping and Chalets Beira Mar
  • Blue Viking Inn

See all the inns options in Alagoas.

Hostels in Alagoas with pool

In addition to the sea, a good pool makes the experience even more pleasant during a trip to the coast. That's why we've separated some super recommended inns, with good pools for you to enjoy while you're not at the beach. The best nominations in this category are as follows:

  • Blue Viking Inn
  • Peixe do Mato site
  • Pousada Samba Pa Ti
  • Ecohar Yoga (Vegetarian & Vegan)

See all the inns options in Alagoas.

Luxury B&Bs in Alagoas

A trip with total refinement to the coast of Alagoas is also a perfect choice. The destination is already amazing in itself, and perfect accommodation makes the whole experience even more memorable. If you are looking for something different, the following options are the most recommended:

  • Pousada Samba Pa Ti
  • Ricoco Inn
  • Pedras do Patacho Hotel Boutique Experience
  • Caiuia Inn

See all the inns options in Alagoas.

Hotels in Alagoas

In addition to the various inns, Alagoas also has an incredible offer of hotels of the most varied types. We've selected our favorites to list here – there are boutique, beachfront, more romantic options, with a full playground, with a privileged location, etc.

  • Hotel Brisa Suites
  • Village Barra Hotel
  • Anga Hotel
  • Villa de Taipa Exclusive Hotel

See all hotel options in Alagoas.

Resorts in Alagoas

The resorts in Alagoas are also a great choice for a good trip to the state. Those who travel with the whole family can enjoy even more the facilities that the complete infrastructure and all-inclusive service offer. Here, in this section, we indicate our favorite options:

  • Lounge Resort in Japaratinga – Daily rates from R$ 2.039 – Grade 9,5
  • Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort in Barra de São Miguel – Daily rates from R$ 2.200 – Grade 9,4
  • Salinas Maragogi Resort in Maragogi – Daily rates from R$ 2.295 – Grade 9,2
  • Salinas Maceio Resort in Maceió – Daily rates from R$ 1.231 – Grade 9,2
  • Jatiúca Hotel & Resort in Maceió – Daily rates from R$ 780 – Grade 9,1
  • Villas to Pratagy in Maceió – Daily rates from R$ 499 – Grade 9,1
  • Fiore Resort in Paripueira – Daily rates from R$ 768 – Grade 8,7
  • Ritz Lagoa da Anta Hotel & SPA in Maceió – Daily rates from R$ 462 – Grade 8,4
  • Pratagy Acqua Park Beach Resort Wyndham in Maceió – Daily rates from R$ 1.845 – Grade 8,1

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See all the resort options in Alagoas.

Vacation rentals in Alagoas

Holiday homes are a great alternative for your stay in Alagoas. In them, you can guarantee excellent facilities at an affordable price, and you can even share the daily rate with a group, and make the trip more economical. If you are going to the Alagoas coast with more people, consider the options below:

  • Peroba Maragogi Houses
  • Village Condominium, Casa Cecilia
  • House with pool in the center of Maragogi close to the beach!
  • Pitaya Chalet

See more vacation home options available through Booking.

Alagoas – Complete Travel Guide

The beaches of Alagoas are a captive presence among the most desired places by Brazilians for national trips. Although the country has the most famous destinations, with their incredible features that conquer travelers from other countries, those who live abroad and learn about the beauty of the Alagoas coast also start to give priority to the beaches and cities of the state when planning a trip. travel. After all, with such beautiful landscapes, it would be strange if it were different.

The destinations of Alagoas surprise all visitors, and it is not for nothing that the state is also known as the “Brazilian Caribbean”. The crystal clear green sea, full of fish and reefs perfect for snorkeling, also enchants with natural pools and calm waves, characteristics that make the beaches perfect for days of great tranquility in front of the sea – whether as a couple or as a family.

Anyone considering a trip along the coast of Alagoas need not think twice: the place is perfect for a good vacation, with the right to some of the most incredible tours near a sea that stands out on the entire Brazilian coast - a remarkable feat, since the country tropical is home to beautiful beaches from north to south.

Check out more about Alagoas:

  • Maceió – Complete City Guide
  • Maragogi – Complete City Guide
  • São Miguel dos Milagres – Complete City Guide
  • Barra de São Miguel – Learn All About This Alagoan Destination
  • Japaratinga – Complete City Guide
  • Porto de Pedras – Complete City Guide
  • Praia do Patacho – Complete Beach Guide

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  • Penedo (Alagoas)
  • Piranhas (Alagoas)
  • Marshal Deodoro
  • Coruripe
  • Toque Beach (Alagoas)
  • Gunga Beach
  • Frances Beach
  • Ecological Route (Alagoas)

national travel insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best B&Bs in Alagoas?

Reserve o Peixe do Mato site or Pousada Samba Pa Ti to enjoy one of the best inns in the state. Check other options.

Which hostels in Alagoas are cheap and recommended?

A Pousada Praia Pajuçara and Pousada Praia Bonita In Milagres they are economical options that offer great service/infrastructure. See other inns.

What are the luxury inns in Alagoas?

Bet on the refinement of Pousada Samba Pa Ti or Ricoco Inn for a differentiated stay, or see other inns in Alagoas.

Which inns in Alagoas have a pool?

Enjoy your stay in paradise and also enjoy the swimming pool at Blue Viking Inn or Peixe do Mato site. Check other directions.

What are the best hostels in Maragogi?

In Maragogi, the Odoiá Maragogi Restaurant and Inn and the Ecohar Yoga are outstanding accommodations. See more inns in Alagoas.

What are the best B&Bs in Maceio?

In the state capital, the Pousada Praia Pajuçara or Pousada Pura Vida are the most recommended. See more inns in Alagoas.

What are the recommendations for inns in Barra de São Miguel?

Check out Lua Inn or Viva Barra Hotel Pousada, some of the best options in the destination. See also other inns in Alagoas.

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